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Importance of Business Logo Design in Improving Brand Identity

Your business without an effective and standalone brand identity is impossible, you need something that can bring a buzz in the market with your marketing and branding strategies. It is important to create a logo that is both eye-catching and communicates the message right to the audience. In fact the logo that is unique usually stands out in the crowd and operates better as compared to other kinds of the brands. The main purpose of designing a logo for the business organizations is to help the audience recognize the brands and keep it in the mind forever.

The recent studies show that almost 90% of customers expect a good and better experience if the brand is consistent with their marketing and branding. This is mainly why you need to prioritize, create and maintain a particular brand identity rather than spreading their message all over the media. When we talk about improving brand identity, the Ingenious Gurus widely believe that colors have some specific role to play in communicating the right message. Your logo colors can make or break your logo, so make sure you are choosing the right one. As suggested by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his Theory of Colors,

“It conveys an impression of gravity and dignity and at the same time of grace and attractiveness.”

Now coming to the main point which is exactly what brand identity is?

Let us give you a little review about it.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is something how the audience perceives your organization, what kind of impression and image you have left in their head. It is important to have a solid and bullet proof brand identity so that people remember you for the good reasons. Whenever your audience needs the product that you sell, you should be the first one to pop in their minds. It is recommended by most marketers that every organization must look at their brand as an actual person. You should see your audience as the group of people that you would want to be friends with.

You need to create a solid brand identity and there are many ways to do that, many organizations like Starbucks use social media to do so and logo plays an integral role in that.

Following are a few tips for creating brand identity with the help of your logo.

  1. Need to be aware of your target audience

Your target audience plays a huge role in deciding your logo. If you are targeting a group of old people, we recommend you use light and general colors to attract them. On the other hand, if you have young people as your target audience you must use bright and bright colors to lure them into buying your product.

Trying to develop an identity without giving out many details about who your audience is can be a lot of hassle for you later. If you are still not aware of your target audience, how are you planning to make strides that can create a right business identity for you?

When you are at the age of studying your audience the first thing that you need to do is to find more about your audience and focus more on the details. Knowing about the age and income, educational level of your customers, it gives a great extent of knowledge to you.

2. Offer value to your audience

Once you know who your audience is, things become quite clear and easy. You can now begin digging for the details. Start by figuring out what triggers good emotions in your audience, it will help you offer more value through your brand identity. If you are already aware of these things, things that can tempt your audience into buying your services and products, you can easily bring changes in your product that can fit your buying behavior.

While a few organizations need some proper guidance and advice that can be given to the audience, the others need to entertain the clients only. Whatever your audience responds to, you need to get it right in your mind and then make it your standard communication point. It helps in building your brand identity.

3. Check your company’s personality

What vibes do you want your brand to have? What kind of personality do you wish for them to see you as? You want to appear energetic or emotional? Humorous or serious? There are a few things that you need to look after while deciding your brand personality. In the current era, the customers want a wow element in everything you offer to them. The video content should be engaging and duration should not be more than 30 seconds maximum. Apart from this the content should be exciting and relatable too.

While you are deciding your brand personality, it is important you add your logo design in it as well. Even in your video content there should be your logo placement somewhere that can remind the audience about your brand.

4. Hit the right emotions

The best way to stay in the head of your customers is to either anger them about anything or make them emotional about something. However, only for the good reasons, do not go for the negative marketing. If you are finding ways to surefire your audience in any way, there is no better way than playing with their emotions. Make sure your brand is telling the story that connects with the audience on the emotional level. Business organizations have worked on this strategy for years and it has been the best strategy that they have used.

5. Do not over-complicate anything

One of the biggest problems that we have seen in most of the businesses organizations is that they overcomplicate things. Which is a huge turn off for customers as they do not want to use their mind and work on understanding the concept. Over-complicating the approach can alienate the potential customers that hugely affects the bottom line with time.

Use the right principles of logo design as it can hugely help in the brand identity selection process. In the world of logo designs the professionals are advised to go through many different drafts before selecting one final draft.

Wrapping up

We would end this article by emphasizing the fact that “consistency is the key”. The gurus of Ingenious Gurus strictly follow this policy and are smartly dealing with all the logo design issues and problems. If you are looking for some kickass designers there is no better place than Ingenious Gurus to hire them!


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