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How Would a Brass Tea Set Add Antique Touch?

Technology is dominating everyone every single day!  Slowly, we are lending towards modernism; and forgetting the traditional practices.

Metal Brass has a similar story- it gives tremendous health benefits. However, it even loses its gleam and shine because of the contemporary cooking utensils such as non-stick, stainless steel, and other available alternatives. 

The decline of time-tested alloys makes the human body experience adverse effects. Also, the craftsmen, traditional and culture related to brass eating utensils are also losing.  Those who have used brass cookware can reveal the difference between eating and cooking in modern and traditional alternatives.  Brass, assuredly, has taste and resilience. 

Benefits of adding Brass cookware in your kitchen

  • According to Ayurveda, the use of metals such as brass, copper, and silver improves health and well-being. The traditional Ayurveda science has also given consideration to the health benefits of eating and cooking in Brass utensils set. The kitchen equipment and utensils of brass give a therapeutic advantage when you use them to cook or serve.
  • The non-stick pans make cooking an easy task, considerably, they are harmful to the skin. The chemicals within the coating are responsible for skin problems, such as severe acne and skin cancer, etc.
  • Cooking and storing the beverages in brass kitchenware improves immunity and gives strength to the human body. It assists in increasing the blood count, improving mental health, skin condition, and pitta. That is why many have started considering brass tea sets
  • According to our ancestors, the use of stainless steel is only rigid to boil water or milk. However, if you would like your coffee and tea to taste better, then, it is advised to use a tea set of brass. It gives a unique taste to your mouth and improves the taste, and makes drinking tea an enjoyable thing. 
  • It assists in blood flow regulation, keeps the heart healthy, brings radian skin, and helps in weight loss. 
  • Those who have acidity, severe cough, and piles must add brass to use in the kitchen activities.

Brass Classifications

Brass is classified into three types; read-on below to know:


This classification has 37% of Zinc. As zinc in these brass versions comes in fewer quantities, it dissolves into copper easily which results in smooth zinc atom distribution in copper molecules. It leads to high-quality brass which is easy to weld, draw, braze or bend, cold work, etc. With extra copper in the content, the alpha brass is highly corrosion-resistant amongst the brass classes.


This classification of brass is less ductile, malleable, or tougher as compared to alpha brass as they have extra zinc, particularly among 37 to 47%. It is a 50 to 50% ratio of Copper. The definite alpha-beta characteristic is the imperative beta structure. It means its textures are the same as pure brass. Though, the quantity remains absolutely fine. To recompense the brass losses because of the addition of extra zinc, less quantity of alloys, such as tin or silicon, or aluminum.


Brass has 45% Zinc and is termed Beta brass. These are less popular brass types. It is tough to be cold worked, hence, just hot working is suitable, Because of more zinc content, the beta brass become sensitive to dezincification, the corrosion type that attaches to zinc from brass giving a porous base to copper. 

How to clean your brass utensils?

Caring and cleaning brass kitchen utensil sets are easier than you have imagined- all you need is a soft sponge and soapy water. Usually, brass alloys require polishing to keep shine and luster. 

  • Dip your glass set in lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Let it get soaked for approximately two hours.
  • Use a soft brush for scrubbing and cleaning the insides and edges.
  • Use mild soap to clean the set.
  • Wash with water.

You just need to follow the above procedure- but do not use harsh scrubbers or metal for cleaning the utensils, as this can cause scratches. 

Since it is impossible to eliminate the non-stick utensils completely, you can, however, find the means to include a brass kitchen set. It also gives an antique feeling to your kitchen. 

Get an antique tea set to have a tasty tea

 Consider- you use the same temperature, same quantity, the same brewing time, and the same tools to make exactly the tea of the same taste daily.  It does not give the same taste as last time. The aroma is less, a little bland, or something may be missing. This is something that we all have felt at one point. 

If the same teapot, tea, and brewer are used, then, why is it different and disappointing? Have you ever thought about it? What could be the reason- maybe not tea, or the tools you are using!  Tea lovers know that all brass kitchen utensil sets are different.   The brass changes the taste of your tea, particularly, if there is an aromatic brew with different and multiple flavors.

If you want to experience the different tastes of tea then, change your thinking regarding the metal type you are using for making it. With the right Brass Tea Set, you are ensured that you have the best infuser, kettle, sugar pot, and milk to have the tasty tea you want. 

In addition to the health benefits Brass offers, it gives a sense of art and tradition to your home.  The simple yet beautiful brass eating utensils improve your dining table look and can easily be incorporated with the server and the tableware you are using.  The use of brass tea sets can also allow you to provide guests tea in a traditional way. Note that here we are not talking about the old-age brass cookware. 

There are a variety of brass dining and kitchen products, and they provide the same benefits as they look good.  You just need to change your thinking about modern alloys and move back to the roots. 

Concluding Remarks

With time-tested strategies and the reduction in the use of proven Ayurvedic alternatives, traditional metals are making a comeback. Brass is one of them. 

Buy the brass sets online and give a hint of royalty to coffee or tea time.   Know the value of your kitchenware and do your part for sustainable living. Thanks for reading!


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