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How to resolve the Canon Printer won’t connect to WiFi Error

Canon printers are the best printers in the world. They have been in the market for a very long time and still have been capturing a large part of the market. Well, that’s because this brand has a great reputation in the market. 

There are at times when your Canon printer won’t connect to WiFi. There are various issues that can result in these issues. Some issues such as network issues, corrupted drivers, or any change in the Wi-Fi network that can easily stop the canon printer from connecting with the network. 

These are some steps that you need to follow in order to resolve the issue. There are several issues that have been reported when the canon printer was not able to connect with the Wi-Fi network. Well, it depends on the kind of device and the printer you are pairing it with, the reason for the issue can easily vary. 

Today in this article, we are going to explore a few troubleshooting steps that will help you to resolve the Canon not connecting to WiFi issue. 

Well, in order to make the connection with the Wireless network, make use of the Wi-Fi button that is built-in in the printer and proceed with the canon printer app installation on the smartphone in order to complete the setup. 

If you are still not getting success, then try the steps mentioned below:

Follow these steps as it has been mentioned so that you do not waste your time in resolving the issue. 

Update the drivers:

Well, you need to use a utility such as Driverfix in order to completely update the drivers of the computer with one click. When it is being installed, the utility is going to perform a full scan in order to find out how many out-of-date drivers there are. 

When you know how many drivers there are, then you can proceed with updating all the drivers at once. There are more than 18 million files that can be fixed by this utility. You can easily manage the downloads and create a backup.

Also you can save all your drivers in a compressed zip file. You can also easily schedule the driver scans, notifications, and all the updates. 

Look for the errors in the printer:

You also need to make sure that the printer is not displaying any errors. Make sure that you are checking for the flashing lights and the error codes on the screen. Well, if you see the printer in the error condition, then try the error code solution to fix the issue. This will definitely help you to resolve the issue. 

Some of the issues are generally going to occur due to the paper Jam. Some of the issues that you may face are because the ink has run out or there might be some other issues. You need to be sure in order to address the error before you are going to go with the other steps. 

Proceed with the power cycle:

Well, when nothing is working out, then you need to follow the steps in order to resolve the issues. Performing power-cycle steps is one of the most effective methods in order to resolve the Canon printer won’t connect to WiFi issues. 

  • The first thing that you need to do is to turn the printer off and then unplug the printer. 
  • The next thing you need to do is to unplug the wireless router for 15 seconds. 
  • Well, power on the router by making a connection of necessary cables. 
  • When you see that the router is powered on, then you need to plug the printer back in and then make sure to power it on. 
  • After that, at last, connect the printer with the network. Take a test and try to print a document and see whether they can print it or not.

This will help you resolve the issue. If you are still not able to resolve the issue, then follow the next step.

Check for issues in printer connection:

When you see that the Canon printer is not connecting with the phone, then check whether the printer is showing the connection as active or not. After that check the Signal strength whether it is less or more than 80%. 

When you see that the strength is below 80%, then try to move the printer as well as the router closer. If you see that, moving the printer or the router is not possible, then you need to look for any obstacles between these two devices. 

If you see that the connection is active and then signal strength is more than 80%, then try to disable the firewall on the PC. Then try to print again and look for any improvements. If you see that the printer is responding back to firewall disabling, then you need to open the printer ports. Refer to the manual and instructions on how to do it. 

Reset the printer:

Resetting the printer is another way to resolve the issue. In order to reset the printer, then press the power button in order to turn off the printer. After that disconnect the data cable from the printer if it has one. 

The next thing that you need is to unplug the power cord and then leave the printer free for 10 minutes. After that reconnect the data cable with your printer and connect the power cord with the wall outlet again. 

Also, make a connection with the power outlet and not with the surge protector. After that press the power button in order to turn the printer back on. Then try to print again and see if the issue has been resolved or not. 

Well, if you are still seeing the issue that the canon printer won’t connect to WiFi, then there might be some other issue that is causing the problem for you. In order to resolve it, you need to get in touch with an official canon printer expert. They will provide you with easy and fast solutions! 

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