How to Ride an Electric Skateboard Step by Step

Electric skateboards are a commuting device that is gaining popularity really fast. It is easier to divert through a traffic jam or rough terrain than your car or bike. You might look at the electric skateboard like the good old conventional skateboard. But digging deeper, you discover that to ride an electric skateboard is different.

An electric longboard might appear to be difficult from a distance, but it is not so tough to learn in actual. There is no doubt that they go much faster due to the powerful motor and batteries attached to them. The speed and start and stop functions are controlled by the remote controlling device.

This article is a beginner’s guide to help you through the process of riding an electric skateboard, step by step. By the end of this article, you will be fully convinced of the fact that riding an electric skateboard is not as daunting task as it seems, if you follow our guide.

Safety Equipment

Before thinking of stepping on your electric skateboard, adhere yourself to all the safety precautions we have told you in the previous articles. There is nothing important than your safety. Wear excellent quality safety gear like a durable helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards. These are specially designed to protect you in case of a mishap or accident.

Never compromise on the quality of the protective safety equipment that you buy. You would save a little cash when settling down on quality, but it will not guarantee your protection.


The clothing you choose to wear also matters if you are a beginner in electric skateboarding. To ride an electric skateboard, you must wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes. If you own a pair of shoes that have cushioned soles, they will dampen the impact of vibrations from the motor beneath your feet.


If you are a novice at riding an electric skateboard, check the settings and read the manual before beginning. Electric skateboards also have trucks attached to the front and back of the skateboard. You can find them on just beneath the deck. You need to tighten these trucks to ensure that you can establish a good balance and reduce the shakiness that comes with an increase in speed.

Take the remote controller in your hand and study it carefully. Familiarize yourself with its settings. How to reduce and increase speed and toggle with the brakes and acceleration of your electric longboard. Some electric skateboard also come with advanced settings like reverse, and various speed settings.

What’s Your Stance?

Everyone has a normal stance of standing. This posture comes natural to them. Anyone who has ridden on a skateboard or a snowboard knows how important it is to know your stance. There are two stances that are equally popular amongst electric skateboarders. You can ride your electric skateboard either with a regular stance or a goofy stance. To begin with, choose one that you are most comfortable with.

The regular one means that you put your left foot forward towards your electric longboard’s nose. The majority of people use the regular stance, hence the name. It is because they are right handed and the brain commands to put the left foot and lead.

On the other hand goofy stance is when you put your right foot forwards and lead with it. There is no right or wrong stance when it comes to skateboarding. Just pick what is feasible for you. It will make your posture comfortable as well as stabilized when you ride an electric skateboard.

Switch It On

Once you are done with the above steps, it is time to ride an electric skateboard. In this article, we are recommending that you start your electric skateboard initially with a kick-push and go forward. This seems similar in fashion to how one rides on a normal skateboard. After you switch on the electric skateboard with the help of your remote control, pushing forward gives it the boost it requires.

You must remember that you must focus on balancing yourself on top of your electric longboard. Begin riding on your electric skateboard on the slowest settings. It gives you a lot of margin when it comes to practice. Keep your posture relax, all the while slightly balancing your knees to improve balance.

Sometimes people prefer holding their arms out as they learn riding. Do anything that is in accordance to your body structure.

Watch Out for the Turns

As you are familiar with starting and stopping the electric skateboard along straight lines, you must focus on learning to turn. There are two different turns when it comes to electric longboards. It can either be heelside or toeside. These turns are preferred by riders of either stances.

Those with regular stance must remember that the emphasizing on heelside will turn you towards left and that on the toeside will turn you towards right. Those with a goofy stance experience the opposite.

To do the heelside turn, you should considerably bend your knees in a gradual manner. Then put your weight to the back of the front foot. Slowly push your backside outwards. All the while you will feel your electric skateboard turn.

To do the toeside turn, you should bend your knees slowly and gradually. Then direct your weight towards the toes of your front foot. Some riders feel like falling, we recommend that you refrain from leaning back. Now bend yourself forward to turn the electric skateboard.

Push that Brake

Now lastly, let’s talk about applying the brakes to your electric skateboard. It is crucial to correctly apply brakes to stop your electric longboard without falling. To control these brakes is not difficult because fortunately you are using your remote controlling device for this purpose.

Keep in mind that you will need to lean towards the back a little before applying brakes. The simple rules of physics enforce that you will shift forward once acceleration stops. Leaning back prevents you from falling face wards on the ground once your electric skateboard halts. Rigid your posture and grip your feet on the deck.

Use your remote control to decrease the speed gradually before you apply the brakes. Now you have learnt how to ride an electric skateboard.


Riding and electric skateboard is no rocket science. However it requires patience and practice. If you are new to this sport, invest time in learning the ifs and buts of an electric skateboard. Begin with a slow speed, eventually you will get there. Follow the steps enlisted in our article to ride an electric skateboard.

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