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Irish Coffee Pros & Cons — Ultimate Guide for Coffee Lovers

What is Irish Coffee?

Irish coffee is a concoction or cocktail which consists of Irish whiskey, hot coffee, and sugar topped with cream. It ranks among the most favorite liquor-based coffee drinks around the world. It is simple to prepare which means you can also make it at home. It’s not the first coffee drink to have alcohol in it. Now it has become the most famous drink in the entire globe. It’s very easy to make all you need a is hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar only granular, brown and whipped cream. It is an ideal cup of happiness with a well balance bitter-sweet taste. Coffee beans play an important role in making of this drink. It’s very easy to assemble because all the ingredients are readily available in your homes.

Let us take a quick view of Irish Coffee.

1. Origin

The invention of Irish Coffee is usually attributed to Joe Sheridan or Joseph Jackson in around 1942–1943. Regardless of this debate, it was modernized in 1950 and has become a café favorite of consumers worldwide.

2. Ratio

This again depends on your preference, however as a rule of thumb, an 8oz coffee cup should have 13.1 to 16 grams of coffee. You can use 1.5 to 2.5oz Irish whiskey and top that up with 1–2oz heavy cream. Use sugar according to your taste. This depends on your liking. You can vary measurements of ingredients. For instance if someone is on a diet, they use brown sugar more than the granular one or whipped cream. Some prefer a bit bitter taste in coffee same goes in their case as well.

3. Strength

Your coffee beverage strength depends on the type and weight of coffee beans, roast type, water volume, brew method and time. You can change the volume of Irish whiskey depending on how much you want. The overall strength of the drink is moderate to high.

4. Taste

The taste of the Irish coffee depends on the strength and volume of both the coffee and the whiskey. The sugar gives it mild sweetness and the heavy cream makes it creamy. You can choose from different coffees and whiskeys according to your taste. You can also use other coffee beverages such as espresso or double espresso, Ristretto and even Cappuccino or flavored coffee drinks.

5. Service

You may think that the type of glass in which the drink is served does not matter but it does. Irish coffee is traditionally served hot and in a Irish Coffee glass or mug. You can use any goblet-style glass which keeps the ingredients in balance and gives a classy look to the cream topping.

6. Types of Consumption

The traditional ingredients have already been mentioned however it has a few variations and you can always experiment with different types and strengths of coffee as well as whiskey. You may also try different types of creams and alcohol. You can even use cream directly from a spray can. Again this depends on ones preference. If you want a strong drink you can vary the proportion of whiskey to coffee.

7. Best Machines

You will need a good espresso machine to make Irish coffee. A big variety of them is available in the market. Some famous brands include Gaggia, Breville , Nespresso and Cuisinart. They are available with different options and some are fully programmable. Some even use their own capsules for making different coffee beverages. These tech savvy machines enhance the flavor of the coffee and provide you with the best cup of happiness one could ever ask for. This capsules save you from the hassle of worrying about the measurements. Instead you just put the capsule into the machine and let it do its magic.

8. Brewing Methods

Coffee machines nowadays come with numerous options for preparing macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, double espresso, ristretto and simple black coffee. Some of these machines have pre-programmed settings for different coffee beverages and you just need to fill the desired ingredients. You can also prepare simple black coffee manually and use it for preparing your Irish beverage.

How to Make the Irish Coffee?

Heat an Irish coffee glass before you pour in the ingredients. This will ensure that your beverage stays hot till the last sip. Add brown or white sugar to the glass, pour the hot liquid coffee and Irish whiskey. Stir to mix them well till the sugar is entirely dissolved. Instead of directly making a layer of heavy cream, hold a spoon upside down above the glass. Pour the cream on to the spoon and into the glass, making a thick layer on top of the drink. Make sure that your cream is of the right consistency and does not sink into the coffee. Drink the coffee through the cream. Try the drink again with different types of whiskeys and coffee.

Types of Coffee Makers

You can use a drip or pod-type coffee maker, a fully automatic or programmable one or prepare the coffee manually. If you are a coffee enthusiast, keeping a good coffee or espresso machine that lets you prepare a number of coffee beverages is a good idea. You can even use the French press to make coffee.

Benefits of Having Irish Coffee

When consumed in moderation, coffee and whiskey both have their benefits. This is a high calorie drink but the taste and experience is worth it. It is proven to be a healthy drink.

  • Risk of diabetes – drinking coffee can increase your plasma level.
  • Heart problems – improves blood circulation and makes your heart healthier
  • Liver Problems – regular coffee consumption can help reduce your chances of having liver issues.
  • Weight loss – helps reduce obesity
  • Skin Problems – coffee can help with pimples, skin color and skin cancer as well

It’s a dream come true for every coffee lover to get what they want in matter of their coffee preferences. A good day starts with a fresh and good cup of coffee. Irish coffee one of the most preferred kinds of coffee who appreciate a strong cup of coffee to wake them up and improve their functionality. Find out additional information you need regarding coffee and coffee makers on popular posting. Hopefully, this was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more helpful and informational articles on all types coffee.

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