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IEC 61850 substation automation training providers in UK

Are you wondering what an IEC 61850 refers to? Well, this is a standard for the design of electrical substation automation. It is the base for all developments in substation automation. IEC 61850 is a part of the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) Technical Committee 57 (TC57) reference architecture for electric power systems.

IEC 61850 is not just a communications protocol. It is a comprehensive standard for the design of substation automation systems and applications. There are various IEC 61850 substation automation training providers. The prime goal of this training programme is to help users gain a fundamental understanding of IEC 61850 so that they become comfortable with the concepts of the standard. 

Let us now check out the leading IEC 61850 substation automation training providers in the UK.

Applied Systems Engineering Inc [ASE Systems]

One of the most reputed teams that have been in the limelight of utility industry protocol technology and standards for over 30 years. Their training programs are specifically for utility technicians and engineers who are working to resolve critical SCADA communication issues. They provide training for IEC 61850 substation automation that helps trainees acquire in-depth knowledge regarding IEC 61850 automation techniques. 

The programs mix essential protocol knowledge needed to understand and find communication problems together with detailed training on the ASE 61850. The course is offered in online, regional and corporate training which have its own advantages. They offer free 6 months subscription license when you sign up for online training.

Apart from IEC 61850 training they also offer:-

  • ASE 2000 & DNP3 training
  • ASE 2000 & IEC 104/105 training
  • DLMS/COSEM protocol training
  • Custom utility protocol training

All these courses incorporate both classroom presentations and hands-on labs.

Grid Software Training Services 

A team of experienced control and protection engineers. They also have a group of network experts and software developers committed to providing innovative solutions and expert consultancy for utilities, integrators and system providers. 

The Grid software Training services now offer IEC 61850 substation automation training. They ensure a bunch of benefits for the training offered by them. Some of those benefits are:

Goal-oriented learning

Acquire the key learning goals by learning how to specify, configure, perform live monitoring & troubleshooting an IEC 61850 system.

Well- Equipped with required tools

Each student joining their training program will be given a trial license for the IEC 61850 engineering software.


They guarantee that their training does not focus purely on theory, instead, they focus on a completely practical learning experience allowing you to design, configure, and troubleshoot a working IEC 61850 system.


Kinectrics strongly adhere to established standards and provide strong assurance of service quality. They look forward to being the premier technical solutions provider from concept to completion. Kinectrics offer training programs in IEC 61850 substation automation. They provide training in 

  • IEC 61850 Overview
  • IEC 61850 Interoperability of Multi-vendor Devices
  • Substation Grounding Systems

They provide in-depth training in IEC 61850 making you understand the basic concepts of the same.

Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT)

Engineering Institute of Technology is one of the leading 61850 training providers with world-class education. They make you capable enough to directly enter a workforce by continuous training. EIT is well known to be one of the top institutes specializing in Engineering. 

They also provide industry-focused professional certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, undergraduate and graduate certificates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and a Doctor of Engineering to students from over 140 countries. 

EIT provides quality training in IEC 61850 substation automation as well.  In EIT, the training is designed for engineers and technicians who need to understand the techniques required to use and apply IEC 61850 to substation automation, hydropower plants, wind turbines, and distributed energy resources as productively and economically as possible. 

The program covers the core components of IEC 61850 and provides in-depth knowledge about tools to make you confident enough to attend substation automation. The course contains twelve modules and covers topics including substation automation functions, power system automation architectures, basic Iec 61850 substation architecture etc.

Triangle Microworks, Inc

Triangle Microworks, Inc. has been providing solutions for standards-based protocols for years. They aim at providing innovative and reliable solutions with timely support for their customers. Triangle Microworks, Inc. Software Libraries and Tools support industry-standard communication protocols including DNP3, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5, IEC 60870-6 (TASE.2/ICCP), OPC, and Modbus.

Training offered at Triangle Microworks, Inc. includes both lecture time and also hands-on examples using software tools to reinforce important concepts.

Topics include an overview of the different parts of the standard, example applications, Client/Server communications, GOOSE, Sampled Values, System Configuration Language (SCL), and testing features.

The typical training session includes both protocol training and implementation training. The Protocol training includes both IEC 61850 Basic Training and IEC 61850 Advanced Topics. Whereas the Implementation training consists of IEC 61850 hands-on Workshop, Source Code Library Implementation Overview and IEC 61850 Source Code Library Implementation Assistance

IEC 61850 University

One of the reputed universities offering accurate, consistent and practical information on IEC 61850 and related technologies. This eliminates the risk of receiving vendor-focused training that overly emphasizes one vendor’s products while overlooking the IEC 61850 aspects. 

61850 University provides training courses covering all aspects of digital substations. The training courses are split into Tiers covering the core aspects of IEC 61850 within the substation, as well as add-on modules including, DNP3, Distribution Automation (DA), Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and Ethernet Networking, Time Synchronization, Cyber Security. 

Let us look into three Tiers of this training program.

Tier 1: Fundamentals & Principles of IEC 61850

This course consists of 3 days of classroom sessions, which cover IEC 61850 theoretical information in a direct manner that is easily understood, regardless of the participants prior IEC 61850 knowledge or experience.

Tier 2:  Advanced IEC 61850 Training with Hands-on Digital Substation Workshop

This tier focuses on building the fundamentals covered in Tier I. This also look forward to participants gaining configuration experience in IEC 61850’s key mechanisms

Tier 3: IEC 61850 Project Realization Including the Specification, Design, and Testing Aspects

The objective of this 3-day course is for participants to complete the full specification, design, configuration and testing of a demo IEC 61850 project, which allows participants to gain an insight into every aspect of an IEC 61850 implementation.

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This concludes our article about the best IEC 61850 substation automation training providers in the UK. Hope this article was informative enough.

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