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How You Can Win This Race by Playing Touch the Line?

Reach At the Winning Point By Avoiding the Opponent Team

Do you want to improve your racing skills? It needs practice which you can do by Playing Touch the line. This will increase your racing skills. In this game, you have very thrilling targets which you have to by your extraordinary efforts. So, there is the ground in which you and your team members are in the starting point and opponents’ players spread all over the ground. Your opponent team members are trying to stop you. Your opponent team member’s main mission is that they have to stop you from crossing the front line.


So, first, you start to play the game you have to know the basics of the game. So, there is a start line in the field where your team player is standing. There are three grey lines called “Safe Line”. There is also Al character in the field who are trying to defeat you and at the bottom there is finish is a line also you can say “winning point”. Now, your main mission is to have to reach the winning point by avoiding the Al character. Sounds Challenging? Yes, it is challenging this is not so easy to pass the level. To win the level you have to cross the border by move your fingers fast and spoil your opponent’s plan by reaching the winning point safely.

Use your Amazing Skills:

You have three members and you have to reach the borderline with your members in a given time. If you are not able to do this you will lose the game. To win the level firstly you see the opponent team member direction when the Al character out of your way runs your player and don’t put your finger from the screen. Don’t lose concentration and increase the speed of your player. So, be a winner by playing Touch the Line.

How you can win the game?

Attempt to be the best to open new difficulties, test your aptitudes and check whether you can beat every one of your companions! At that point demonstrate your high score to the world through these guidelines.

  • Tap the ball and keep your finger on the line to begin rolling
  • Raise your finger to stop the game, however, know about the moving beast impediments or they will say mmm and beat you and you are not going to cross the line.
  • Follow the Line Duel 2D Deluxe backings multiplayer with up to four players. Remember that the more players in a game, the greater the award toward the end goal!
  • surge as quick as you can to beat different players


  • Very simple ongoing interaction with just a single able finger
  • Competitive multiplayer with up to 3 players
  • Challenging atmosphere
  • Single-player to prepare and test your aptitudes
  • Every time an alternate labyrinth to run, never be exhausted again
  • Lots of new levels to open
  • Integrated Leaderboard
  • Wings power up – presently you can likewise leave the line for a brief timeframe
  • Haze power up – be quicker than any other person
  • Score multiplier power-up – duplicates your score winning for a brief timeframe
  • Shield power-up – shields you from the moving parts for a brief timeframe
  • Collect mint pieces and jewels and overhaul your favorite power-up

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