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How to Prevent PST File Corruption | An A to Z Guide

Data corruption of the email client is like a nightmare for many users. And if we talk about the world’s most popular emails client, then Outlook is on the top. But only demerit about the Outlook data file is that it is very prone to be corrupt. So if you are one of them who want to know how to prevent PST file corruption, then you are on the right page.

Basically, here in this blog, we are going to analyze the reasons for Outlook corruption and how can users prevent it. Along with that we also going to discuss how to resolve the Outlook data file corruption issue if occurs.

So without ado let get started!

Well, to prevent the Outlook corruption of the Outlook PST file first we have to understand the reasons behind the Outlook corruption. So that one can easily identify the reasons for the corruption and work on it.

Major Reasons For Outlook Data File Corruption

The very first reason for the PST file corruption is improper shutdown. It means if you are working on Outlook and sudden termination of Outlook or computer can lead you to the Outlook PST.

  • An oversized Outlook data file is also the reason for Outlook data corruption and the sad part is that there are no mechanisms available that prevent the Outlook data file to get higher in size.
  • One of the major reasons behind the Outlook corruption is the lack of anti-corruption features in Outlook. Because if any of this type of feature is available, then it will stop the data to become oversized.
  • Using Outlook PST data on the network drive. There are many Outlook users who access the Outlook data file over a network drive which is one of the biggest mistakes. Because the Outlook PST file is not made to work on the network.
  • Use of unnecessary Outlook add-ins because sometimes the faulty add-ins affect the workflow of the Outlook and in the worst-case scenario you will end up the PST corruption.

Now, after knowing the reasons for Outlook data corruption, now let’s move towards the method to resolve the issue one by one so keep reading the blog.

How to Prevent Outlook PST FIle Corruption

Here in this section, we are going to discuss some of the methods that will help you in order prevent corruption of the Outlook data file.

#Tip 1: Do Not Terminate Outlook Forcefully

As we said above that the sudden termination of the Outlook application is the major reason for Outlook data corruption. So it is very important that don’t close the Outlook application while using it. Once your task is over, then simply close teh Outlook properly. But not every time is human error is responsible for forcefully Outlook termination. Sometimes a sudden power outage also creates this issue. So to avoid this type of situation always uses good quality UPS so the certain power outage does not affect your Outlook.

#Tip 2: Do Not Make PST File Oversized

In the reason section, we have said that an oversized Outlook PST is also very prone to be corrupt, So it is very important to check the size of your Outlook PST file. Now to see the size of your Outlook mailbox follow the below:

1. First, choose the account and click on it.

2. Now, Folder option and that click on the Folder Properties

3. After that click on the Folder Size

4. In the Folder Size Window, you will be able to see all the mailbox items and their corresponding size in kilobytes.

Well, if talk about the reason for the oversized Outlook Data file then there are many ones. Such as duplicate data items, unnecessary Outlook attachments, and many otters unnecessary Outlook items.

Now the question is how to remove unused or unnecessary files from the Outlook PST file. And to do this Outlook comes with its own cleanup tool i.e, know as Clean Up so using this inbuilt utility users can easily remove unnecessary items from Outlook to use the tool follow the below steps:

1. Select the folder containing identical emails.

2. Click on the Home menu and then click Clean Up Option. You will find three options:

  • Clean Up Conversation
  • Clean Up Folder
  • Clean Up Folder and Subfolder

3. If you right-click on a deleted item and then click on the empty folder, the emails will be permanently erased.

Addition Tool Tip

Well, teh above tool definitely clean the unnecessary data items from Outlook but this utility is not able to help you in order to clean up the duplicate file from Outlook. So in that condition, you can try the SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover. This tool helps you in order to clean up the Outlook duplicate items.

Don’t Use the Outlook File Ove Network Drive

As we said earlier the Outlook PST file is not made to use over Network Drive, Because accessing of Outlook PST file by multiple users overs the Network Server will affect the Outlook PST file and in some cases, you will end with data corruption.

Well, that all the methods you can use to avoid Outlook PST corruption, But what if you have faced the corruption issue in Outlook already and you want to resolve it. To get the answer to this question keeps reading the blog because in the upcoming section we are going to discuss the free method to resolve the Outlook corruption.

Remove Corruption from PST File

Well to resolve the corruption from PST file Outlook has its own utility tool kit that is known as ScanpPST or Inbox Repair Tool. So using this inbuilt utility users can easily remove the corruption from the Outlook PST files.

Now to use this tool follow the below steps:

First, you have to find the location of ScanPST which is different in all Outlook to make the task easy here we have mentioned all the paths.

For Outlook 2007

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

For Outlook 2010

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

For Outlook Outlook 2010 64 bit

C:\Program Files (86)\Microsoft Office\Office14

For Outlook 2013

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15

For Outlook 2016 & 2019

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16

1. Once you are able to find the utility double click to open it.

2. Now, click on the browse button to add the PST file.

3. And after that click on the Scan button to start the scanning process.

5. After scanning click on the Repair button to start the repairing process.

Once the process is completed your Outlook data file is free from corruption. But this tool is only for minor corruption and you are facing severe corruption then this utility not going to work.

Professional Way to Resolve Outlook Corruption

Well in the above section we have discussed how to prevent PST file corruption. But if currently facing severe corruption and scanpst is not working for you, then you can try Outlook PST Repair Tool. It is a tool that gives the facility to resolve any level of corruption from the Outlook PST file. Also, the tool has a feature to retrieve the deleted Outlook data likes emails, contacts, calendars and many other. In fact, using this tool you can save the data into multiple file formats.

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Well to avoid corruption in Outlook here in this blog we have discussed the best ways on how to prevent PST file corruption. In addition, we have also discussed the free as well as an automated DIY method to resolve the Outlook PST corruption.

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