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How Webinar is Helpful in Carrying out Workshops to Enhance Student’s Skills?

In today’s day and age, everything is done over the internet, our lives have now become virtually dependent, and we can’t imagine living without the internet and with the pandemic situation right now the use of internet has drastically increased. With everything shifting indoors, webinars also gained popularity. Webinars have been around for over a decade now but due to coronavirus, we saw a rapid increase in their popularity.

Webinars are basically seminars conducted over the internet. It’s a live presentation which allows people to join from all over the world. Webinars are mostly educational and are proved to be of great help to students. Webinars are more casual than a classroom setting thus making it more relaxed and comfortable for students.

A webinar is similar to an online class. Webinars are conducted in order to help people improve or increase their knowledge about certain topics and teach them the skills they want to learn so that they can enhance their lives.

The Webinars are way easier than attending seminars. You don’t have to leave your house to go and attend a seminar, you could just be sitting in your bedroom or anywhere that you are and can attend a webinar as it is conducted over the internet. Webinars have a number of benefits, they are cost-effective, they are flexible as webinars can be recorded and people who were unable to attend it live, can look them up later, and webinars offer more variety of courses.

Webinar software is used to conduct workshops (Practical experience rather than learning) that can help students in enhancing their skills. Through webinars, workshops have become more accessible and a large number of people can take part in them at the same time and can benefit from it.

Workshops and webinars are mostly conducted by people who have complete knowledge about their field of study. The speakers are highly knowledgeable and are basically experts. The students attending these webinars get a chance to interact with specialists and learn skills from the masters themselves. Webinars and workshops can teach you technical skills in a few days which would normally take longer because the person explaining them has experience of decades, students can learn from the speaker or instructor’s mistakes and can avoid making them in the future.

Workshops conducted in physical settings require a lot of preparation and weeks of planning which can quite frankly be overwhelming and tiring. With the help of webinars, all these planning’s and preparations are not needed. Webinars save time and energy which can be then utilized during the workshop.

Workshops are costly and webinars have made it all cost-effective. Arranging a place to conduct the workshop, the decoration, the food, sound systems, etc can be very costly and through webinars, the costs are basically cut in half. Webinars are cost-effective, not only for the one conducting it but for the students who have to attend them as well. Online workshops might charge a small fee but it also saves the travelling cost.

A lot of students have social anxiety and it is hard for them to go in public and interact with people or even ask questions. With webinars, students have a chance of attending these workshops and work on their skills like everyone else. Students pay more attention and are focused on only what the speaker is talking about. Physical settings can become a distraction as there are a lot of people in the surroundings and one cannot focus wholeheartedly. Assignment help services UAE has done some research and found out that people are more likely to join a webinar workshop than going to an actual workshop while some argued that the physical environment is more beneficial in terms of learning a skill.

Webinar workshops allow the students to be more confident than in a physical setting. Students can easily ask their questions and express their opinions in the chat section. This can allow students to understand things more efficiently and gives them a chance to clear their doubts. Students can indulge in discussions and learn from other people as well. Students are generally more comfortable in an online discussion than interacting face-to-face. According to different studies, it was proven that students perform better in online ways of learning as compare to the conventional ways of learning.

Online workshops can be recorded and students can always turn to them for guidance if they find themselves to be stuck at something. Online recordings help students when they are about to work with the skills they learned in a webinar workshop. Everyone needs to repeat and constantly practice a skill to become good at it and while practising, it is common to forget things; recorded webinar workshops sessions help remind students what they forgot.

Coronavirus has been disastrous but it may have highlighted the use of technology which will continue in the future. Webinars have increased over the years but coronavirus boosted the statistics and we may see people continuing with webinars as they have a number of benefits and offer an advanced way of learning.

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