How Zoho Marketing is Helping Small Businesses Boost Growth?

Zoho CRM is one of the most popular CRM software in the world and it allows companies to manage their sales, marketing, and support activities on a single platform. Companies can integrate Zoho CRM into their pipeline either through an internal team that knows how to use the platform or with the help of Zoho consultants that can provide support in implementing the solution.

While the product is the base of any company, its marketing helps the company reach a wider audience and boost its growth. While big companies with large budgets and a team of expert marketing professionals can find it relatively easy to keep up with the growth, small businesses don’t have that luxury. A number of newly formed companies and bootstrapped startups often take the help of Zoho consultants for getting the most out of the Zoho Marketing Automation software.

What is Zoho Marketing Automation

Zoho marketing automation is a complete marketing solution that helps marketing managers and companies successfully manage their marketing activities across every channel. It allows you to engage with your leads and customers at every stage of their customer journey and curate strategies that have a better chance of conversion from lead to customers. It connects with every 3-rd party app you’d use every day and provides a unified platform for influencing, educating and engaging leads. The CRM application provides several more benefits to its users but first, let’s see a few crucial steps necessary to plan a lead generation campaign.

How To Create An Automated Marketing Campaign In Zoho CRM

1. Identify What To Promote

Your company can be a mix of technologies, products, services, and other components that make it so great. However, in order to streamline your marketing efforts, you need to identify what it is you want to promote through the Zoho CRM.

2. What Are Your Target Audience’s Pain Points And Characteristics?

While everyone dreams of selling their products to as many people as possible, you need to understand that not everyone will have a use for your product or service. Hence it is important to focus on high-value prospects while not limiting yourself to a ‘niche’ company.

Target customers or companies that match your business capabilities and are more likely to do business with you. Understand their pain points and provide solutions as to how you can solve them. Use a personal touch while contacting leads to have a better conversion rate rather than ending up in the spam folder.

3. Create Assets

Once you’ve identified the pain points for prospects, it is time to create assets or content that can help them in solving those issues. Assets can include articles, blog posts, white papers, webinars, or anything that can educate a prospect about the challenges they are facing.

How Zoho Marketing Automation Helps Businesses Grow

  • Gives More Control Of Sales & Marketing Campaigns

With every sales and marketing related data available in a single destination, it makes it easier for the sales team to sync with each other and stay updated on business objectives. It keeps them focused and enhances collaboration to promote faster lead generation and reduce the sales cycle. Data from multiple channels are accumulated in one place enabling sales reps to act on sales-ready leads quickly and maximizing the conversion output.

  • Enables Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

Zoho provides a wide range of charts and tables that are customizable and provide deep insight into the marketing activities of a company. Marketing managers can analyze critical marketing metrics like leads, click-through rates, clicks, costs, impressions, conversions and more and make informed data-driven marketing decisions. This is also vital in receiving a positive ROI from your marketing campaigns.

  • Better Engagement Of Prospects Across Channels

Social media platforms and websites are a great way to connect with prospects and put forth your brand. A majority of modern companies nowadays are using these digital channels to engage with their leads and customers to either sell their services and products or to solve their queries and doubts. This improved reach allows companies to expand their customer base, close more deals and earn more revenue.

  • Quickly Convert Leads To Deals

The most important function of any marketing automation software is to speed up the marketing process and automate the workflows so that the journey from lead to customer can be completed quickly. In today’s smart age, companies need to compete with each other to grab the attention of customers and any delay in contacting a lead or responding to their queries can lead to a loss of business opportunity, and subsequently, loss of revenue. Zoho CRM helps in reducing this conversion time with the help of features like customer segmentation, targeted marketing campaigns, personalized customer engagement and more.

  • Plan Efficiently And Stick To A Budget

Small businesses are already short on funds and they can’t afford to run campaigns that either doesn’t provide the desired results or are too expensive for their liking. With the help of Zoho CRM, companies get a range of tools and services that improve collaboration among the sales and marketing teams. This helps in both the teams being on the same page, planning for the future easily and sticking to the marketing budget as well. Features like project management, team messaging, office suite, online meetings, and more help bootstrapped companies to perform different tasks at an affordable cost.

The Zoho marketing automation software can be a great investment for small and medium-sized businesses despite the Zoho CRM price. It is an end-to-end solution that enables companies to perform every activity right from lead generation to first contact to final customer acquisition. Being a centralized platform that unites different aspects of sales and marketing into one, it is an ideal solution for companies that want to boost their sales and business. There are a number of Zoho consultants that companies can contact to take their support while implementing and using the software. They are experts in leveraging different features provided by the CRM and help smaller businesses to improve their marketing infrastructure and activities.

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