Huawei ads Platform: the platform with more than 700 million users

With Huawei Ads Platform, reach millions of users and increase engagement.

Huawei Ads Platform represents a novelty in the mobile marketing landscape. It is estimated that users who have chosen this brand are more than 700 million. For a insurance business, this translates into a new source from which to draw new ones lead

From a professional point of view, the Huawei Ads Platform boasts numerous advantages. In addition to having developed a privacy-compliant platform, the giant has decided to do more. This advertising solution offers precise targeting. Not to mention the strategic placements on which to show ads! The platform allows you to reach users through a Display ad, on the store and the search engine.

But there is more. Huawei has developed two tools to optimize the budget Doing so will make it easier to avoid waste and get a ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend, “return on advertising investment”) is the revenue generated by an advertising campaign minus the cost of advertising. It’s a popular metric …positive. Let’s find out how to increase brand exposure and engagement. There is …with customers. Without forgetting how to create a professional advertising strategy to achieve the desired conversions.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 Huawei Ads Platform: what it is
  • 2 6 reasons to use Huawei Ads Platform
  • 3 AppGallery: 4 advertising solutions
  • 4 Programmatic Display: 5 types of Ads
  • 5 Petal Search and SEM
  • 6 Huawei Ads and marketing objectives
  • 7 Conclusion

Huawei Ads Platform: what it is

Huawei Ads Platform represents a new frontier to do advertising Huawei itself has provided incentives for many entrepreneurs to b try the platform. The goal of the incentives is simple: collect feedback, testimonials, and referrals.

  • The “premium” users are 83 million. These users have the one developed by Huawei as their main store. The store, known as AppGallery, allows you to create advertisements within it.
  • is the alternative to Google Search – installed on new-generation devices. Inside, Petal Search welcomes advertisements and focused on shopping.

6 reasons to use Huawei Ads Platform

Huawei Ads Platform has several advantages in its use.

  1. Accurate and reliable targeting. Huawei offers the possibility of accessing an unexplored market. Millions of users consult AppGallery and Petal Search daily. This translates into a targeted segment that respects user privacy. To make the advertising experience high, Huawei has decided to do more. He has developed a system called “Behavioral Targeting”. This system collects information on how users react to apps.
  2. Powerful positioning. Advertisements can be published on: Programmatic Display, AppGallery, and Petal Search. In the latter, you can apply the notions of SEM and attract traffic to your site.
  3. Excellent results. To achieve positive ROAS, Huawei has developed two specific tools. The former is known as Smart Bidding, while the latter Smart Banner
  4. Facilitate brand exposure. To do this, Huawei Ads Platform has created two specific tools: Push and Assistant. The ad will appear in one of the 20 apps pre-installed on the device. Furthermore, you can also show them in third-party apps.
  5. Increase site traffic. It is estimated that users with a Huawei ID are more than 700 million.
  6. Promote app download. To do this, Huawei has reduced the number of clicks to download the app.

AppGallery: 4 advertising solutions

  • Category Rankings: very useful to increase the reputation of the app. Prices vary according to the choice of keywords;
  • This page collects the apps and games most loved by the community and by Huawei itself. By placing the app on this page you increase the authority of your brand.
  • By carefully choosing the keyword, you could show your app to the user. It works like this: once the user logs into the store looking for an app, he types a sequence of words. If you can match the user’s intent to your app, it will be able to display it.
  • Useful for tricking the user to download your app as soon as they connect to the AppGallery for the first time. This solution is ideal for increasing the exposure of the brand and its authority.

Programmatic Display: 5 types of Ads

Programmatic Display Ads make the visual the undisputed protagonist of the advertisement. With these advertisements, you stimulate traffic on your site and invite the user to download the app.

  • Splash. Appears when an app is opened. Allows you to view an advertising photograph on full screen for 3 seconds. The videos, on the other hand, last 5 seconds.
  • Banner. The best type for those who want to send a large number of users to their site.
  • Rewarded. It aims to create a high-level user engagement. This type “allows a rate of conversion Examples are access to the site, the visit of …higher.” (Source Huawei Ads Playbook)
  • Native. “It provides a highly engaging vision.” (Source Huawei Ads Playbook)
  • App Icon. It is the perfect solution to increase brand exposure. When an app is started by the user, it displays the ad for a few seconds.

Petal Search and SEM

Petal Search is the search engine developed by Huawei. This new tool allows the advertiser to create a strategy focused on SEM. In fact, with Petal Search you create text ads and shopping ads. The advantages of Petal Search are not limited to these two types. The Chinese giant is developing Travel and Nearby Ads. The goal is to increase user engagement by showing the right product to the right person.

Huawei Ads and marketing objectives

With the Huawei Ads Platform, it’s easy to achieve marketing goals and reach new users.

  1. Awareness. Maximize brand exposure and make it attractive to users. Recommended types on AppGallery: Featured Pages, Category Rankings, and Keyword Search. Suggested Display Formats: Splash, Native, Banner. Best mode on Search: Shopping Ad
  2. Acquisition. It aims to entice users to find out more about your brand. Do you want to make the Customer Experience quality? Create one landing page Alternatively, you could lead users to the page to download the app. Recommended types on AppGallery: Featured Pages, Category Rankings, and Keyword Search. Suggested Display Formats: Splash, Native, Banner, and App Icon. Best mode on Search: Shopping Ad.
  3. Activation. Aim by downloading the app or landing on the website. Best format on AppGallery: Recommended Apps. Most performing type on Display: Rewarded, App Icon. Search: Shopping Ads – Coming soon: Nearby Ads Travel Ads.
  4. Retention: increase turnover by creating engagement. The types of ads to use to achieve this goal are the same as in the “activation” phase.


Advertising on the Huawei Ads Platform is super easy. Each advertiser can pursue 4 specific goals. This way it will have different tools to grab the attention of the prospect

Some objectives are very useful for increasing brand awareness. Others create a micro-conversion – such as downloading the app or landing on the site. In short, the Huawei Ads Platform has the right cards to become influential in mobile marketing. Its 700 million users make the platform interesting and with solid premises.

Users see your ads on the SERP Despite being a young platform, Huawei has studied well. The ads protect the privacy of users and show targeted advertisements, so as not to influence the user experience.

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