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How Wikipedia can Affect Your Page Rank??

Google rank different website according to the algorithm and the SEO result. Ranks will define the importance of the page. In 1996, for the research project new type of search engine, Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented “ Page Rank”. Page Rank is a link analysis of a different kind of Algorithm and assigns them according to numbers. The number assigned will show how important is the page.

The main evaluations are based on the principle of having more links and it shows that website is enormously important. But in today’s Digital World there are too many factors that define the importance of the page. Page Rank will evaluate on basis of the links attached and weighing of the links used. The Weighing of the page is done from 0 to 10. The higher the rank, the more important the website is, and the more trustworthy is the page.

So, Page link is important and if you wonder linking your sites to Wikipedia really affects your Page rank??

The Answer is Yes, and you will get to know-how and how much and also how to use Wikipedia for your Page Rank.


Wikipedia is one of the majorly used and highly trusted websites all over the world. The Wikipedia is 5th most used Website across the globe. The major popularity of Wikipedia is due to its highly informative pages and SEO Strategies. One of the major features is that anyone can edit and create content and allows all types of companies and websites to link their pages with them.

The main question that arises here is that…Is it worthful to link the pages with Wikipedia?

As we all know Wikipedia is easily accessed and well-known around the world. This will help to create the Backlinks in the fastest way possible. Wikipedia page creation services do this work to get the ranking and SEO to link with the Website.

Do Follow and No Follow in Wikipedia

These are the most effective strategies applied by Wikipedia. This is majorly to discourage spam and fake marketing. The search engine adds a different meta tag with an HTML link and then the web spider program will not be able to crawl into any search engine. No follow is helpful in increasing brand visibility to the population and setting up the link diversity. All the other links will be coded as No links in Wikipedia. So this is one of the ways that Wikipedia helps increase page rank.

Wikipedia ranks at the highest if we calculate the SEO of the websites. So this will help to increase the rank of SEO of the page. 

On-Page And Off-Page SEO of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is helpful in keyword searching strategies, Link building, building trust for your websites, any new and additional information you can lean upon Wikipedia. SEO strategies can be On-page or Off-page

On-page SEO- For the on-page SEO for the page or website Wikipedia can be helpful in various ways. You can research your topic trending keywords with Wikipedia. Also, create various content through the dead links. 

Off-page SEO- One can Research various topics and use an experienced Wikipedia editor and build one of the best pages of WIki for your Business.Links to various different kinds of Opportunities for Page development.

Boomerang Effect 

As per Wikipedia Boomerang is” the unintended consequences of an attempt to persuade resulting in the adoption of an opposing position’’. It is simpler than it looks as we already know Wikipedia is one of the highest-ranked pages. With any link in Wikipedia, there are lots of references. So when the link is attached to Wikipedia then due to Wikipedia’s high SEO and Weight the rank of the page increased.

If we search for any business or any website then the actual official website may not appear on the top but Wikipedia Links appears on the top. 

Like you can see in the image

This is all known as Boomerang Effect. The Benefits of these effects are-

  1. One of the great way to increase the page Rank, to create a Wikipedia article and links the references to it. References can be either internal or external both will boost up the Page SEO.
  2. You can give references if your page or site is mentioned in any reputed Publications. Also, add other referenced and relevant topic links to the articles.
  3. Create your page articles are per SEO expertise and build the linking to Wikipedia.

SEO and Page Rank 

Wikipedia ranks almost in half of the searches as people use it for knowledge and for finding various online resources. For both SEO strategies and increasing the page rank, Wikipedia is useful. So the question arises here that How can you use Wikipedia for SEO and page rank?

So, there are different techniques to do like-

Link with other referenced pages 

People use Wikipedia as a source to find other trusted sources for their work.

So search for the websites and links, you can go for  Ahrefs or others, and link them to your Wikipedia page.

Create Wikipedia of your own page

Building a structured website is the most successful way to gain the trust of people all around the world. Work on Wikipedia guidelines and create a page for your linking all the important information. 

You can also refer to various Wikipedia page creation services with various sites like here.

Keyword Research

You can do it either with Wikipedia or Keyword planner. SEO is all about finding accurate words to target the audience. So as you work with Wikipedia always research the appropriate words to be used on the page. Different Wikipedia page creation agencies are helpful like here.

Plan the Content

This can be done via deadlinks, citations needed, etc. Mention that citation needed in the article. It gives a signal that a page needs citation.


So we get to know that Wikipedia is far helpful than we think for building Page rank and SEO. Do you these different techniques and use Wikipedia for your own good. Wikipedia page creation agency are also helpful in creating Wikipedia pages for your business.

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