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HRCraft, the ultimate recruitment agency Edmonton

HRCraft founder had a simple vision: to change the recruitment market by developing true, long-term connections with both customers and applicants.Your recruitment agency Edmonton

Over the years, our brand has developed into HRCraft . We’ve established ourselves among rivals.

HRCraft brings together a team of recruiting specialists who also happen to be genuine people; and we are dedicat to bring together the greatest clients and candidates, while embracing our family values.

It is by upholding these basic beliefs that we continue to grow ourselves as a premier recruiting firm in Canada.

Why choose HRCraft?

At HRCraft, we think that employment is about more than simply getting a job; it’s about constructing a future. We can assist you on the path to success by helping you discover meaningful job with our recruitment agency Edmonton. Whether you’re seeking for a career in IT, engineering, finance, business, human resources, sales, marketing, or communications, we can assist. Our Edmonton employment agency finds high quality workers for some of Edmonton’s most famous firms. No of your talents and credentials, we can match you with an employer at a position that will launch you into a wealthy and successful career.

We urge you to start the process with our Edmonton job agency by contacting us. It’s not simpler to get start with an Edmonton employment agency. Our procedure will guarantee that you acquire a position that will develop your abilities, advance your career and reward you financially.

The assistance and services we provide don’t end when you got employment. When you start a new job, we can make the process simpler by providing you with continuing help until you are establish. Finding a new job may be a challenging process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Put your faith in the capabilities of HRCraft.

HRCraft, a better way of hiring.

We have over a decade of expertise in helping individuals find jobs in Edmonton, so we understand the difficulties you are experiencing. We realize the strain you’re under to find a job that not only allows you to use and improve your abilities, but also a workplace that makes you feel like you’re a valuable member of the team. It is our responsibility as the premier recruitment agency Edmonton to assist you in your professional development. Our method will help us narrow down the market so that we can identify a firm that works for you rather than the other way round. Contacting HRCraft, the Edmonton employment service that provides results, can help you find the position that will catapult your career forward.

Our Recruiting Methodologies

Our recruiting method begins with an in-depth knowledge of your requirements, followed by a scan of our extensive database and a comprehensive search of the marketplace for feasible candidates. We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate possible applicants and provide recommendations for the best match for the position you are looking to fill.

We have the proper network of potential employees.

Edmonton employment agency

Because of its many years of expertise in the industry, HRCraft is delight to  develop a big network of partnerships as well as a large pool of qualified candidates. Our resume pool is made up of a diverse group of people that are both passively and actively looking for new opportunities. HRCraft’s applicant pool, on the other hand, is simply the beginning of what distinguishes us from other employment agencies when it comes to identifying the ideal individual for your permanent, contract, or temporary role.

Throughout the whole recruiting and selection process, we work in partnership with you.

Once applicants have been presented and you are ready to proceed, we will broker the whole process on your behalf, keeping your precise requirements and desires in mind at all times.

  • Preparing for and answering interview questions

  • Evaluation of abilities and personalities

  • Checks on references and criminal records

  • The stage of the final offer

We will not stop looking until we have identified the most qualified specialist for your team and corporate requirements.

After all, our Core Purpose and Values are predicated on surpassing your expectations and assisting you in realizing your vision for the future.


A rigorous ten-step procedure for recruiting and putting personnel into our customers’ businesses is followed by the staffing agency run by HRCraft and Associates. We aim to ensure that our customers get everything they want. As a result, we tailor each procedure to match the specific requirements of each customer seeking permanent staff or contract personnel. It is a rigorous technique that enables your firm to Search Less and Get More by reducing the amount of time spent searching.


Experts with specialized knowledge

Success at HRCraft has found on a simple vision: to establish genuine, long-term connections with our clients and prospects. The HRCraft experience demonstrates that we can retain ties with outstanding individuals all across Canada because we have earned their confidence over the course of our many years in the recruitment industry.

recruitment agency Edmonton

In order to satisfy the demands and wishes of our customers, we go above and beyond the fundamentals of recruitment:

  • We give dependable guidance and support with important recruiting choices.

  • We serve as a “one-stop-shop” for all of our customers’ recruiting requirements, which may include almost all divisions within their company.

  • The access to our great prospect pool is one of our primary benefits (i.e., those who  currently employ but are open to and seeking new challenges)

  • We are industry/market specialists who have well-connection to a variety of networks, allowing us to contact as many people as possible.

  • We concentrate our efforts on individuals and companies who are concerned about long-term connections.

HRCraft services are tailored to fit the specific requirements of each client and are provided via our offices in Edmonton as well as our virtual reach throughout the country and abroad through our website. Over the course of many decades, we have connected our local, national, and international network of highly-recommended professional applicants with positions in top Canadian organizations and other international organizations.

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