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In Kolkata, there are six excellent digital marketing courses to choose from.

Digital marketing course necessitates the capacity to engage and collaborate with prospects, as well as a rapid understanding of their needs.

It also includes the method of framing techniques in order to advertise products or services exactly as the buyer anticipates.

Digital marketing skills are very important if you want to be prepared with the most advanced digital marketing skills and demonstrate your talents in a worldwide marketplace.

You can be a good professional with digital marketing abilities and expertise who can save money and reach a wide range of customers swiftly.

Knowledge of digital marketing can also help you build stronger brand loyalty, expand your firm, and increase revenue.

Because digital marketing entails learning how to sell and promote services and products via the internet, there are several areas of leveraging businesses through digital channels that may be learned in depth through digital marketing courses.

What does Digital Marketing course in Kolkata?

The environment is serene, tranquil, and free of chaos, providing the ideal environment for working and settling down. Learners can benefit from learning digital marketing in Kolkata in a variety of ways.

The availability of digital marketing-related opportunities in the Technopark Kolkata.

The IT park is home to a number of multinational corporations, well-known organisations, burgeoning startups, and a variety of other businesses that offer a variety of options for digital marketing experts.

Apart from the buildings at Technopark, Kolkata is home to a number of large corporations that provide excellent chances for digital marketers.

PPC analyst, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Trainee, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO analyst, SEM analyst, SMM analyst, Google Ads Expert, and other professions are commonly available. It’s also a great spot to establish a business or start a new venture as an entrepreneur.

Kolkata’s Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses

Academy Of Digital Marketing

The organisation is well-known as the greatest digital marketing agency and for its Google-certified agency status.

The pioneering firm also has a long history with the parent corporation, which was a Google approved partner in 2012.

The institute also offers a high-quality job-oriented digital marketing diploma that allows you to apply the best digital marketing education to your professional qualifications.

All learners can benefit from the Academy of Digital Marketing’s best-in-class digital marketing courses in Kolkata, which are available online. The company’s major headquarters are in Cochin and Calicut, where in-house digital marketing training classes are also conducted.

Since 2011, Academy Of Digital Marketing has been one of the greatest digital marketing organisations, having successfully built 800+ clients from all over the world, including the Middle East, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and so on.

Academy Of Digital Marketing’s most vibrant and in-demand career-based diploma in digital marketing education provides the best online learning experience that learners can profit from and control at their leisure.

Academy Of Digital Marketing’s digital marketing is remarkable for the reasons given below.

Why Should You Take a Digital Marketing Course at Academy Of Digital Marketing?

Students, marketers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anybody else interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing will benefit from the course.

Academy Of Digital Marketing provides learners with the best-in-class online training in digital marketing, allowing them to excel in their careers. Why should you enrol in Academy Of Digital Marketing’s digital marketing course? Here’s what I came up with as a solution.

The institute has received more than 14 international awards for shown excellence in a variety of categories.

The group is well-known for its valuable contributions to a variety of business websites, portals, and periodicals.


Global certificates are a valuable tool for future work opportunities.

To be put successfully, you will need complete help.

The learners will profit from the job-oriented internship.

Free advanced marketing tools

Academy Of Digital Marketing’s job-oriented Diploma in Digital Marketing Course highlights

Aspirants benefit from the Academy Of Digital Marketing course in the following ways:


Q&As are held in a private Facebook group for VIP members.

More than 15 certifications

Live and in-the-moment projects for hands-on experience

Preparing for a Mock Interview

Structure of the Course

Academy Of Digital Marketing’s five-month dedicated digital marketing course covers every key subject of digital marketing and is well worth the money.

1. SMM (Social Media Marketing):

Facebook Marketing – Facebook Account, tools, groups, events, Customer Persona, Business Manager Account, Facebook Custom Audience, campaigns like store traffic, lead generation, video views, messages, messenger, Facebook Pixel, Brand Awareness campaigns, Reach, App instals, Reach, retargeting tactics, Engagement ads, and so on.

