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Is Free Treasure Chest A Good Alternative To Zip Nada Zilch?

Is Free Treasure Chest A Good Alternative To Zip Nada Zilch?

In a word, NO! I recently heard of Free Treasure Chest through a comment here at the site, they offered this up as a good alternative to Znz so I looked into it.

Let me tell you about my brief experience trying to set up this Free Treasure Chest opportunity.

When I first received the comment I went and looked at the site, very cool by all appearances and certainly seemed like it had great potential to be an alternative to the work from home opportunity Zip Nada Zilch.

Since I am all about making money while giving my readers “choices” and solid money-making opportunities, I had no reservations about completing a credit there. They really did seem like another Znz one!

First I have to say I use Google Chrome; this will make sense in a minute. I put in my basic information to sign up and click the “next” button where it says to wait for the call and then enter your pin. Pain in the ass….but whatever!

I waited a few minutes but never got a call, so I went on about my day and forgot about it. A couple of days later I logged in here and seen the comment still pending, so I tried to sign up again.

The same thing happened and Free Treasure Chest never called! So I responded to the comment and let her know that I tried to sign but was unable to.

However, my readers know I am utterly RELENTLESS and just don’t like losing. Lol So I thought, “maybe this is a browser issue, I will try using IE.” (which I HATE) I went back to her link using IE and tried again, viola….I was in!

As I am looking through the offers I noticed two big differences between Free Treasure Chest and Znz right away.

1. They don’t have nearly the selection of offers to choose from.

2. Some offers had a “disclaimer” (that damn fine print again) saying “Missing credit request not accepted with this offer.” Seriously????

That was a pretty big “red flag” for me, but I figured I would include that on the post I write warning people to pay very close attention to whatever offer they choose.

VISIT THIS SITE: conflict-news

So I try and do the free credit report offer only because they didn’t have anything I was remotely interested in. Twice I try this with my CC and get the error that this can’t be processed and to call some #800.

But now I am just really determined!

I am truly scouring through the offers (the ones that allow for support if something goes wrong) and the only one I could gain an ounce of interest in was to

I could get a pre-paid CC for my son to spend money and complete the stupid credit that way and move on. Well, this happens to be one of the many offers at Free Treasure Chest that DO NOT allow for missing credit support.

(I actually seen this as an opportunity to find out who everyone would be dealing with) 🙂

Here I am at this website filling in my info when it asks for my SS#, I “why do we want this?” and it gives some Patriot Act special.

Whatever, I am committed and not a paranoid person in regards to all the “hype” the media sells us, so I do the deal.

When it’s all said and done I check my email and I don’t even have confirmation from this company. Now I am getting pissy!

I have a company that took my social, my address, and my money…..but I don’t even get an email in return? Hmm, mm! Naturally, this means

I can’t go back to Free Treasure Chest to submit a missing credit ticket even if they allowed me to, but now I don’t even have any information to confront this company with. (ie…account or confirmation number)

Here is where I am at now, I go back to the website to log in and cancel this crap like now.

Couldn’t care less about completing the credit at Free Treasure Chest, I just want this company to go away because I don’t do business with people like this.

I try to log in and cancel, but I keep getting an error page from this company telling me how to enable cookies on my browser to log in.

Really??? My anger level is literally rising with every click of the mouse! I follow their stupid instructions and still continue to get this error, but they do have a support email address at the bottom of the page.

Let me just say to all of you; as any one of my ex-husbands will attest to…it takes A LOT to piss me off, but when I am; it’s not pretty!

Safe to say they will have heard from me when they get in tomorrow and this WILL BE resolved. (ironically, still no email even acknowledging my contacting them)

In summary, how can Free Treasure Chest ever help me get credit for a missing ticket when their affiliate company doesn’t even send a confirmation email? Is Free Treasure Chest A Good Alternative To Zip Nada Zilch?

Needless to say, I don’t expect to get an email congratulating me on completing the required credit!

Even if they did surprise me and give me credit for all of

this “DRAMA” I can’t in good conscience endorse this company after such a horrible experience.

I mean I have been with Zip Nada Zilch for a year and

a half now, completed multiple offers since promoting Znz Big Cash;

and NEVER experienced anything like what Free Treasure Chest put me through.

This does not mean that they are a scam in any way, I honestly don’t know! I mean a scam implies that they lie to you….don’t pay their people….steal your information, etc. I don’t know because I never got that far.

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