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Inhibitions to a Healthy Life in 2020, It’s now or never

Reasons behind our worsen lifestyle

It is said that health is the most important aspect of a person’s life. In the old times, Health was considered to be real wealth. People strove to always be fit and healthy. Old times had cleaner air, water, and chemical-free food, this too ensured that people were physically fit.

Technology changed our way of living

There was no technology to entertain, so games on the playground or indoor games that required mental agility were well-loved. Constant physical and mental exercise and an adequate balance assured the complete well-being of an individual. They also believed in eating a complete diet rich in fruits and raw vegetables. The diet also included fresh meat or fish hunted from the wild which were the perfect resource for nutrients and energy.

Yes, Overpopulation is the reason behind the less fresh food availability

Overpopulation has put an incredible amount of stress on the availability of fresh food for all individuals. This decade has more mouths to feed and the access to pure food is dependent upon geographical area, means of transportation, and buying capacity of the consumer. Organic, fresh food is expensive and can only be availed by the rich or by those who live on farms and grow their own food. The rest of the world depends on cheap preserved food in cans and frozen food that has barely any nutrients left. Industry products like jams, margarine, squash, sugar-laden fruit juice, heavy salted snacks, deep-fried food, dried veggies, and plastic cheese gained usage since they were cheap and easy to find. The habit of cooking food from scratch was dumped and eating out or ready to eat food jars became commonly accepted.

These habits worsen our health badly:

Rejecting home-cooked food, and over-reliance on pre-cooked food was what slowly destroyed the basis of a healthy life. Preserved food contains a high dosage of salt or sugar along with numerous chemicals that inhibit the growth of bacteria but this also destroys the nutritional value of the food ingredients. Consuming preserved food is thus futile and in some cases, even harmful since you’re just consuming chemicals and salt. These foods increase the risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and resulting illnesses.

Eating Fresh, Organic, Ayurveda and Yoga could be the part of the solution

Yoga not just strengthens you physically and mentally but also builds up the body’s natural power and immunity to resist and fight external elements that might harm it. Yoga helps keep at bay various serious and chronic illnesses. It also is an effective practice that is suggested by modern physiotherapists. Thus, for people leading a life with unhealthy practices, Yoga is a great way to build their health and ascertain the benefits of Yoga practice. There are many yoga asanas which you can practice at your home to get many health benefits.

From ancient times, we are using Ayurveda but after 18th-century allopathy took over the Ayurveda very easily because of instant results but it is already proved it has long term side effects which cause many different types of deadly diseases. You can choose Ayurveda & homemade medication which surly not give instant relief but long term healthy life. You can also choose ayurvedic skincare products over chemical-based products which are not only healthy skin but also cost-effective.


Therefore, we come to know after reading throughout this article how unhealthy lifestyle made our life so disturbing or unpleasant. You can opt for some natural or organic solution to keep you healthy without having any deadly side effects in reverse. Also, Yoga can help you to make a balance in your life.

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