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How To Take Care Of The Delicate And Older Skin?

While many people – elders and younger folks alike – like to have nice looking skin, it’s important to understand the skin has far more important value than simply making one look good. Its main functions include protecting the body from the sun, bacteria, and infections.

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It also helps regulate your body’s temperature, stores fat, and water, along with integrating vitamin D from the sun. Keeping an elderly person’s skin healthy is critical, as healthy skin will protect them from any number of problems, especially face skin. The serum CBD should be part of the regular skin care regimen of elder people. 

  • Regularly Do Skin Check 

If your elder is confined to a wheelchair or bed, it’s critical that their skin is checked regularly for any reddened areas or any open sores. Bedsores/pressure sores can really become serious issues leading to significant infection if not dealt with early enough. Bedsore starts out as a reddened area – just like you may find on your foot if your shoe it too tight. If left untreated, these reddened areas can lead to bedsore that gets all the way down to the bone. The surrounding flesh will be dead, and a strong smell will likely be present. In severe cases like this, amputation and even death may occur.

  • Reposition Disable Elder People 

To help keep bedsores from occurring, elders that are confined to a bed or a wheelchair should be repositioned at least every two hours. Even elders that sit in a chair or on a couch most of the day should be moved around as well. If they are mobile, be sure they get up and walk around on a regular basis. If your elder is bedridden or simply can’t get up and move often, you may want to consider foot and elbow pads along with an air pressure mattress as added precautions.

  • Deal With Skin Problem 

Growing wrinkles is one of the biggest problems with the growing age. It is not possible to stop skin aging. But, it can be delayed by CBD oil for wrinkles. Although skin problems are the most common issue, an elderly person will likely face, having them checked out by the doctor is really quite important.  Skin cancer in the elderly is quite common, so you need to be on the lookout for moles that grow rapidly, have uneven coloring, or have an irregular shape. Those that bleed should be of concern as well. Anything that simply doesn’t look right or that has appeared out of the blue needs to be looked at by a doctor.

In many cases, your elder’s delicate skin will drive them crazy as it will often be dry and itchy. The CBD soothing serum can provide instant relief from dryness and itchiness. The following seven steps will help both you and your elder deal with their delicate skin:

  1. Ensure that lotion is applied to their skin immediately after bathing. It will help to lock the moisture in.
  2. Try lowering the water temperature for showers or baths, and don’t let your elder linger during bathing time. Remember – the warmer the water, the more dried out the skin will become.
  3. Stay away from soaps and lotions that are heavily perfumed. Add natural serum CBD in your skincare routine
  4. Ensure your elder has plenty to drink throughout the day.
  5. Consider purchasing a humidifier in order to return moisture to the air in your elder’s home – especially in the winter months when heating systems tend to wring out all the moisture in the air.
  6. Keep your elder away from caffeine and alcohol. If they must drink coffee or soft drinks, be sure they are the non-caffeinated versions.
  7. Be sure your elder always wears a hat when outdoors and wears at least an SPF30 or higher sunscreen. Reduce direct exposure to the sun rays as much as possible.

By keeping these 7 points in mind, you’ll not only make your elder’s skin a whole lot more comfortable, but you’ll also be helping them ward off potentially serious medical issues.



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