Instagram Marketing — Fanpage Accounts, Branded or Business Accounts, Personal Accounts, Sales Funnels, User Generated Content (UGC), Bio Links, Hashtags, Follow-Me-Follow-You Strategy, Shoutouts, Event Tracking, Influencer Marketing, Growth Hacks

Introduction, personal and business accounts, profile optimization, website linking, pins and boards, tagging, audience creation, and campaigns are all covered in this Pinterest marketing course.

Account creation, profile optimization, articles, groups, pages, networking, promotional campaigns, adverts, and tagging are all aspects of LinkedIn marketing.

Basics of Twitter Marketing and Twitter Ads

Advertising, tagging, and the fundamentals of Snapchat marketing

Data Studio and Facebook Analytics are two reporting tools.

Hootsuite and Buffer are two social media tools.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (SEO)

Fundamentals, setup, optimization, keyword analysis, planner, paid tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, competitor link analysis, Google Search Console, Tag Manager, on-page and off-page activities, link building techniques, low-class, and middle-class activities, SEO algorithm, and guidelines, on-page and off-page activities, link building techniques, low-class, and middle-class activities, SEO algorithm, and guidelines SEO audits, reporting tools, and premium tools like Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, and SEMRush, to name a few, are all available.

WordPress Setup: Purchasing a domain, hosting a site, installing a theme, learning the basics, customising, and more.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEM)

Google Ads: setup, express account smart campaigns, optimising tools Mobile Ads Engagement and Installation, Remarketing, Conversion setup, Custom audience setup, dynamic shopping ads, Google Merchant, Bidding, Reporting Tools, Extensions, Bing Ads, Campaign Optimization, Google Analytics, event and goal tracking, affiliate marketing, amazon affiliate, niche selection

4. Blogging—

Adsense, content strategy, vlogging—YouTube and SEO expertise, channel optimization

5. E-commerce, POD (Print On Demand), Dropshipping, Shopify, Woocommerce, and other similar platforms

6. Kindle and Notion Press Book Publishing

7. Setting up a CMA and digital course, as well as a 5-day WhatsApp class

8. Email marketing basics, automation, Mailchimp, and mailing list

9. The Foundations of Inbound and Outbound Marketing, as well as Content Planning

10. Native Ads—channels, campaigns, campaign setup, campaign optimization, Taboola, and Outbrain campaigns

11. Chatbot—automation, funnel creation, manychat, and so on.

12. Marketing automation with Zapier and IFTTT

13. Marketing on Whatsapp

N.B. In addition to the course, you will receive a one-month dedicated internship during which you will be exposed to live tasks, practical training, mock interviews, a final project, placement aid, and much more.

Certifications Available

Academy Of Digital Marketing’s career-oriented digital marketing diploma is a godsend for digital marketing nerds. With 15+ international awards, including the most prestigious STED council certificate, Facebook Blueprint Certificate, Academy Of Digital Marketing Certificate, and other global recognitions such as Google, Bing, and Hubspot certificates. Another significant benefit is the free tools you will receive, which are worth Rs. 50,000 INR.

The course’s instructors

The following are the instructors for the Academy Of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing course:

With over 17 years of expertise in industries such as IT, Sales, and Marketing, Rithesh Raghavan (Founder & Director, Acodez) is an expert in his profession.

Vishnu K (Digital Marketing Analyst & Trainer), Google and Hubspot certified faculty Adarsha T T (Digital Marketing Analyst), experienced trainer John P Manjaly (Founder & Director, Acodez IT Solutions) and Vipin Nayar (Founder, Academy Of Digital Marketing), with experience managing roles such as Marketing Consultant & Coach Vishnu K (Digital Marketing Analyst & Trainer), Google and Hubspot certified faculty Adarsha T T (Digital Marketing Analyst), experienced trainer

Timeframe and Cost

The Academy Of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing course is a five-month intensive program.

When you compare this price to other colleges that offer a similar course, you’ll see that it’s pretty reasonable and provides greater value.

You can contact the course provider using the contact information listed below to learn more about the course or to get answers to your questions.

Click Here:

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