Keep Insects Out With a Doorway Screen with Magnets

Doing the best you can to prevent annoying insects and bothersome bugs from your home is a difficult task. Worrying about insects entering your domain leads to being concerned about how often you open your windows, how thoroughly your home has been cleaned, how long food has been left out, or if your doors have been shut properly.

Insects can access your house through your chimney, air vents, or holes in the walls created for electric appliances. Besides having your residence treated by pest control, learn why it is important to seal your doorway screen with magnets to decrease the likelihood of insects entering your home.

When making updates to your home, the first areas that may come to mind could be repairing your roof or remodeling your cluttered basement to make it a liveable room. But installing a magnetic screen door can be incredibly useful when living in a hot climate where it is a common practice to leave your door open for most of the day. Whether you live in a cold or warm part of the map, there may come a season when you would be comfortable enough to leave side doors and back doors open, particularly in the summer months.

Put your insect concerns to rest by putting in a doorway screen with magnets. The mesh-like material has magnets on the edges of the screen door that are durable enough to establish a seal around the door frame to prevent bugs and dust at bay. Magnetic screen doors use magnets to attach them to the frame, making these screens simple to remove. And install while still remaining durable.

It is nice to know that magnetic screens are not just for doors but also for any opening in your home. These screens can be applied to any opening in the home to keep your surroundings bug-free and without worrying about your mesh screens getting ruined by children or pets. Here are the three main benefits of magnetic screens for your home to keep insects out.

Fresh Air Inside Your Home

It is a really soothing thing to have an air conditioning unit installed in your home when the relentless blast of July heat is hitting hard. But let’s not forget that having the A/C on all throughout a humid afternoon comes with a financial cost that can become more than homes for the warmer months, but they can be costly to keep running.

As an alternative, how cool would it be, literally, to get some actual fresh breeze blowing into your home through an open door? Obviously, you don’t want to have the disruption of buzzing wasps and flies floating in and out of your living space coming in through doors. Prevent this problem and still get that fresh air that you long for with a doorway screen with magnets.

Easy to Use Magnetic Screen Doors

Nobody wants to take on a new tool that is going to complicate their lives. For this reason, a doorway screen with magnets can keep insects out of your way without having to add a whole set of extra work and obstacles into your busy schedule. These screen doors make it possible for you to quickly get in and out of the house.

You won’t have to have to set down anything that you are carrying in your hands in order to open the door. You will be able to easily pass through the magnetic screen door without using any force because the door unlocks with a simple touch to let you pass through. In terms of the effortlessness of use, think of doorway screens with magnets as curtains with magnetic strips down the middle which close themselves after you have passed through.

In terms of installation, you won’t need to lug your heavy tool kit to create holes and screw any pieces in. This door uses magnets for attachment to the doorframe. If the day happens to be too hot for you, you can quickly remove it and attach it whenever you feel like it. This also makes it easy to fix back for the winter months when you need a complete enclosure.

Also, you people renting their premises from a landlord, tenants are often restricted from installing screen doors, making this door screen with magnets simple to remove at your convenience.

Control the Insects Entering Your Home

Having a magnetic screen door is not only simple to use, but it is also an affordable way to prevent bugs and pests from invading your indoor space. You surely don’t want to have to resort to using a whole host of chemicals and sprays with irritating odors, which can be harmful to your health if you can help it.

The way that doorway screens with magnets are designed is with mesh that blocks the insects from getting into your home because the magnetic strips keep the mesh door closed at all times unless you are walking through that passageway at the moment. Make the most of Mother Nature’s gifts of fresh air with the use of a doorway screen with magnets.

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