How you can Avoid Vape Bar Burnout!

Vape bars are disposable vape devices which can be in the form of Vape Pens or Pod Kits. in any case, disposable vapes work in the same way. So, let’s discuss the tips that will avoid bar burnout:

How Do Vape Bars Work:

A tank is fitted upon the battery. The tank holds the e-juice, a coil and a wick. The coil is wrapped around the wick, which is soaked in e-liquid. When the battery heats the coil, it turns the vape juice into vapours.

Inhaling the vapours from disposable vapes like R and M paradise is much safer than inhaling smoke from traditional cigarettes. Vaping gets rid of 95% of the toxins present in cigarette smoke. Vaping leads to a healthier and safer lifestyle and does not cause harm to the environment as much as smoking does.

Now that you know how your vape device works, you must want to know why it gives you a burnt taste sometimes. Well, there are many reasons for it. Some of them are mentioned in this blog. You can figure out your issue with the vape and how you can avoid it after going through the below points:

Less E-liquid in The Tank:

When the tank does not have enough e-liquid quantity, and the wick is not soaked in the liquid completely, it will give you a dry hit and a burnt taste. That is because the coil burns the wick instead when there is not enough e-juice soaked in it.

To avoid getting a burnt taste, you should make sure that your wick is totally soaked in your e-liquid. And when the e-juice runs out, you should probably change your device since vape bars are disposable like Randm tornado 7000, Randm tornado 8000 uk and can not be refilled.

Frequent Puffing Without Breaks:

The e-liquid soaked in the wick is turned into vapours when you take a puff. If you take continuous and short puffs, your wick will get dry at a faster rate as the e-liquid is being vapourised quickly. The wick will not have time to absorb any e-liquid in the meantime. As a result, the wick will get burned and give a harsh throat hit.

So, give enough time to your wick to get soaked again before you start taking puffs. Try to take longer puffs with a few seconds gap in between. This way, your vape bar will not burn out quickly, and you can use it efficiently.

High-Power Vaping:

If you vape at a higher wattage than your coil can handle, it can burn out your coil soon. Some disposable vape bars have the feature of an adjustable wattage system. There is a massive chance that you will get a burnt taste if you do not align your coil material and size to the wattage used for your disposable vape device.

There are a few things that you should always keep in mind for the proper functioning of any device. And since vape bars are electronic devices, you need to pay attention to a few points, or your disposable vape will give out.

If you do not pay attention to little details, you might end up ruining your vaping experience, especially if you are a new vaper. Everything requires care and attention, and so does your disposable vape bar. Hopefully, this blog was informative for you.

Prime Your Coils:

Priming the coil is very important for a new coil in your vape device. It means that the wick in your coil should be completely soaked in e-liquid before you start vaping. It will give a burnt taste if you start vaping before your wick is completely soaked. Let the coil prime and wait for five to ten minutes to enjoy a rich flavour and smooth vaping experience for an extended period.

Temperature Control Vapes:

Temperature control vape devices work best for vape fanatics. These devices are different from disposable devices and give you exceptional features. Many coils in rechargeable vape devices need a high wattage current to heat the e-liquid.

The temperature control vapes help you detect your coil’s finest resistance and temperature. These devices allow you to fix the temperature of your coil. Once it reaches the fixed temperature, it will stop delivering the power and prevent your coil from getting hotter.

Reduce Power Setting:

The wattage at which you use your disposable vape like Elux legend 3500 puffs and Super stix mythical 4000 puffs also affects the life of your coil. Higher wattages burn the coil at a faster rate. You may get more and bigger clouds by increasing the wattage, but it will leave less time for your wick to soak again in the e-liquid. As a result, your wick will be destroyed since it is mostly made of cotton, and it will ruin your vape coil too.

Ideal Ratio of PG and VG:

PG is less dense than VG, and it absorbs in the wick at a faster rate than VG. As VG is a more viscous liquid, it clogs your coils and decreases its life. Cloud chasers might prefer more VG ratio, but it affects your coil life. Usually, 50/50% PG and VG are used, which is ideal for flavour, cloud production and vapour density.

Maintain Ideal Temperature Control:

Many vape kits these days offer temperature control settings. You can set a moderate temperature limit, and the battery will stop providing current to the coil if it heats up above that level. This helps minimise the damage to your coil, and you can easily use it for a long time.

Avoid Chain Vaping:

Chain vaping is taking small puffs frequently without taking a break. This damages the coil significantly as you do not give enough time for your coil to re-prime before you start drawing puffs. When you start feeling that the flavour is no longer delivered to its full, you should let your device rest for a few minutes before beginning to puff again.

Use High-Quality E-liquids:

The quality of vape juice enormously affects coil life. Low-quality e-liquids destroy your coil by clogging it up. Also, avoid e-liquids with lots of sweeteners as it caramelises your vape coil. You should always use top-notch e-liquids.

You need to consider many different factors while using a reusable or disposable vape Kits. Keeping an eye on a few of them to enjoy a great vaping experience is not a bad deal. Changing coils can be troublesome, but once you get a hold of these precautions, you will be able to conserve your energy and money by using the same coil for a long time.

Place your Vape Tank Topped up:

If you add a low amount of e-liquid to your vape tank, the wick will not soak it appropriately. Secondly, coil heads are made at certain levels so that the juice can reach the wicking ports. If the juice cannot reach the wicking ports, it dries out quickly, giving a grossy taste.

To cope with this situation, you should keep your vape tank topped up. Moreover, if you see that the e-liquid in your vape tank is getting diminishing, refill it swiftly


Many other techniques may help prevent your coil from getting faulty or burnt. For instance, using e-liquids with high PG, less dense vape flavours, avoiding chain vaping, and less sweet vape juices.

You can follow any of the techniques mentioned above to make your coils work effectively. Apart from that, clean your coils regularly and make sure you replace them timely.

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