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How to take care basketball shoes for guard in 2020

You perform the most challenging job as a basketball player because you are a guard. The positioning of a guard always matters the most. Dodging opponents, making athletic cuts, or creating space for a perfect jump shot is all you in a basketball court. Slow movement and sloppy recovery can cost a lot in an important game. All those tasks, all those movements as a quick guard you need to be ready on moment’s notice and a well-groomed basketball shoe to support you. A pair of firm grip under your feet can always boost morale and change the game.

Every micro and macro movements depend on the basketball shoe. The tighter the grip, the more stopping power you will get. Sharp turning requires a strong foothold connecting the floor with the shoe sole. The number one enemy for any guard’s shoe is debris from the court that stick into the soul and construct slippery movements. Dust, dirt, and torn pieces of cloths are the most annoying elements for the shoes. These things formulate a significant disadvantage that costs any guard player a good match. 

Thus any guard needs to take care of their shoes so that the sole traction remains strong. Here are some tips and tricks on how to care basketball shoes for guard and avoid unwanted injuries on the court.


Certain things you need to follow to take good care of your shoes. You need to store them right, clean them after every game, and follow some tips when on the court for extra grip. Let’s follow this one by one.


A dusty, dirty floor can be a big issue for any basketball guard, yet not in our hands to improve the situation. What we can do is keep our shoes clean. It will enhance the traction of the sole and give an excellent output. Here’s how to execute the cleaning-

Tools you need

  • Mild hot water

  • Soft detergent

  • A strong piece of metal to dig the dirt

  • Toothbrush/small paintbrush

  • A piece of cloth

Part1: Remove the Debris

Check the bottom sole of your shoes, and Remove any debris from the terrain of the sole. Debris like mud, cloth, or stone is regrettably harmful to any shoes. Use any pointy metal to dig out the dirt from the bottom.

Part2: Give a rubbing water wash

Create a mixture of warm water with soft detergent, and use the mix to give a clean rub to the sole. Never make the mistake of dipping the sole into the water because it will ruin the shoes’ beautiful surface. Use a toothbrush or small paintbrush to do the job. Take small brushes since it will help to scrub the dirt easily. Create a circular movement with the brush to get excellent cleaning.

Part3: Dry the Shoes

Pick up the cloth and start sponging water from the shoe firmly. It would be best if you had to dry the shoes after washing or it will begin deforming over time.


Games are essential to you, so does the equipment. Yet sometimes you lost track of yourself after a game and shoved the shoes into a carrier to launch you towards the party with friends. Of course, you deserve the celebration but at what cost? Keeping the shoes in the bags after a rough game often hurt them; they lost their actual shapes and instigated a form of the stench for lack of fresh air.

Do whatever you wish to do, but first, take some time to store the shoes properly. Rest them in an airy place to give some breathing room. Plenty airflow will remove the whiff, also ready them for next use. The next day, put the shoes in a proper box to avoid unwanted nimble.

You can also do to protect your shoes spend some extra bucks, and buy another pair to rotate them throughout the game days.


Good cleansing and storing are going to improve the stability of the shoes, yet something extra is always better. Let’s check this out-

  • Separate your basketball shoes from outdoor shoes. Don’t wear them outside.

  • After finishing each game, clean your shoes.

  • You can use an extra moist towel to wipe the bottom in a game between breaks. It will keep the traction of the sole intact.

  • For a temporary grip boost, you can use hair spray on the bottom of the soul. Trust me, and it works but for a brief period.

  • If you tried all the above, yet the grip is lost, it’s time for you to get a new friend.

Final Word


Basketball shoes are your only friend when you are at the court; you have to treat them with care and love. As a guard, you have to be swift and crisp in the game and to obtain that kind of athletic charisma, and there is no other way than taking care of your shoes.


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