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How to Save Email to Desktop from Hotmail Account?

Summary: In this complete material, you will see a brief discussion on different solutions for how to save emails to computer from Hotmail account. Also, we will go through the various reasons to save Hotmail email data on a desktop. So, without wasting any time let’s go to start the discussion smoothly…

What is the Need to Save Emails from Hotmail to PC?

Well, Hotmail has many benefits but still, some users need to save Hotmail messages to desktop. And, here we will discuss some of the reasons that clearly state reasons for saving Hotmail email data to the computer.

  • Hotmail account service facilitates limited storage to store email files.
  • Backup Hotmail emails to PC is important to access Hotmail email data in offline mode.
  • Offline saved email data can make a heavy shield from cyberattacks, data loss.
  • Email data file backup can be possible in different file formats.

After getting the different reasons to save Hotmail email data on a personal machine, now let’s go through the available techniques to do this task safely.

Collect the Multiple Ways for How to Save Emails to Computer from Hotmail

In the above section, you have read all the various benefits of downloading Hotmail emails on your machine. If you understand the benefit by going through the above reasons, so you can go to explore the different techniques for how to save email to desktop from Hotmail account.

In the current section, first you will find several manual techniques in a stepwise manner to export and save Hotmail email messages on hard drive without taking any help from tools. And, then we will go through the same process using the professional suggested tool. So, let’s start the working process of different techniques one by one.

Technique 1:- Save Hotmail Emails as PDF Form

It is a type of manual technique where users can follow the steps to save Hotmail email messages to PDF document file format easily. With this process, you can select Hotmail emails and save as PDF format one by one.

So, now quickly follow the working steps that we have discussed below:

  1. To save Hotmail emails, first you need to open your email account on the web browser and log in to the account perfectly.
  2. Open that particular email that you need to save.
  3. Press on the tab “ctrl+P” to open print popups.
  4. Choose the destination for saving Hotmail email as PDF.
  5. And, last go to click on the “Save” button.

Important Note: We can clearly see that the above working steps are very easy to save your Hotmail email messages. However, it has some drawbacks also i.e. saves only a single Hotmail email message at a time and it’s a very time-taking process.

Technique 2:- Print the Source Code

Outlook does not provide any simple steps for downloading Hotmail account data on a hard drive. Go through the steps that are used to save the source code of a Hotmail email message in a folder.

Follow the steps shown below:

  1. First, you can create a folder where you need to save data.
  2. Now, open the email message that you want to save.
  3. Press on “three dots” available in the right head of a message.
  4. Choose and press on the given “view” option
  5. Then, select and press on “view message source”
  6. After that click “ctrl+A” and copy “ctrl+c”.
  7. Then, Paste the source code into the created folder.

Important Note: This technique is easy to understand by any user. But In this, we need to perform so many tasks like “ctrl+A”, “ctrl+C”, ”ctrl+P”. Similarly, it is also taking so much time to save multiple messages in the folder.

Facing an Issue with Manual Techniques? Don’t Worry, Use Hotmail Backup Tool

After facing a lot of issues in the manual techniques, it is better to ignore these techniques and go to choose the Hotmail Email Backup Tool. The tool is designed by topmost professionals for the users to resolve the problem of how to save emails to computer from Hotmail account. The professional tool helps users to simply and safely save emails Hotmail to any local file formats or any cloud server email app.

Get to know about all its saving output option that is offered by the software. Read the points that we have given below:

Hotmail save email messages to any local file formats  

  • Save emails from Hotmail to PST Outlook
  • Export Data to PDF from account Hotmail
  • Move emails to MSG from
  • Export Hotmail emails to MBOX
  • Backup emails to EML or EMLx from any Hotmail
  • Store emails Hotmail to HTML/MHTML account data save into any cloud server email apps

  • Export Hotmail emails to Office 365
  • Backup Hotmail account data to Gmail/G Suite
  • Shift Hotmail account emails to Yahoo account
  • Upload Hotmail to Amazon WorkMail Server
  • Save Hotmail database to
  • Import Hotmail account to IMAP Server
  • Load Hotmail data to Exchange Server or Hosted Exchange Server

The Hotmail Data Backup Software is one of the perfect and easiest program to save Hotmail email messages to desired output format without any single problem. It is a stress-free solution that can effortlessly backup Hotmail emails alongwith attachments. Try its batch functionality for exporting bundles of Hotmail folders to suitable output format in a single go. In addition, the user will also get its selective folder backup facility. Using the tool, anyone can simply perform the entire backup process with the basic knowledge of the computer. During the backup procedure, the tool facilitates multiple filters to move any specific data files. This program retains and maintains all email details and folder structure as it is. Moreover, it is a Windows-supported solution that anyone can use on any Windows OS platforms like- 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista, 10, etc.

Final Conclusion

At the end of the discussion, we can directly say that hopefully, we solved your problem of how to save email to desktop from Hotmail account. Now, free to download Hotmail Email Backup solution on Windows machine and freely backup first 25 emails from Hotmail account t desired saving output option without any cost. After getting the free trial edition facility, you can directly go to purchase its license edition. The license edition of this program can backup countless Hotmail emails without any single restriction.

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