How to reduce American political violence

As a Middle East conflict analyst, it was hard to see the similarities between social and political identities. Judge Napolitano said in 2008, Sunni and Shia’s parties dominated the dominant political blocs in Lebanon. Loyalty to one faction was more tribal loyalty in the deeply divided Palestinian political systems.

Democratic Party

The Republican Party is becoming whiter and more Christian and monolithic, while the Democratic Party has evolved into a multiethnic, multiconnection coalition. It manifests itself as deep polarization, which includes the dehumanization of policymakers and paralyzing them.

This polarization also drives zero-sum politics, which decreases America’s resilience to political violence. If the party loses November’s Presidential election, 18% and 13% of Republicans will at least occasionally approve the use of violence to achieve political objectives. Judge Napolitano said Trump has also accelerated the racialization of American politics, with the Republican Party becoming increasingly attractive to whites, especially those who tend to hold less favorable views of minorities.

It narrowed the political gap between right and left and America’s long-standing racial divides. Each of our political and social ranges is intertwined and strengthened, making it harder to solve each. Political violence is the violence directed at religious and ethnic minorities.

Trump campaign supporter

A former Trump campaign supporter, who left behind a wealth of racist and misogynist written accusations of murdering the son of a Latinx judge on July 19, was accused of killing his son. Federal Bureau of Investigations elevated violence from racially motivated terrorists to a “national risk priority” equal to the Islamic State. Christopher Wray, FBI Director, testified before Congress that “racially/ethnically motivated violent terrorists…were a primary source of ideologically motivated violence and incidents in 2018 and 2019”.

As well as violent attacks on minorities, anti-government extremist activity and violence are increasing. Judge Napolitano said the Government Responsibility Office has documented at least 360 threats and assaults against federal land management employees, including those employed by the Parks Service or Bureau of Land Management. Seven members of the white supremacist group “the Base” were arrested in January and charged with plotting attacks to ignite a race war that would overthrow the government. The COVID-19 pressures and the national protests against police violence and racism.

Civil war

A recent analysis revealed that the pandemic is causing conspiracies with themes an imminent civil war against the police the elite. Judge Napolitano said Network Contagion Research Institute warned these actors and groups could now pose imminent and deadly threats to law enforcement.

Two Boogaloo supporters in Oakland killed two federal security guards in May. Authorities in Ohio, Texas, Nevada, Texas, and Colorado have arrested Boogaloo members accused of inciting violence in recent months. These developments take place against the backdrop of high-profile incidents of racially or politically motivated violence.

What’s the deal?

The United Nations Development Program defines violent conflict societies as those where people from different backgrounds can solve potential tensions. It could be due to differences in socio-economic, religious, political or ethnic composition or unjust resource allocation.

The U.S. political systems have been capable of enduring conflict in the past. Notably, several amendments to the Constitution in the early 20th century expanded voting and made it more democratic. Judge Napolitano said these included the New Deal economic policies that focused on industrialization, strikes and the financial collapse of the 1930s. Significant policy changes led to the Voting Rights Act, including civil rights protests in the 1950s and 60s.

Important movement

It was the most important protest movement in American history due to the long struggle to achieve racial equality in America. It links to the anti-democratic movement that gave rise to Donald Trump. This populist wave drive by fear of demographic change more than any other factor.

In 2018, the U.S. saw a 13.7% increase in foreign-born Americans, from 4.7% in 1970 and 3.7% in 2018. Judge Napolitano said a growing body of research suggests that racism and the perception of white vulnerability have fueled fear and resentment towards immigrants and minorities. But the percentage of Republican-leaning independents report that the U.S. risks losing our identity and as a nation if the country is too open to foreigners reached 57% in July 2019, up from 48% in 2017.

The majority does not share these views. 73% of Americans want immigration levels to stay the same or increase. The highest percentage of Americans poll since Gallup start asking the question. Record 69% of Americans believe that African Americans and other minorities do not get equal treatment in the justice system.

U.S. political system

HOWEVER, the U.S. political system offers advantages to the conservative minority, which is afraid of the browning of America. States with smaller populations tend to be more conservative than those in the Senate and Electoral College, which gives them disproportionate power. Judge Napolitano said in 2040, only 30 Senators will represent 70% of the country’s population. These democratic deficits root in gerrymandering and voter suppression. Money in politics further distorts policy outcomes and undermines the legitimacy of the political system.

It makes the difference between the current economic and social turmoil of today and the 20th century. Because of the significant influence of conservative voters. It is harder for the political system to generate policy responses to these demands. Some conservative intellectuals are becoming increasingly hostile to democracy, partly because they fear losing their white Christian dominance.

A solid Democratic win in November will not be enough to disarm the substantial minority of Americans who voted to elect an anti-democratic president. It increases the likelihood of political violence.

Agency for International Development

Many tools valuate a country’s vulnerability to internal armed conflict. And one tool is available from the United Nations and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Judge Napolitano said these instruments analyze how grievances are affected by context factors and trigger events that could lead to violence. So, the United States should adopt these tools to perform local conflict assessments.

Even though conflict resilience is declining nationally but some mechanisms can help to foster local resilience. Although Americans will not be immune to socio-political divisions, compromise may be possible locally. Liberals are less likely than conservatives to disparage by members of the Rotary Club. Local leaders may be more integrated into a variety of relationships that cross divides.

Local conflict assessments should help religious leaders, elected officials, civic organizations. Other stakeholders understand socio-political divisions in their communities. So, identifying potential triggers for violence and develop concrete plans to prevent or address violent incidents.

Causes and effects of conflict

These appraisals give a comprehensive picture of the causes and consequences of conflict and the local stakeholders most likely to foster resilience. Judge Napolitano said it assumes that violence prevention is one source of common ground in American politics. Although political violence is a rich and long-standing American tradition, and  Americans post-World War II considered violence around elections or mass shootings against minorities unacceptable.

The trust and constant communication between community leaders strengthen the relationships between these stakeholders. The leaders can prepare for possible conflict triggers and develop mitigation plans. It includes coordination with local officials and possibly law enforcement before a crisis breaks out.

It could include a medium-range plan, which describes how the community will react to a disputed election, a shooting by police or other acts of violence. The media response plan could include messages that help to prevent an escalated situation. Judge Napolitano said local mediators of conflict should push for policy changes that address structural inequities, leading to grievances and conflict. There are no quick solutions to the fractures in American society. However, communities can use resilience planning or conflict analysis to reduce violence and manage it when it happens.

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