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How To Use A Vertical Charcoal Smoker

How To Use A Vertical Charcoal Smoker

Nothing beats the vertical charcoal smoker with regards to adding more flavors to your food and enjoyable to your social gatherings.

Maybe, you just purchased another unit, and you want to know how to use a vertical charcoal smoker.

Any individual, with the right gadgets, can do it in the home garden. Because smoking infers offering food an unmistakable taste and also appearance.

Today, smoking has wound up being an additional active fixing that can offer plans a quantitative leap in quality.

The smoker gives the meat an abundant flavor and also makes it delicate by long direct openness (4 to 12 hrs) to moderate warmth and thick smoke.

The construction grants you to safeguard a ceaseless temperature level that isn’t costly and you can cook for hrs substantially less honorable cuts of meat, like ribs, are best integrated for a cigarette smoker’s cooking area.

Or then again perhaps, you are as yet considering purchasing another smoker and want to find out about how to operate it. Assuming you are this individual, you came to the correct place.

Here are the things you need to know about how to use a vertical charcoal smoker.

How To Use A Vertical Charcoal Smoker – How to Control The Temperature on Your Charcoal Smoker Barbecue

The basic parts of a vertical charcoal smoker, knowing the various parts of your smoker goes far.

Hence, before you go to the basics of utilizing your vertical smoker, you need to be familiar with its parts first.

Here is a portion of the essential components of a vertical charcoal smoker that you need to know.

How to Use a Vertical Charcoal Smoker?

  1. Top cover – the top is the top front of the smoker.
  2. Upper and lower cooking grate – this is the area where you place your meat
  3. Water pan/bowl – the basin where water is added
  4. Smoke chamber – the cylinder where the lower grate, meat, and smoke meet up
  5. Charcoal chamber – the chamber where you place the charcoal
  6. Charcoal smokestack – a chamber used to consume the charcoal and start the heat
  7. Exhaust damper – also known as vent, pipe, and stack, allows smoke to escape your smoker. You will discover it on top of the smoker.
  8. Intake damper – allows oxygen to enter your charcoal chamber.

How I start the fire for my smoker

Before you start a fire, you need charcoal, hardwood, bits of paper, and a lighter. At this stage, you need to separate the charcoal chamber from the smoke chamber.

Take the bits of newspaper and place them in the middle area of the charcoal chamber.

Grab the cylindrical charcoal fireplace and placed it on the charcoal chamber so that the bits of paper are currently under the charcoal chimney stack.

The cylindrical charcoal fireplace has an opening on top of it. That’s the place where you put the charcoal. Since you have all the needed materials arrangements.

You can take the lighter and light the bits of newspaper found underneath the charcoal smokestack.

The paper will consume the charcoal and will make a big difference in the heat.

After 15 minutes, the consuming charcoal ought to be ready. Simply grab the charcoal smokestack by its handle and pour down all the charcoal on the charcoal chamber.

However optional, you can add hardwood to the consuming coal to create a more flavorful and savory aroma.

Make sure that the chips of wood are wet since you don’t want that to get scorched immediately along with the charcoal.

Prepare the Food to Be Cooked

Part of learning how to use a vertical charcoal smoker is to prepare the food.

Since you have the lower end (which is the charcoal chamber) of your smoker ready, the time has come to zero in on the smoke chamber.

Add water to your water pan/bowl and place it in the most minimal part of your smoke chamber.

The charcoal chamber heats the water pan and creates smoke and steam, which thus keeps your meat wet and succulent.

Place the lower cooking grate over the water pan. Place the food you want to cook on it.

On the off chance that you have different meals to prepare, you can use the upper cooking grate. Place the top to cover your food.

Smoke Your Meat

Grab the smoke chamber and place it on top of the charcoal chamber. Be careful not to move your smoke chamber to a lot so as not to remove your meat.

The most charcoal smoker accompanies a thermometer that assists you with monitoring the internal temperature of your chamber.

Aim to achieve a temperature near 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Three hours of cooking is usually enough to smoke meat.

how to control the temperature on a charcoal smoker

Among the essential keys you need to know about how to use a vertical charcoal smoker is to have the right temperature all the time.

You can handle the temperature by utilizing your two dampers.

Typically, the exhaust damper ought to be partially open on all occasions to allow the smoke to escape.

However, you need to control how huge or small the opening of your intake damper.

Imagine the intake damper as the life provider of your charcoal. It allows oxygen to get inside your charcoal chamber.

Open it all the way, and you increase the temperature of your smoke chamber.

Make the intake damper’s opening smaller to decrease the temperature.

what is the best vertical charcoal smoker?

Are you passionate about barbeque yet not? it’s an ideal opportunity to continue onward to progress and also acquire Smoker, a smoke-absorbing bar-b-que.

The best charcoal barbecues I have found are as adheres to. I reveal them to make it easier for you to pick a suitable item.

We will certainly speak about two major sorts, vertical smoker, and horizontal smoker


When utilizing how to use a vertical charcoal smoker, always consider your safety.

Use heat-resistant gloves when handling your smoker.

Try not to let pets or kids play around your cooking area. You will not have the option to make the most of your sweet and tasty meal on the off chance that somebody is harmed while smoking.

Utilizing your How To Use A Vertical Charcoal Smoker interestingly may be precarious.

However, with enough practice, you will learn other smoking procedures and foster cooking abilities..

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