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How to Troubleshoot Encrypted Backup Issues

Reliable data protection is an absolute must for anyone looking to keep data out of the wrong hands. If the data you’re storing is worth something and you’re being trusted with sensitive information like bank details, home addresses, or names and phone numbers, encrypting these files is simply common sense.

Unfortunately, having a backup encrypted keeps anyone without the password locked out, including the rightful owner. Keys can be lost and software can malfunction, locking you out of accessing the files you took pains to protect.

Thankfully, this isn’t the end of the world. There are a few options available for recovering an encrypted backup, you just need to know where to go and what to do. If this sounds familiar, read on to find out more!

Recovering an Encrypted Backup

So the time has finally come to access some important work files or a personal project you’ve stored safely on your phone or computer, only to find them missing or corrupted. No problem, you thought ahead and made sure to save a series of encrypted backups on another computer, just to be sure. The only problem is, you’ve lost the post-it note you wrote the passwords on.

It’s okay, don’t panic! While encrypted files ensure a certain level of security, that doesn’t mean they’re not completely uncrackable. Fortunately for you, professional services exist to tackle just this sort of eventuality. In an age where cyber security is becoming more commonplace, people lose access to important encrypted files with increasing regularity.

If you’d rather do it yourself, programs are also available to crack the files and allow access. This process can take a long time, however, and will often require significant processing power to speed things up.

Rather than tackling the issue yourself, it’s often best to encrypt your files with the help of a reputable service such as Telios Technologies, who’ll ensure you never lose access to your files in the first place.

Professional services such as these can keep your iPhone encrypted and ensure access to an encrypted cloud backup all for a nominal fee while providing excellent customer service and care.

File Security Without the Headache

There aren’t many tech issues that will grind operations to a halt like the loss of information. More annoying still is to have the files on hand, but be unable to access their contents. Explaining to a client that you’ve lost a password to their documents isn’t going to win you any favors.

The time and effort it takes to deal with being locked out of an encrypted backup are substantial. This is made worse by the potential embarrassment of the situation.

Being locked out isn’t the end of the world, and is a problem you ought to be able to fix with sufficient time and resources. Still, it’s best to avoid the scenario altogether. Professional services to encrypt local backups exist for a reason!

If this article helped nudge you in the right direction, check out the rest of the blog! It could be we’ve got answers to your other questions just around the corner.

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