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How To Select The Best Wooden Dining Chairs For Your Home

A dining table isn’t just where you eat your meals, it’s where the family comes together as a unit. It’s where children hear stories from their grandparents and where couples tell each other about their day. With this in mind, it is imperative that your wooden dining chairs look good and feel good. Whether you like classic styles or modern minimalistic tones, comfort cannot be compromised. So, here are a few tips and things to keep in mind when you go furniture shopping.

Chairs with vs without arms

One of the basic differentiators for wooden dining chairs is that some chairs have arms while others do not. The chairs with arms have a more regal, formal air to them while chairs without arms look more casual. It is also important to note that chairs with arms tend to take more space. This isn’t because the seats are wider- in fact the seat width is often the same but the arms extend outside the seat width. Hence, where three chairs without arms can sit comfortably side by side, only two chairs with arms can be placed.

If you have a small space but want the regal look, you could consider mixing and matching chairs. Choose chairs with arms for the  head and foot of the table and chairs without arms for the sides.


There are a number of dimensions you should check when buying a dining chair. First, of course, is the overall, length, breadth and height of the chair. Compare these dimensions to the dimensions of the chair you are sitting on to see how much physical and visual space it takes up. If you don’t have a chair to compare the dimensions, mark out the length and breadth on the floor and the height against the wall.

Next, pay attention to the smaller measurements. What is the seat height? What is the seat width and depth? If you chair has arms, what is the arm height? Look at these dimensions in light of the dimensions of your dining table. The seat height should be such that after you sit in it, the chair can still comfortably fit under the table. It’s the same thing with arm height, If you don’t check these dimensions, you could get yourself a stunning chair that simply won’t slide under the table and hence be uncomfortable at meal times.

Upholstered vs un-upholstered

To choose an upholstered chair or not to – this is a question every person faces when buying dining chairs. Upholstered chairs are definitely ore comfortable but they also demand more maintenance. While wooden chairs can be simply dusted and wiped clean, dust settles into the upholstery fabrics and these will need to be washed from time to time. Alternatively, you can get covers for the chair but this may affect the look.

If you do choose an upholstered chair, pay attention to the upholstery material. Cottons and linens are lights and budget friendly but have a shorter lifespan compared to leather. Leather is also easier to maintain as it can be wiped down. However, if you have pets at home, they may scratch the seat and once that happens, you have no choice but to change the upholstery. With respect to colours and prints, your choices are endless and the colour you choose can set the tone for your dining room decor.

Types of wood

Wood may look the same to you but not all types of wood are as sturdy. For example, pine wood is cheap but it is not as strong as teak or rose wood. The latter are comparatively much more expensive but there’s a guarantee that they will last a very long time. As far as possible, avoid engineered wood chairs. They may be much cheaper but this type of wood is basically wood fibers compressed together. They can get easily damaged and do not have the richness exuded by solid wood.

Ideally, the design you select should match the rest of your home décor and reflect your personality. Would you choose high back carved wooden chairs if you like having game nights or would you rather have a chair with an upholstered seat? You don’t buy wooden dining chairs everyday so take your time selecting the perfect set for your home.

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