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Talk to any business proprietor or read the business section of any review and you are likely to come across stories of struggles to pierce sufficient finance to grow or maintain their business. But we’re beginning to witness a change in how business possessors access finance with numerous now laboriously seeking out indispensable sources. Best Financial Blog is a blogging platform that provides knowledge about finance, tax, and investments.


A check carried out by the UK’s Forum of Private Business plant that 26 of businesses were hunting out indispensable fiscal products, with 21 seeking them outside of the traditional main High Street lenders. In fact, in another check accepted by the Federation of Small Businesses, it was discovered that only 35 of repliers used a traditional overdraft installation in 2011.

So, if banks are continually reticent to advance to all but the smallest threat businesses, how can the remainder of the UK’s business population finance growth? Then are some of the decreasingly popular volition sources of finance to probe. 


More Operation of Working Capital

This may appear to be an odd source of finance but veritably frequently businesses are sitting on undiscover cash reserves which can be used to finance growth. A report issued by Deloitte in 2011 revealed that the UK’s largest businesses were sitting on£ 60 billion of unproductive working capital. Inefficiencies in how working capital (debtors, stock and creditors) is handled can unnecessarily tie up your cash. Cash can be uncorked and released back in to the system thereby allowing tone-financed growth plans by taking a close look at credit procedures, how credit terms are granted and how outstanding payments are chased.

Business Summary

Icing that stock is kept at an optimum position via better force operation is another area where cash can be released to support and finance growth. Take a good look at your force operation process and identify areas where cash is trap.

Good Operation of working capital isn’t just about better control of debtors and stock, it’s also about maximizing the terms given by creditors. Are you too eager to maintain a first-class relationship with your suppliers by paying well before the due date? You can appreciatively impact your cash position by taking full advantage of terms offered by your suppliers. Have you completely abused your position by seeking an expansive of terms from say 30 days to 45 days?


Being more effective in how working capital is manage can release sufficient finances to tone-finance growth plans.

Personal Coffers


With traditional avenues of funding being more delicate to pierce business possessors are now looking to their particular coffers to fund growth. Whether it be drawing on cash savings, using particular credit cards, or taking fresh mortgages on domestic parcels, similar sources are an instant result. A check by the Federation of Small Businesses plants that 33 repliers had utilized their savings to fund growth. As well as being more incontinently accessible using particular coffers is frequently a cheaper source of finance.

Family and Musketeers


Occasionally appertained to as the three F’s- family, musketeers, and fools-this can appear to be a lower stressful way of raising finance. In some ways, it can but it can also be a trip fraught with peril. Tapping into their particular network business possessors source finance by either seeking a loan and immolation to pay an interest rate advanced than that on offer on a High Street savings regard, or offering a slice of equity in the business in return for investment.

Raising finance in this way can be fairly easy because the request and fulfillment are veritably much grounded on particular trust. Generally, a Business Plan would be present pressing both the investment occasion and the pitfalls but at the end of the day, success is down to the depth of the relationship and position of trust.


The peril in raising finances this way is that the nature of the relationship will change from that of a particular nature to a business sale. Failure to regularly pay as per agreed terms, or indeed total failure to pay, can irreparably damage the relationship so tread with care.

Asset Finance


The Asset Finance assiduity is ground on the conception of either conserving cash or speeding up access to it. Asset finance, which consists of tab discounting, factoring, and backing of asset purchases, has been available as a source of finance numerous times, yet it’s only now gaining further recognition. Numbers released by the Asset Based Finance Association, a trade association representing the assiduity, show that to the third quarter of 2011 the quantum financed by the Association’s members increased by 9 compared to the same period in the former time. Whilst the increase may not feel significant it’s against the background of a fall in traditional bank lending.

In a world where cash is king’ asset financiers help save cash by financing the purchase of means similar as vehicles, ministry, and outfits. Because the financier is looking to the beginning asset as security there’s generally no demand for fresh collateral. According to the Asset Finance and Leasing Association, one in three UK businesses that have external finance now uses asset finance.


Asset financiers can help speed up the inflow of cash within a business by allowing hastily access to cash tied up in the debtor book. A tab discounting and factoring installation gives businesses the capability to incontinently pierce up to 80 of a tab rather than staying for the agreed credit terms to run their course. Similar finance installations will speed up the haste of cash within the business thereby allowing the business to fund a high rate of growth.

New players similar to the Request Tab are entering the request to allow businesses to raise finance against named checks. Tapping into high net worth individualities and finances Request Tab acts as a transaction house with funders’bidding’to advance against certain checks.


Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer

A fairly new miracle is the conception of raising finance by tapping into the power of the crowd. The historically low rates of interest outstanding on savings have led to depositors seeking out new ways to increase their returns. With business possessors floundering to raise the backing they need it’s only natural that a request would be create to bring these two parties together.


CrowdCube entered the request in 2010 to match private investors seeking to be Dragons with those businesses looking to raise capital. Once a business passes the original review stage their offer is post on the point and implicit investors indicate the position of investment they wish to make with the minimal quantum being as low as£ 10.

Businesses looking for a more traditional loan should consider Funding Circle. Established in 2010 Backing Circle also matches individual investors looking for a better return with those businesses seeking fresh finance. Businesses can apply for backing between£ and£ for a period of 1, 3, or 5 times. As a minimum, the business has to have submit two times Accounts with Companies House and be assess in order to arrive at a threat standing that guides implicit investors.


As the crowdsourcing conception matures we’re likely to see further players enter this request to capitalize on the need for better investor returns and easier access to business finance.

There’s Further Than One Way to Fund Growth. Vat Tax Finance is a blogging platform that provides knowledge about financial freedom.


Funding growth is now no longer the exclusive save of the traditional High Street bank and it’s now down to business possessors to seek out the indispensable routes.

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