Importance of Grill and Oven Cleaner in Hotels, Restaurants and Professional Kitchens

When you work in or own any kind of kitchens of professional spaces like hotels, restaurants, etc. it is important to take care of the tools and equipments that you use for your work. Like for example when you work in kitchen, you use tools like gas stove, chimney, knives, utensils, fryers, oven, etc. and you have to make sure to keep them clean, so they don’t wear out and the longevity for the same increases.

The same is the case with ovens and grills. In order for an oven and grill to function smoothly and increase its life, it is essential to invest in a grill and oven cleaner.

How do I make sure that the longevity of Grill and Oven is not compromised?

Well, the answer is simple! Invest in a cleaner that is specifically made for cleaning ovens and the grills. As previously mentioned, it is very important that equipments are taken good care of. So to maintain the longevity of oven and grill, it is critical to buy an oven cleaner that ensures complete cleaning and hygiene of the oven.

Okay, the above paragraph might make some sense, but what are the advantages of Buying a Grill and Oven Cleaner?

There are a number of advantages that shows why investing in an oven cleaner makes more sense. Here are a few that will make you want to have an oven cleaner for your professional spaces:

This oven cleaner by Diversey Prosumer is a scientifically proven cleaner that makes sure to deliver good results in cleaning the grill and oven. This cleaner gets rid of carbonic and baked deposits that sit on the grill and are way too stubborn to get rid of off.

It also makes sure to effectively get rid of the stubborn stains and leaves the surface with no residue. This in turn helps you with easy cooking of foods. The oven will also feel like it’s a newly brought!

  • Guaranteed Faster Cleaning

Oven cleaners are designed in such a way that it makes cleaning faster. When it comes to hotel kitchens and restaurant kitchens, it is very important to save time as there are customers waiting for their food to be served.

So in order to avoid the time consumption caused by the cleaning process of the oven, you can use this cleaning products that will not only save time, but also reduce the high efforts that is required to clean the oven. You can instead use that time for other important things as well!

  • Save Electricity Costs

Now you must be thinking, “how can an oven cleaner help in reducing the electricity costs?” Well, this oven cleaner by Diversey Prosumer can assure you that you can save money on electric costs by an uncleaned oven.

How is that possible? According to many blogs out there, when an oven is cleaned deeply, not only the oven is clean, but ever since the oven is deeply cleaned, it will reach the desired temperature more quickly which helps in saving electricity! Not only is your electricity saved, but also your food is cooked more evenly.

  • No Safety Hazards

There’s no risk in using this cleaner for your ovens and grills. This cleaner will ensure complete cleaning, and it will leave no carbon type smell on your foodstuff. You can use this product with no risk of bad smell.

  • Budget Friendly

When it comes to ovens in professional spaces, they are quite different from those that are found in the households. So the cleaning is also very different from those household ovens. You can basically use DIY stuff to clean those household ovens, but not the same can be said in terms of an oven in professional kitchens.

But what if we told you that this oven cleaner is cheaper than the DIY stuff you’ll invest in? You can use this oven cleaner for a long period! This product will guarantee you for more than 50 washes for your oven, grills, and even gas stoves! This cleaning product will guarantee you with a surface that will look as clean as if you had recently brought it straight from the shop.

This will give those working in professional kitchens the assuring that this product is worth to be invested in!

Now that you know the benefits, we’ll explain to you the steps to clean your oven, fryer and gas stoves.

  • Oven Cleaning

(IMPORTANT: Make sure that there’s proper ventilation in order to avoid fumes from the cleaner)

  1. Step No. 1 – Pour from the 5 liter bottle into a handheld spray bottle
  2. Step No. 2 – Turn your oven ON and set it to at least 60 degree celsius (140 F) and spray into the uncleaned surface. Leave the oven on for 10-30 minutes
  3. Step No. 3 – Turn OFF the oven
  4. Step No. 4 – Grab a cleaning brush and start cleaning off the deposits and residues.
  5. Step No. 5 – Once cleaner, rinse the oven with water spray and allow the oven for it to dry.
  • Fryer

(IMPORTANT: Do not use the product for Teflon coated surfaces)

  1. Step No. 1 – Make sure you drain all the oil and that you close the drain valve. Completely fill the fryer with water.
  2. Step No. 2 – Add 100ml of the oven and grill cleaner in a container or into the fryer itself.
  3. Step No. 3 – Turn ON the fryer and bring the fryer to a boil for 20 minutes
  4. Step No. 4 – Turn OFF the fryer and let it cool down to room temperature.
  5. Step No. 5 – Once cooled, start cleaning and scrubbing the surface with a brush and clean off the residue or any kind of stain from the surface.
  6. Step No. 6 – Drain the water and rinse the fryer with hot water and keep it for drying.
  • Gas Stove

(IMPORTANT: Make sure that there’s proper ventilation in order to avoid fumes from the cleaner)

  1. Step No. 1 – Pour from the 5 liter bottle into a handheld spray bottle, mix it with water (1:1 ratio).
  2. Step No. 2 – Make sure the gas is turned OFF. Spray the mixture from the spray bottle to the gas stove.
  3. Step No. 3 – Wait for 20 minutes
  4. Step No. 4 – Grab a cleaning brush and start cleaning off the deposits and residues.
  5. Step No. 5 – Once cleaner, rinse the stove with water and allow the gas stove to dry.

So what are you waiting for? Grab an grill and oven cleaner for your professional kitchen, hotel and restaurants!

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