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How To Resolve The Issue Of Alexa Having Trouble Understanding

Well, a smart speaker is a wonderful thing for users who are busy most of the time. Well, you can use this device through which you can add items to your shopping list. Search for the recipes, call anyone from your family, play your favorite music, and even play games.

Well, all of this is possible with using your own voice. But when you use a smart speaker, it can be a pain as when Alexa is having trouble understanding.

There are many reasons which might have been causing this issue. Well, in order to resolve this issue, you must know first whether what are the causes which are causing the issue.

Why Is Alexa Having Trouble Understanding?

As smart as it is, Amazon Echo is a device that can easily face various technical issues. Most of the issues that you face with this device are very easy to fix once you will know what is the issue.

When Alexa is having trouble understanding, then the first problem you need to know is that it is not broken and you are not required to purchase a new device. The issue is not with the device but with the connection.

Now that you know why are you facing this issue, let us now see the ways in order to fix the Alexa having trouble understanding:

Restart the Device:

Well, have you ever tried turning off the device and then turning it on? Well, this is one of the most common pieces of advice that you are going to hear. It is going to solve many issues online. This is the case with the Amazon Echo.

If you are not able to understand, you simply need to unplug it from the power source. This is either the wall or the battery-powered speaker. After that wait for few seconds and then connect it again.

After that wait for few seconds and then connect it again. Then wait for the blue light to stop circling before trying and talk to Alexa again.

Check your Wi-Fi:

Well, Alexa can work only when it is connected with the internet seamlessly. So, if you are seeing that your connection is down, the device is also not going to work as well.

You also need to check whether the internet is working on other devices or not such as the smartphone or the laptop. If you see that this is the case and you see that the Alexa is not responding, then you need to reset your router. After that have some patience and wait for few minutes before you are talking to the device.

You have to connect your Alexa Echo with a strong Internet network. The Internet should be stable and reliable.

Note Some Points:

Keep your router at a distance of 4 to 5 feet.
Do not place it near any electronic gadgets.
It should be 6 feet above ground level.
If there would be any objects in between your device ten remove them as soon as it is possible.

See if Alexa is Connected with the Right Network:

There may be the case where you might have just moved to a new home and you might have forgotten to change the Wi-Fi network on the Alexa app for Android or iOS. There may be also the case where you have changed the internet suppliers and might have forgotten to update the echo.

It can also be the case where Alexa is not able to understand you. In order to check if that is the case, go to the Alexa app through your phone. Then go to the devices, select the echo, and will look under the Wi-Fi network in order to see that it is not connected with the right one.

If not, then select the change and then follow the steps on the screen.

Bring Alexa Close to the Router:

Even if you see that your internet is fine and your device is connected, then the signal may not be strong enough to reach the Alexa. Well, this can happen when the router is present on another side of the house or might be in a closet.

In order to see if that is the case, then place the amazon echo right next to the router. If this works, you must leave your Alexa in the room must be able to find a new location for the router.

Make Sure that your Software is Updated:

The Alexa is automatically going to connect with its servers on a daily basis. This will check the software update. If you see that the device is having any trouble while understanding, then it might be because it could not download the latest version for some reason.

This is one of the easiest ways that is going to prompt Alexa for the update and press the mute button for at least 30 seconds. You are also going to know that the device is connecting with the server and once you see that the red light is gone, the blue light is going to appear.

Factory Resetting:

Well, one of the last options is that you can try a factory reset. This is one step that will save a lot of your time. These steps are going to make your device just like a new one.

You can do the factory reset through the app. Get the device on the app as it has been described. Then, under the device settings, you can scroll down until it has been registered.

Then deregister in order to perform the rest. You can also press the buttons in order to do that. When you are completely done with the factory reset, then you need to connect it with the Home Wi-fi. This might help you resolve the issue.

These are some of the steps through which you will be able to resolve the Alexa Having Trouble Understanding.

There might be some users who are not able to resolve the issue. Well, if that is the case any problem with Alexa such as Alexa Offline error, Alexa not responding, then get in touch with our experts at the Alexa helpline.

They will provide you with the best solutions!

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