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How to Print Outlook Email without Header Information?

Popular Posting: Microsoft Outlook, commonly known as Outlook, is widely used in email exchanges. It also preserves personal information such as calendar appointments, tasks, journals, contacts, notes, etc. MS Outlook comes with important information between individuals and organizations, so print is important. But you can’t print multiple emails with headers only. But don’t worry, this blog guides you on how to print Outlook email without header information.

Different Ways to Print Outlook Email without Header

There are several manual methods. But here we are talking about a widely used approach which is the perfect solution to Outlook printing problems.

1st Method: Print Outlook Email with Reply Feature

Carefully follow the steps above to print selected Outlook emails without headers:

  1. Open MS Outlook on your system
  2. Select Home, then access response options
  3. A response message screen will be displayed on the system. Here, dispose of header information such as recipients, attachments, contents, etc., contained in the header and body of the message
  4. Tap on the File and press the Reply button
  5. Select the name of the Printer connected to your system and start printing
  6. Finally, you will receive an email without a header.

2nd Method: Print with View in Browse Feature

The second best way is to use the view in browse option to print Outlook email without header information:

  1. Access Outlook and find the target email
  2. double click will open the email in an open window
  3. Resultant message window. Browse for the “Actions” button from the “Move” group under the “Messages” tab Select the Browser View option from the Actions drop-down list
  4. From the Outlook display dialog, tap the “Yes” button
  5. The message will now open in the default internet browser. Here you will find a message with no headers and or unnecessary components. Tap on the Tools option in the upper right corner and select the “Print” option in the option that the browser will be able to print emails.

3rd Method: Print Outlook Email with Text Editor

The final method is to use Text Editor to print Microsoft Outlook email without the Header part:

  1. View emails that must be Print without headers
  2. Select the main text and tap Edit on the main toolbar. then press Copy
  3. Access your computer’s text editor and tap on the file then select New
  4. Press Edit after pasting all copied text
  5. Now tap on File >> Print >> OK and print Outlook emails without headers.

Some Limitations with the Manual Methods

The manual ways are good to print Outlook email without header part, but at the same time to address the consequences. Some of the limitations are set out below: –

  • Time-consuming and long process.
  • Data loss is a major problem faced by manual methods.
  • Not all text can be converted at once.
  • Requires technical expertise.
  • Non-technical users cannot do this manually successfully.
  • It involves a number of complex technical procedures that put users in difficult situations.

So to prevent all consequences and print emails from Outlook with headers in an easy way. You should export Outlook emails to PDF, then remove headers and usernames from emails and print them.

Expert Solution to Print & Save Multiple Outlook Emails

The professional approach involves the use of professional utilities. As another solution to Outlook printing problems, there are many utilities to help you export PST files as it is important to convert PST like Outlook to PDF to print MS Outlook emails without headers. There are several utilities available to help you with one such utility, PST to PDF Converter. This tool avails its users of various features. Some of the features are mentioned below:

  • It provides users with a secure way to export PST to PDF with attachments.
  • Support corrupt Outlook files to PDF data conversion.
  • There is an auto-discover option for PST files.
  • There are three modes: Standard, Advanced, and Deep.
  • Quickly correct errors within corrupted PST files.
  • Support for both ANSI and Unicode PST files generated by all major Outlook versions.
  • An Autodiscover feature is available to enable specific email messages to be searched for PST files.
  • Users can save the contents of the listed mailbox in HTML file format.
  • Generates LOG file for conversion process in TXT format.

You can preview all items in the selected PST file and export them as PDFs. Items that can be exported to PDF are Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Notes. A separate PDF file is created for Outlook PST emails, contacts, calendars, etc., each

You can use the Shift key and left mouse click to export multiple items or folders from the preview panel of the software. Select the file you want to export and continue exporting. Click Export and select the folder you want to export from the Select Folders section in the Export window.

Summing Up

If you want to print Outlook emails without headers or save Outlook emails as PDFs, use the best three manual methods and professional solutions. This article described how to print multiple Microsoft Outlook emails in PDF format without Header information in all the latest Windows operating systems.

In this blog, we have shared some possible ways to print Outlook emails without headers. These are print Outlook email with a reply feature, print with a view in browse feature, and with text editor. We also recommend an automated solution called PST Converter to print multiple Microsoft Outlook emails with attachments, so you can choose according to your preferences and needs. We hope you find this blog useful.

Author’s Suggestion

I personally believe in using the manual method only when you don’t care about your important data. Or, you are doing any testing with the demo Outlook account. Because performing manual methods with live data of an organization can be a risk of data loss or data corruption in Microsoft Outlook. As an IT Professional, I tested these manual methods in all the situations with live and demo data in our lab. So, I personally recommend you don’t use the manual method if you don’t have enough technical knowledge of Microsoft Outlook.


As a Technical Author, Ugra Narayan Pandey has 10 years of experience in different technologies. He has good expertise in Data Recovery, Data Migration, Data Conversion, Data Security segments.

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