There was a time when companies entrusted the preparation of their payslips to an accountant in a jacket, who used a calculator, ballpoint pen, carbon paper and tipex in case of error! This time is not so distant, and yet it belongs to another world … Now the question is no longer whether HR digitization is necessary; rather, which tools to choose?
Here is a focus on the subject which should allow you to see more clearly …

Digitization of HR, what are the challenges?

The dematerialization of payslips and the end of carbon paper have certainly transformed our accountant’s daily life into a jacket! But it was only the beginnings of digitalization which, by relieving HR departments of low added value tasks, revolutionized their professions, allowing them to focus on career management rather than administration.

Furthermore, HR digitization takes many other benefits that go beyond productivity gains, namely:
• It is at the heart of CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Scanning of documents, workflows and storage via the cloud decreases indeed significantly paper impressions and the multitude of administrative exchanges that polluted our companies – and the external environment – barely two decades ago
• Improving QWL (quality of work life)
By thinning the communication between services, by facilitating access to information for all, significantly decreasing the applications processing times and responses to employees, fostering new organizations such as teleworking, or distance training, digitization undeniably increases employee well-being, reduces its turnover… and improves its corporate brand.

HRIS: the ultimate in HR digitization!
The HRIS, or “Human Resources Management Information System”, can indeed cover the entire HR cycle and its processes … From recruitments to career management, including all administrative tasks and training . We use the expression “which CAN cover” because the HRIS is made up of different “software bricks” which allow automating, according to the user’s choice, all or only part of the tasks and HR monitoring.

what the different bricks generally offer HRIS:
– The first includes services related to administrative tasks: the management of leave and RTT, activity reports, expense reports, schedules, various reservations (eg vehicles, accommodation rooms, etc.)…
The second brings together the services related to the career of the employee. He can access it, consult his personal file, keep his profile and skills up to date, make requests for internal mobility , apply for internal vacancies, establish training requests, etc.
This component also enables the company to “manage talent “, thanks to a repository of employee skills profiles, as well as dashboards which allow skills to be managed according to business strategies.
The third brick finally contains everything that relates to internal data: procedures, regulations, memos, assessments, notices of occupational medicine, etc.

What HRIS tools on the market?
HR Management Software, just like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) have certain advantages and are no longer the prerogative of large groups. Solutions exist for all types of sectors and all sizes of business. Here are the benchmark players in the market:
– Talentsoft : this French software was developed in SaaS (Software as Service); that is to say that its applications are hosted by the service provider, in this case, for it, in Europe, and in complete security. It covers all the HR bricks.

– Cornerstone OnDemand : This HRIS provides a modular approach that also cover the entire spectrum of HR now. Its advantage: the possibility of deploying the different functionalities gradually. Although the publisher is American, it has integrated two French data centers into its architecture, and is fully compliant with GDPR requirements (the general data protection regulation).– Ci3 initially created around the management of human capital, HRIS is associated with giant SAP, enabling synergies with its ERP … A weight advantage!

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