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How to shop for Halo engagement rings

Engagement rings are a big, strenuous task. But why recently there has been a hike in the numbers of people going for halo ones? Is it that good?

Whatever the reason, people seem to like Halo engagement rings more and more these days.

The whole idea of an engagement ring is perfection. It is perfection that is expected of a ring when one gets it for his or her partner. Something that would carry a lot of significance and would stay the same for long years. If you have checked some of the sites or diamond jewelry stores in search of the best engagement ring, then the jewelers will tell you how popular halo rings are among couples.

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Still hunting for the best, then check out some of the best diamond engagement rings online and offline. You will come across a wide variety of options that may confuse you. So, let’s not confuse our readers anymore and give them some best sellers of this season- halo diamond rings; the best ones for you to propose with.

Asking her hand for marriage; a very excruciating experience. We believe you. For that, you may have to do a lot of preparations. Some of them you may not know about, especially the diamond ring. After all, it’s not every day that we visit a diamond jewelry store to buy a diamond ring. Having a general idea about the halo ring designs will help you make better decisions when it comes to picking the right one for your love. This will make the whole proposing moment more confident.

Why are halo rings so popular?

Before we decide on any ring, let’s see why halo rings have become so popular. Halo makes the best engagement rings for two reasons:

  • The price tag may not be expensive, the design gives off the look of a big diamond to your stone.
  • With the halo formation made by the accent stones around the center, a diamond makes it look stunning. This way the inclusions are hardly visible this way.

The illusion is so great that a 1-carat center diamond looks like a 2-carat stone surrounded by the halo of accent stones. This is one of the main reasons why people like going for halo engagement ring designs for their love.

As soon as you decide to shop for engagement rings you might get confused with the options available. It will be best if you can narrow them down based upon their features and beauty. To save your time and to give a better understanding of the halo rings here are a few shortlisted ones. they will help you make up your mind sooner.

Options for Halo diamond engagement ring

The selection of halo rings is not that difficult as it may seem. The only way to do it easily is by understanding ones’ personality and style. Here, are a few styles and ideas that may help you pick the right one for your partner.

Round-shaped halo engagement ring

A single halo setting with smaller accent stones creates a beautiful background for the center diamond. The center stone looks great and the accent stones complement it brilliantly. This particular design is popular because of its narrow ring band, which gives the ring its sophisticated yet minimal modern touch.

Halo rings with a special twist

This particular style shows off square-shaped halo diamonds that are surrounded by the majestic-looking round-cut center diamond. The stones receive light from every angle and the triple-faced design of the diamond ensures the proper illumination of the stone. This unique design gives the ring its brilliance capturing the heart of your partner instantly.

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The cushion-shaped halo ring design

This design features a sophisticated and elegant round-cut center stone, which is surrounded by accent diamonds in the shape of a cushion. This is one timeless piece that works for both; one looking for vintage diamond jewelry and for those who want a modern touch to their engagement rings. If you are confused you can choose this confidently making your decision in a win-win condition.

Oval halo engagement ring

Oval-shaped stones are for those who don’t want a round stone in their rings. This will make your ring stand out. For this, you might want to check for flaws such as the bow tie effect. The halo design may lower the effect visibly but you need to check whether the ring will look good with that or not. It is for those who want the brilliance of the round-shaped stones but with a unique touch.

Split shank setting and halo ring

The splint shank setting in a halo design gives more of a modern look. It creates an illusion of having two rings in one. The beauty of the design lies in the angle of the ring at which it is worn. This makes the ring more flattering. This design is perfect for brides-to-be giving them a look of a bridal set for the price of one. It is one stunning piece of work.

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Shopping tips to keep in mind while going for halo rings

If you know what you want to buy, shopping for a halo diamond engagement ring is easy. Still, there are a few things that one must keep in mind while starting with the shopping. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

Do some window shopping

It is always best to start your purchase with proper research. Rushing into buying any jewelry looks good only in movies. Doing so in real life will lead to you making wrong decisions. Window shopping may seem like a waste of time but it will give you a new insight. You will know about the trends that are there in the market. Choosing a ring after that you will know which will be best suited for your love.

This will provide you with an opportunity to help you determine your options under your budget. During this time you can compare the prices, set your budget, check for new styles, compare the designs and then find the best deal for yourself.

Have a proper look at the ring in person or through video

It becomes very important to have a look at the ring in person. But if you are searching for the one online, then there are videos available with a better view. It is one of the best ways to know if the ring is perfect.

The certification of the diamond that has details about 4 Cs can tell you about the quality of the stone, once you see it in person you’ll know whether the ring will suit your love or not. Even when you are doing looking for a diamond engagement ring online, you would feel confident about buying a ring if you see a video. The videos provided by the brands are so make-believe that you will fall for it instantly.

All stones of the same color grade

For halo diamond rings there are two types of stones; one center stone surrounded by smaller accent stones. One must determine that all the accent stones compliment the center stone. it is only possible if they both are of the same color grade.

If the center stone is more colored than the accent diamonds that will make the center diamond stand out from the rest. This won’t look good in all the cases.

Consider the color of your gold setting

The selection of the metal is as important as selecting the stone. Normally, the halo ring designs are popular in white gold. This combination of white gold and diamond looks beautiful. There are two other options available for you to pair your diamond with; yellow and rose gold setting. If you are a person who likes to experiment or your partner likes rose or yellow gold more, then you can opt for any of the two. This will give your ring a unique presentation giving it a totally new look.

Lifetime warranty for a forever product

Whether it is jewelry or a piece of equipment having a warranty is like a little bit of confidence. The delicate details and small diamonds are very fragile when compared to other ring designs. It will be safe if you look for jewelers giving you a lifetime warranty for the engagement ring.

High clarity grading is not necessary

If you are going for a halo design, you must know that the carbon markings, feathers, and such flaws may not be predominantly visible. Going for the low-grade clarity will be better as the flaws won’t be visible then. As cost-efficient choices, you can go for VS1 and VS2 color grade of the center stone.

One must observe the ring carefully when they are looking at it in a person or video. If the stone looks clean to the naked eye, only then buy the ring.

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