Is the MCLABELS Suit Something You Should Try?

Why choose a custom suit?

Not all men consider buying a custom suit. The most evident reason may be the time it takes to make a MCLABELS Suit. But there are many big and small reasons why you should choose a custom suit.

Let’s start with these:


Decades ago, suits were made by tailors, and today’s custom suit lovers have stayed true to that model. They like the idea that traditional tailors had to cut pieces of fabric and sew them together to make a suit. This method is most prevalent in the English tradition. It makes sense, but not everyone likes this idea.


Most tailors who make suits are naturals. Still, there are many steps involved in making a custom suit. Measuring, cutting, sewing, ironing, fitting and more are significant efforts to make a suit. Overall, handmade suits are works of art rather than mechanical works. The attraction is phenomenal when you build a relationship with your tailor and his team. For some people, custom suits only make sense if they work. So if a machine can also make a functional suit, that’s fine.

Life Expectancy

This is another great advantage of a custom suit in London. A custom suit is easy to repair and adjust because it is, of course, handmade. It is only after years of wear and tear that the value of a MCLABELS suit becomes apparent. You can make a simple and affordable purchase using a MCLABELS promo code that will help you to save a lot.

Nowadays, the need for clothing that has a lasting appeal and can be cared for is one reason why custom suits are so important. How. An old custom suit that has been carefully stored can be given a new look to make it look good again. That’s not possible with standard offerings.

Environment and Renewal

Only natural materials are used in the local production of tailored suits. This is of great interest because they can be repaired and reused. But there is controversy over where the suit fabric comes from – because that determines its longevity. And whether the tailor was hired locally or overseas. Some people prefer to buy custom suits in bulk rather than off-the-rack suits. However, it is better to buy small quantities, regardless of the production methods used.

So what are the main advantages of made-to-measure suits?

First of all, it is the art of a skilled hand to cut the fabric, re-cut it, add different accessories and unique features based on the body shape to achieve the best fit possible!

It’s a very different feeling when a good seamstress or tailor takes your measurements, cuts the fabric, loosely folds it and covers it with your body. He or she then sews the shoulder, adjusts other areas that need to be altered to get a straight bottom hem of the jacket, and takes care of everything else that needs to be done to make your suit look exactly as it should.

There have been recent advances in the field of custom suits. One of them is the sloping of the shoulders to ensure that both are at the same height.

The amount of preferences a tailor has for shoulder angle is limitless. It’s not just a matter of a fraction of an inch, but a change in position on the body, a pin and a new cut. Sometimes not all parts of a suit are made by hand. The collar may be handmade, but the lining is fitted by machine. Even the breastplate may be made by hand.

A custom suit can be made to fit, to be comfortable, to turn you into a stylish man, with an expertly designed sleeve head or lapel.

But is that all a tailored suit offers? No. There’s more:

  • Men who make suits may not understand how committed you are to the same tailor when you order a new custom suit every time. Here’s how it works. The tailor and his team get to know you and your preferences better, and eventually a friendship develops. We see time and time again that brands take advantage of this strategy by offering you special treatment in VIP rooms. However, this does not last because the staff changes and may not know the customer’s profile – your profile.
  • An important factor of personalization. The feeling that you can choose your fabric and have it made just for you this year, next year and years to come creates a lot of confidence in this option. However, with custom fabrics, there can be a variety of options. Again, you may not be able to keep up with the design if you make so many custom pieces. This is because design is the deciding factor that tailors try to achieve to make your suit stylish, and sometimes they fall short of expectations. But the choice is not bad if you know what is the best.


Custom tailoring can be described as the beginning of creating something new that can always be improved. This is in contrast to store-bought options that change and don’t offer many options.

This means that things don’t always go smoothly, but they do get better over time. For those buying a custom suit for the first time, keep in mind that the second suit will fit better because the tailor was more attentive during the second fitting and learned how your body works, and also because you can better understand your choice.

Another point is that custom suits are very expensive, and people will probably try to pay less. They do this in a number of ways. Be very careful with cheap custom suits, because tailors with high prices may not do as much work.

Why should you choose a custom suit? It depends on what you think is important. Go through the points mentioned here and think about how important they are to you.

Buying a custom suit because of history, tradition or design may not make sense. Spending so much money thinking that your ideas will be satisfied may not be wise.

What can you afford better? Decide. If it’s a MCLABELS suit, have it made by a reputable tailor like MCLABELS Suits London. Ask yourself if the fit is what you realistically want and make sure it’s what you really want, because at the end of the day, it’s all about how you look and what you can afford.

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