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How to Recover Data From a Corrupted & Crashed Hard Drive

It’s become all too normal for hard drives to get damaged or clash. What is more aggravating than crashing is when a business or other job comes to a halt. The causes for hard drive failure are numerous, but fortunately, the data is often backed up somewhere, making hard drive recovery possible with the right tips and tricks.

In this age of technology, successful data recovery software and tools are now available, allowing for the easy retrieval of data from shattered hard drives.

Several Hard Drive Malfunction Causes

Virus Attack

Virus or malware attack are common causes for hard drive malfunctioning. This has the ability to delete data or files that are accessible in a variety of formats, as well as modify data on its own. Furthermore, this could result in boot failure, putting your important data at risk.

Corrupted File System

An operating system’s file system is liable for keeping files stored on storage media organized and up to date. Here, forced reboots and unexpected shutdowns corrupt documents, resulting in hard drives inaccessibility. 

Physical Damage

Such damages mainly occur when any hardware components get crashed due to power failure, head crash, overheating, and more. Physical harm may occur as a result of poor ventilation, dust, or malfunctioning, which can contribute to HDD failure.

Damaged Boot Sector

Accessing a hard drive becomes nearly impossible if the boot sector is crashed.

Similarly, there are other causes for hard drive failures and corruption. In certain cases, however, restoring missing data can be simple with the help of a professional or by following the steps outlined below.

Advice to Avoid Hard Drive Information Loss

People often uninstall or format the hard disk drive without realizing it, only to discover that they have erased essential files or directories. If the hard drive crashes and the system demand that the hard drive be formatted, the system realizes that files have been lost.

Data loss is intentional in this case, so having software to restore the missing files is critical.

When Hard Drive Hasn’t Collapsed Yet

If the drive is still working, try to recover essential files as quick as possible. You may also try booting to a Linux or Windows installer disk and transferring the essential files off the drive that way. 

Even if the operating system fails to boot, you can be able to retrieve some data and send it from the drive without corruption. 

Hard Drive is Entirely Corrupted

1. Connect Drive to Another System

To begin, detach the hard drive from the current system and try connecting it as a secondary drive into another system.  An IDE/SATA to USB adapter could be the easiest way to do something like this.

This will include dismantling another machine to install a failed hard drives. 

2. Try Manual File Transfer

Once you connect the hard drive to another computer system, check if you are able to browse the files stored on the drive. If the data is accessible, continue with manual data copying off the drive that you wish to retrieve. 

On the contrary, it would be difficult to recover data if the drive is dead. However, the chances are the operating system may have crashed and user data may still be recoverable.

Execute Disk Check to Fix Crashed Drive

  • You can run a search on the same device hard drive to see if there are any errors. For this, go to properties and click on My Computer
  • Further, Press on Tools, then click on a check under error checking.
  • Choose Scan drive and restart the system after the process completion. 

Use Control Panel to Repair Corrupted Drive

For this, operate utilizing these instructions. 

  • User Shortcut key Windows + X and open control panel.
  • Go to System Security and then select Action Center to maintain and run the scan. 
  • Once the scanning is done, restart the computer system.

However, if none of the above tips helps in retrieving the data or fixing the drive, get the better tool and solution in place at the earliest. 

Get a Data Recovery Software

If your hard drive is dead and you’re unable to retrieve data by manual copying, you need to install the software in place to see if it is beneficial. Data recovery solutions and software are specifically designed to look at a hard drives to see if the data is still retrievable and convert it to a readable form.

Besides this, some data recovery apps and tools provide filtered, restored, and easily searchable data, as well as other data restoration services.

Additional Measures to Consider

  • Take data backups frequently to save your important files, folders, or documents. Furthermore, it will enable you to recover the required information without any recovery support or installation of dedicated software. 
  • Install antivirus software to protect your computer from malware and virus attacks. This is due to the risk of malware and viruses infecting the computer and causing data loss.
  • Keep a check on disruptive activities such as formatting, data deletion, and more to make sure you have the right details. As incompetence can lead to data loss that could have been prevented conveniently.
  • Avoid device usage when you encounter crackling noises, clicking sound, or grinding voices.  

Consult the Pros

Keeping a backup of your valuable data is always satisfying. Having a backup allows you to deal with such a situation efficiently and quickly restore your data.

As we have now discussed reasons for data loss and ways to recover the data, it’s time to implement if you’re dealing with similar issues. Also, additional tips and measures are shared that you can implement to avoid drive crashing or corruption. 

However, if you find any of these methods complex or difficult to implement, you can seek the help of experts in data recovery Singapore, who can guide you through the process of retrieving information and files from crashed hard disk. Whatever data loss hassles you’re facing, the experts have the answers to all. Hope these tips guide you in recovering the important files and documents and save you or your business from suffering. Do share your views or queries in the comments section. Thanks for reading!!

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