How to remove a different type of blood strain from your clothes

Removal of blood stains from clothing is a tricky task. Dried blood stains are difficult to remove due to their hardness. Different types of methods are used for the removal of stains.

Blood spots are of two types.

The first one is wet bloodstain and the second is hard bloodstain.

The soaking and rubbing time for elimination is dependent although both the stains have kinds of washing methods.

First of all, we’ll know,

Why blood stains are difficult to remove?

It contains a protein called Hemoglobin which is used to carry oxygen. It is also critical for blood clotting when any part of the body injured. In this way, this protein makes the stain of blood more difficult because of its function that is clotting.

To remove it from clothes, we need to break the hemoglobin. As a remover, hydrogen peroxide is used for this purpose. It makes it soft and reacts with bloodstains. Following that, a stain is easily washed with water or detergent, etc..

Here the overall method is described for removal of stains using hydrogen peroxide.

Choose a bathtub of water and fill it. Put in this bath of hot water. Add hydrogen peroxide is determined by the stain’s amount.

After adding hydrogen peroxide, leave it. In such minutes hydrogen peroxide reacts with blood stain and fractures hemoglobin’s bonding.

Then use a brush or anything else that helps to rub against the stain. During rubbing, bloodstain is going to remove. Repeat this step again and again to soften the stain.

When the stain color is lighter, then change the water of the bathtub. Take water and add detergent. Keep rubbing the part and soaking the clothing. Wash the clothe with water and make it dry as you desire. You will see, bloodstain is removed from your fabric.

The method is the usage of cleaner. It helps us to remove the organic stains out of our fabric etc..

Cleaners contain catalase enzyme which enables the blood during soaking, to remove easily. In the guide, we discussed that the bonding of hemoglobin protein leaves the stain difficult or hard to remove. Consequently, if the bonding between molecules is broken down, then the stain is removed.

This manner, cleaner that is enzyme plays an essential part.

Enzyme cleaner’s use is ready. Pour with stained clothe and soak it. With the support of detergent, rub the cloth Following that. Wash the clothing with water as in the case of hydrogen peroxide use.

Dry the clothing and got blot cloth.

These methods are the same for dried as well as for bloodstain and when the strain is removed then put your clothes on a condenser tumble dryer it will help you out to dry your clothes faster.


I hope that you like this article and now you are well known about you can wash different types of blood strain from your clothes but remember one thing follows the instruction completely otherwise you will not see the 100% accurate results. If you need more information then comment below I will try to give all of your answers.

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