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iPhone Repair: Things to Know Before Visiting a Service Centre

It is not unusual for iPhone users to look for a repair centre in their city. This Apple device, like most other smartphones, is not blessed with invincibility. You might encounter erratic camera function, unresponsive touch screen, cracked screen, dead battery, Wi-Fi problem, and other issues while using your device. Most of the simple, as well as complex problems, can be fixed by technicians who have the experience and equipment to do iPhone repair. So, when you experience a problem, look for the best service centre in your area. Find out whether it has all the necessary resources to do quality repair or not, and then visit it.

However, before you call a cab or take your personal vehicle out, you need to know a few things so that there are no hassles. Here are some of them to help you get a quality iPhone repair service without an unpleasant experience.          

Always Book an Appointment

You are not the only one who is experiencing an iPhone issue in your city. There are many. And, each one of them would want to get their damaged device fixed from a reputable centre. If it is well-known for its reliable and safe repairs, then expect to find a great number of people waiting in the main entrance lobby. And, you might have to wait for hours before you get the chance to explain the problem to a technician. So, it is always best to book an appointment in advance. It will save you from the frustration of sitting on an uncomfortable steel chair, waiting and watching others get help before you.

Back-Up Your Data  

Battery replacement does not cause data loss, but still, you must back it up before you go to the service centre. There is always the possibility of your precious data getting erased when the device is getting repaired. As technicians are only responsible for fixing your broken device, you cannot expect them to protect your data. You have to make sure at your end that there is a copy of the information, which you can easily retrieve in case it gets wiped out from your device during the repair.

You can back up your data with iCloud. Here is how you can do it:

Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network > Go to Settings > [your name], and tap iCloud > Tap iCloud Backup > Tap Back Up Now.

Remove the SIM Card

Technicians do not need a SIM card for iPad repair. So, it is best to remove it before you hand over your device to a technician. But, remember to carry it with you when you visit the service centre again, to get your fixed iPhone. And, if you are using a case or a screen guard, remove it as well.

You’re not the Expert and Be Polite

Do not tell technicians what they should be doing. They are the experts and not you. So, keep your opinions and suggestions to yourself. Also, you have to be always polite. An iPhone service centre usually handles a very high volume of repair requests, and for it, everyone is a priority. Remember that and do not throw a tantrum if technicians take more time than expected to repair your device.

Find Out Repair Charges  

iPhone service centres do not entertain price negotiations. You cannot haggle with them over repair costs. So, to avoid a final bill that you cannot afford, it is best to find out how much the repair will cost you before you fill the service request form. Some centres are upfront about their repair charges. After a quick diagnosis, to determine the exact problem, they will let you know how they are going to fix it, the component that they will use and its cost, and the total cost.

You must also find answers to these questions before you contact the service centre.

  • Does the service centre use genuine parts?
  • Does it offer a warranty on its repair?
  • Are its technicians well-trained and experienced?


Most repair technicians truly want to solve your device problems. You should not try to make things difficult for them by directing your frustration at them or by telling them what they should do. Talk to them politely and only ask relevant questions, and book an appointment before stepping out of your house. It is also important that you find a service centre for iPhone repair that has no problem answering questions related to quality, experience, genuine parts, warranty, turnaround time, and repair charges.

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