How to Use Secondary Keywords to Boost Your Organic Traffic

Did you know that there are over 1.96 billion active websites? That means you have a lot of competition when it comes to getting organic traffic.

You may already to how to find the perfect primary keyword, but you should also research secondary keywords. That way, you can choose various keywords for SEO (search engine optimization) to increase your organic traffic.

Read on to learn how you can use secondary keywords to get more website views.

Add Context

One of the best ways to use secondary keywords is to help add context to your topic. Search engines can pick up on all of the keywords you use, and that can help categorize the content.

As you learn how to do keyword research in SEO tools, consider primary and secondary terms. Once you choose your primary keyword, you can find other keywords that work well together.

You can also use secondary keywords to help figure out the search intent. Knowing the search intent of your ideal reader can then help you write the content.

Stay on Topic

When choosing secondary keywords, be strategic and don’t choose just any terms. You want to make sure the keywords are relevant and that they can help you stay on topic.

Some good secondary keywords include synonyms or other replacements because you can use them in place of your primary keyword. That can help you avoid overusing the main search term.

For example, consider an article about social media networks. You could use “social media platforms” as a secondary keyword since it means the same thing but isn’t as repetitive.

Add Value

One of the benefits of secondary keywords is that they can help you add value to the content. You can choose keywords that help you outline the article to write.

For example, you might use some of your keywords as headers to break up the text. If you find question keywords, those are especially helpful.

You know people are asking certain things, so you can answer their questions. If you cover more sub-topics in your article, that can also help you rank ahead of your competitors.

Include in Alt Text

Image alt text is the text you write to describe an image. That way, people can know what the image is about if they use a screen reader or if the image won’t load for some reason.

Adding secondary keywords to your alt text can help you show up in an image search. Then, you won’t have to rely as much on showing up near the top of a general search.

If you have multiple images, use relevant keywords to describe each one. The different images may appear in search results for more keywords.

Will You Use Secondary Keywords?

If you don’t already use secondary keywords, you need to start. The right keywords can help you add context to your articles to help search engines rank the content.

You can also use them to stay on topic and provide value to your readers. Be sure to choose a few strategic secondary keywords for your next article to help improve your SEO.

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