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How to Recover Gmail Account & find Spam Folder

How Do I Locate the Spam Folder in Gmail?

Your spam folder in Gmail is located separately from all other inboxes and may even be hidden at first, depending on where you’re accessing. If you’re using the desktop version, you’ll have to get through the “More” option to find your Spam folder. Once you open the Spam folder, you can read the emails in it, manage them as per your need.

Whether it’s junk mail or any phishing scams, the Spam folder is great for keeping your inbox clear from any sort of unwanted email. However, if you still need help regarding how to find a spam folder in Gmail, follow the steps below.

Quick Guidelines to Locate Spam Folder in Your Gmail Account

Step 1: Open your Gmail account in any internet browser either from your PC or smart device.

Step 2: Scroll down until you get the More option in the left, and click this to find even more folders.

Step 3: Choose the “Spam” labeled with an exclamation point icon. Any emails marked as spam will be found in this folder.

This is how you can locate the spam folder in Gmail if you’re using the desktop version. If you’ve any other concerns regarding, for instance, how to recall an email already sent in Gmail after 1 day, you need to use Google Docs to share your email and recall it whenever you need it.

Brief Guide to Access Google Account If It Is Hacked

Gmail appears to be one of the most popular and renowned email services. When your Google account gets hacked, you will not be able to access any of the products anymore. So before your account gets compromised completely, you need to recover it as quickly as possible. The Google account recovery is one such option that can help you recover the Google account.

If you’re somehow failed to recover the account of yours in the meantime, the following quick guidelines will provide you the best solution.

Step-By-Step Guidelines to Access Your Google Account

Step 1: Visit the Google account official website from the web browser.

Step 2: Enter the email address or phone number in the empty fields if your browser couldn’t fetch the user credentials automatically.

Step 3: Choose the link – “Forgot password?”

Step 4: Provide a new password and confirm it in the provided space.

Step 5: Save the password after confirming it. A success page will appear out and get through the “Skip” link.

Step 6: You are now allowed to access any of the products Google offers once you get welcomed to your Google account.

With the above steps, your account will be recovered. If you’ve any other concerns like, your Gmail account fails to receive any emails, the following quick points will help you out.

  • First, check the internet connection if it is poor.
  • Make sure that you have not set any filters for your account.
  • While accessing, ensure your device is not running with any security programs.

This is how the issue of Gmail not receiving emails will be sorted out.

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