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How To Unclog A Blocked Drain Without A Plumbing Snake Or Auger?

A clogged drain is the last thing anyone wants to see in their home. Having a clogged bathtub or sink can transform an inconvenience into a nightmare in no time as it can cause many complications for the ones living in the house. 

Blocked drains Penrith or any household in the world is known for having the reputation of damaging the house in one way or the other. This entire nightmare can turn into something far worse if we do not have an auger or a snake to unclog the drain. 

In such situations, we can either call a professional from the Finest Plumbing Group or unclog the drain by ourselves. But how? Continue reading to learn more.

Here’s Your Takeaway For Clearing Clogged Drains

  1. Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions 

One of the most common and effective ways to unclog a drain without a snake. We can use solutions such as caustic drain cleaners, acids, or even oxidizing drain cleaners, as they are very effective in unclogging drains. 

We can also use other commercial drain cleaners with negligible amounts of muriatic acid and other types of agents. No matter which type of chemical we use, we must ensure that they are potent enough to break down whatever may be clogging the drain.          

  • Hot Water

When we have a clog in our bathroom or kitchen drain, we can pour hot water into it for about five to ten minutes. This helps loosen up the clog, mostly fats, grease, or oil. 

It can also be very effective in loosening soap scum, food particles, or makeup residues that generally remain attached to the sides and walls of our pipelines. However, this approach might not be very effective if the drain is completely blocked, but a partially clogged drain can be cleared by running down hot water.

  • High Pressure

If nothing else seems to work, we always have the option of flushing down water with high pressure through the drain and cleaning the entire plumbing line at once. However, we must be very careful when doing anything like that as the high pressure can easily damage the pipelines. 

Also, we must not start by flushing down water with increased pressure; instead, we must increase the pressure gradually so that the water does not back up and flood our homes. 

  • Using A Plunger

Another easy and safe way to deal with a clogged drain is using a plunger right after flushing down hot water through the drain. We suggest this because this will help us apply increased pressure to the clog within the pipeline enabling it to loosen up. 

We can also use a plunger along with running water to loosen the clogs from the sidewalls of the pipeline and get rid of them completely. 

In Conclusion

From now on, if we have a clogged drain but cannot find a snake to unclog it, we can always leverage these remedies and get rid of the clog entirely. Therefore, make sure to put these remedies to use as these are some of the most effective ways to unclog a blocked drain in Penrith without a plunger. 

However, if the clog persists, we can always reach out to the professionals at the finest plumbing group for assistance.

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