Jewelry trends for spring 2022

Spring is here, and it’s time to review what are the jewelry trends that are going to prevail this season. Well, silver jewelry or silver jewelry is revealed as the ideal accessory for any look during this time of year, since it fits perfectly in practically all kinds of styles. Next we are going to talk to you about the silver jewelry that has become a must have this spring.

Body chains

The body chains or chains for the body are one of the most risky and at the same time most flattering trends for spring. This accessory fits very well in the boho chic style, where we can give free rein to the imagination with all kinds of accessories, to achieve that romantic but casual style at the same time.

You can wear this type of chains from the neck to the waist on the chest, or running down the back. Whichever way you choose, body chains are one of the most suggestive and chic jewels that you can include in your spring outfit. If you have not yet dared with them, do not think about it anymore and take the step.

Jewelry with stones

We continue with another accessory very typical of the boho style, which are silver jewelry with stones, although it is true that this type of accessory has a perfect place in other styles. Turquoise, ruby, onyx and labradorite stones, among others, are revealed as one of the perfect trends for this season, as they provide elegance, style and naturalness at the same time.

Jewels with stones are a safe bet both for your daily looks and for those special occasions that require a somewhat more formal look. That is why they have become another essential element in our jewelery box this spring, and we have the advantage of being able to choose them in many different shapes and colors.


There is no doubt that silver chains are one of the jewels that best integrate into any type of look, due to their simplicity and elegance. They are also a complement that bring warmth and light to any outfit, which is why they are confirmed as another trend of the spring season that cannot be missing from this list.

Silver chains allow many possibilities, since they can be worn alone, repeated or in combination with other different silver chains. You can also choose chains of different lengths, links, with balls, etc. Whatever style you choose, this jewel is always a hit.

Hoop earrings

The good thing about hoop earrings is that they never go out of style, and it is one of the jewels that seldom experiences significant variations from one season to another. That is why you should not hesitate to get them when it comes to completing your collection of silver jewelry for spring.

Hoop earrings bring joy and a flamenco point to any look, which is why they become one of the basic jewels for a very flirty woman who knows how to make her style clear. You can find them in different sizes and thicknesses, smooth, with decorations such as zircons, etc. There is a whole world of possibilities when it comes to hoop earrings.

Ear cuffs with chain

Chain ear cuffs, which are small rings at the top of the ear that are attached to a small earring in the lobe through a chain, are another of the most daring and striking pieces of jewelry this spring season. They tell us about a modern woman, who breaks the mold and does it in an elegant and harmonious way.

This jewel came a few seasons ago and, without a doubt, it was here to stay. However, it has become another of the most marked trends this spring, since the chain ear cuffs are perfect allies in some of the styles that are sweeping the moment, such as boho, aesthetic or comfy. Many celebrities and influencers have already dared with them, and this is because you combine it however you combine it, they feel wonderful

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