How You Ensure Your Dog’s Peaceful Coexist With A Vacuum Cleaner?

House cleaning especially with any vacuum cleaner is one of those chores that no one enjoys doing, especially not your beloved pup(s). We all must have noticed that a dog will most likely get provoked by the sound of a vacuum cleaner and you might see your dog running around the house or barking at any unwelcome guest. If you get lucky who knows your dog may also be able to play with your vacuum cleaner rather than being scared by it. This is a good thing for a dog who wants an escapade when they see a machine at work, but it would be painful to watch one of the vacuum cleaner’s components being ripped off while you’re trying to clean the carpets. 

Dogs are now found to be amazed by the new robotic vacuum cleaners such as Roomba 665 rather than being scared of it. Due to their low sound and robotic nature dogs are indeed getting curious about these machines.

Interestingly, dogs do not find all vacuum cleaners equally frightening. Your dog’s past experiences with the vacuum cleaner will determine how they react to it. For example, you might find that your dog was used to being perfectly happy with the old canister-type vacuum but that they are now unable to handle the new upright vacuum cleaner.

In a parallel universe, you might be amazed that your four-legged friend will accept a new model of your house cleaner.

Is it possible to determine what vacuum cleaners will scare dogs? It’s unlikely. We know that dogs can be frightened by strange sounds, shapes, or smells.

Your dog will likely be more comfortable with a quiet vacuum cleaner than any other.

You might be able to use an upright vacuum cleaner as a model, but you can also try a canister-type model. A smaller, more threatening design might be easier on your dog. Also, it would be best if you looked for something quieter than the last version.

A robot vacuum is another option. These vacuums are smaller and quieter than other models. You can be sure that your best friend will not need psychiatric care after being “threatened.”

A robot vacuum is still a better option than an upright if your pets have long hair.

The best way to get your robot vacuum cleaner used by your dog is to let it run amok while the vacuum cleaner is on. Let the dog sniff, lick, or push the vacuum cleaner around as much as possible. This will make it clear that the vacuum cleaner is not dangerous.

Next time, take your dog and the vacuum cleaner into a larger room. Play a game with your pet in the corner. This is to get the dog used to be around the vacuum cleaner.

Management Technique:

This topic is partially covered in one or two sections. First, it is essential not to force the dog and the vacuum cleaner into the same space. We hope they will make friends gradually.

You can take your dog to a different room in the house or apartment while you vacuum. Even better if you have a yard. You can also ask someone to take you for a walk.

Desensitize Your Dog:

It would be best to introduce your dog to the vacuum cleaner slowly. Let’s assume that the lounge is your dog’s favourite place. Bring the vacuum cleaner in one day, and place it next to your dog. After that, you need to do nothing more.

Next time, do it again but move the vacuum manually while your dog is watching. Do not switch it on.

You could switch on the vacuum cleaner in another room the next day to see how your dog reacts. You can search Google for the sounds of a vacuum cleaner running and play it to your dog with a low volume. Repeat this process until your dog isn’t disturbed by it.

Pleasant Associations

You are trying to make the sound of a vacuum cleaner run pleasant. First, you can place the vacuum cleaner in a corner and turn it on. Then, give your dog one or more of their favourite treats. It should be something special. For example, peanut butter or fish skin is a favourite treat for some dogs.

Org and Structure

Your dog may not be able to perceive time the same way as us humans, but they still like order and structure. This is because they are creatures of habit, just like humans.

You can make this work for you by vacuuming your dog every other day on the same day. It will become your dog’s habit.

It would help if you remembered to respect the dog’s schedule when you do this.

If your dog is eating while you are vacuuming, they will immediately react by thinking they are being attacked. Your dog might even attack your vacuum!

Pick a set time each week, such as 10 am on Saturdays. You will eventually get used to your dog’s familiarity with the sounds and sights on Saturdays. Then, let them relax.

What to do if your dog attacks the vacuum cleaner

Canister or any heavy-duty cleaners such as Miele Blizzard CX1 or Shark NV752 are bound to create noise and spook your fur friend and it is totally obvious in the beginning. This could be very dangerous for both the vacuum cleaner and the dog. It is best to immediately use a management strategy, such as taking your spouse for a walk while vacuuming the house. If this is not possible, you can keep your dog in a separate area.

You can gradually introduce desensitizing techniques over time and attempt to make pleasant associations, but don’t force them. The last resort is to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, A robot vacuum cleaner. You can borrow the robot cleaner from your neighbour to understand how your dog will react to it.

Dogs and vacuum cleaners can co-exist peacefully.

Even though vacuum cleaners and dogs are not best friends, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any solution or alternative. There shall always be a workaround for the peaceful co-existence between them where they both can exist in harmony without hassling their owners. 

You might find your dog sensitive to the sound of the vacuum. Your other dog may be more susceptible.

We hope you find the problem and that you have some tips and solutions to help your furry friend overcome their fear of vacuums.

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