If there was ever a celebrity who understood what being famous was all about, Justin Beiber Jacket cleared it all out. And that’s not just my opinion. I have gone through so many celebrities in my life that when I saw this young singer, I did not expect him to blow up this well. And fame itself can be a scary thing. Especially if you are a teenager who is learning to actually live a better life. So, for every mistake this singer made, I made a conscious decision to forgive him because he was truly just a child. And also because I actually liked his relationship with his mom. Though the reason his fans follow him is not because of his personal life. But because many of them can relate to all of the things that this actor went through. I mean, he had his entire life available on social media ever since he was just 13! 

Imagine being that young and having to worry about your appearance in public all the time. To me, it sounds brutal. But all in all, there is no denying the boy has the vocal cords of an angel. I don’t remember any song of his that I don’t already have on my playlist. From cute young teen boy songs to manly ones to light-hearted jingles, this man has become the very crux of perfect evolution! Some of his top songs that are my personal favorite include Baby (obviously), Yummy and Peaches. He also featured in one of Ed Sheeran’s songs called I Don’t Care. And it was also a personal favorite. But besides the smart yet chic evolution of his singing style, he also evolved his fashion sense. 


In the beginning with Baby, I remember all the boys around me rushing to the men’s salon to get the Beiber cut and then the Beiber shoes. His fashion was cute in the beginning. Then it became alot hotter in the song Boyfriend. But by the time he reached Peaches, his fashion sense was much more toned down. He wore the Justin Bieber Puffer Jacket, which ideally represented the phase that he was in. He was in a fun yet settled down phase, much because of his marriage to the drop-dead gorgeous Hailey Beiber. So many men in their 20s and 30s want to have the same jacket that Bieber wore in the video. Now the problem is they haven’t the foggiest on how to style this jacket. I have compiled a list of tried and tested watches and caps that will bring this jacket into harmony with all of your intended looks. Check it out!




A sharp-looking wristwatch will never go out of fashion. I mean, we are living in an era where everything is available on our smartphones. But the invention of a clock, calendar and convertor on a smartphone was not enough to lay waste to the chicness of a band on the wrist. Here are some watches you need to consider!


  • Bremont

Now I am usually not a person who likes to spend alot of money. But in this instance, I realize that my watch will be the only thing I will be relying on to make my outfit look nice. The Bremont watch, in this case, would be ideal. If you are a man who likes to look like he means business but feel like the pink Beiber jacket will make you look not all that strong, then check this one now! This MB Savanna will always make you feel official. Do you want to know why? Because this watch can survive the tumultuousness of 600knots and 30G forces! If I’m being honest, this is insanely impressive for a watch and even a human being! 

  • Tag Heuer

I am recommending this one with a very heavy heart. I love this one. It is chic and makes me look hot. I didn’t want to recommend it because I loved all the attention it brought me in the room. But I figured you deserve it too! TagHeuer has so many watches to choose from. I usually go for the watches that have a blue dial to them, and the strap is a high-quality leather one. But to be frank, I will probably wear any watch I get from them. The jacket, in this case, would make me look youthful, and the shininess of this watch will balance out the youngness. 

  • Swatch

Swatch is an oldie but a goodie. This is a very famous company that works on making watches. The company has always expanded its repertoire according to the needs of its customers. But for me, I am a sucker for anything that shouts environmentally friendly. The watch I am mentioning here is the Reloaded BLA_DIV. This watch has an amazing band. The band has incorporated bioplastics into the plastic that it uses in the strap. So the strap itself can be called bioceramic, which is just awesome. 

  • Omega

Omega is the watch that comes into your mind anytime you think of James Bond. This watch of theirs is just the thing you want to be wearing with the pick Justin Bieber jacket. And ill tell you why. The celebrity jackets are here to serve the party element. While the watch is here to serve the official grand life looks. The Seamaster Aqua Terra is the model I am talking about here. This pretty little thing has a frosted dial on the back, which looks like a stark contrast with the blue of the needles ad the digits. 

  • Breitling


The brand Breitling may not be one that has a lot of advocates vouching for it, but I am. This brand has alot of rugged-looking watches that will easily make all of your looks a high-class one. The watch I am mentioning here is the Super AVI Mosquito. The name may gross you out, but the design will not. The watch has a chocolate brown color which looks smashing with the black dial. The dial is not a simple one either. It comes with three small white dials. The rest of the detailing in the watch is in red-orange color. This one will definitely catch all the attention after the pink jacket.


Dressing itself is a difficult task for men. So if you have scratched your head many times, wondering what to do when you have had a bad hair day, then your know you have to get a hat. And with the pink Bieber jacket, I highly recommend you check out my personal favorite ones. 

  • Panama Hat

I’m not one for extravagant hats. If you are thinking that I am going to recommend you wear something as festive as a sombrero, then I’m sorry to disappoint! But hear me out. If you want to look like a man who has his life together and is a complete shark when it comes to business, this hat is what you need. Panama is one that has survived the test of time. This is a lightweight hat. You might imagine that it is like a picnic hat but made out of a sturdier exterior and is smaller in its diameter. The hat is best when worn in bright colors with a blue or brown stripe running across the attachment point. I wore it with the pink jacket when I went on vacation in the Maldives. I got amazing compliments. 

  • Newsboy

This hat is another classic. This is the hat that looks the most like the ones that the Peaky Blinders sport. It’s a newspaper boy-type hat, but it looks especially hot with stubble and a suit. But if you pair this one with the pink jacket, a pair of skinny blue jeans and a clean pair of white sneakers, there will be no head that would not have turned your way!

  • Beanie

Beanies have been the hats that I have personally stayed away from. But this time around, I yanked them out of the shop quicker than the speed of lighting. And I have a perfectly good reason for doing so. The jacket looked super cozy with my bright pink beanie. Also, this is a great way of masculinizing the color pink, which has been a taboo for boys for centuries. And ladies love a man who is willing to break stereotypes. This combination definitely speaks of revolution!!!

  • Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is where I love to experiment with fabrics. The hat is similar to Panama in shape, but it’s definitely bigger. This hat comes in many fabrics like tweed or denim. Take your pick. The brims of the hat are very subtle, so they give the impression of an inverted bucket. You will mostly find K-Pop idols wearing this hat. It’s a great way to look lowkey. I choose this, especially when I am out to dinner and have a feeling that I might run into some co-workers. 


Though you can definitely look regal in the number of clothes and accessories you throw in, the only way that you will actually feel like a man is when you take control of your life. Jut like Justin Beiber did. There will always be people hating on you. But what you wear and how well you dress will make others respect you. Your attire is the only way you can show the world how much you value yourself. Treat yourself well, lads!

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