How to play poppy playtime chapter 3?

Poppy Playtime is a great horror game and is currently free on Steam. Here’s what you need to know about how to play Poppy Playtime. Poppy Playtime’s iconic mascot looks cute, but hiding deep inside this giant stuffed animal could be a nightmare for you. As one of the latest popular horror indie games, Poppy Playtime leads players into an abandoned toy factory. Here, the entire staff disappeared mysteriously, without a trace. Ten years after that mysterious event, the main character that the player will control receives a VHS tape, guiding them to find out the truth.

When it comes to horror adventure games, Poppy Playtime will give you a chilling experience. With lots of toys to avoid and puzzles to solve, this game is really a tense fight until the last minute. Poppy Playtime must be no stranger to everyone when there are two versions of chapter 1 and chapter 2. And especially Poppy Playtime is about to release to players the poppy playtime chapter 3 version. This is part 3 of the series. Poppy Playtime promises to be extremely attractive and cannot make players disappointed. However, Poppy Playtime is still a free-to-play game and is not too difficult to complete if you are the know-how. Let’s wait and try with Poppy playtime chapter 3.

In Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 is considered Chapter 3 of the game Poppy Playtime. In the game, you will get lost in a building where Huggy Wuggy lives. Inside the building, there will be necessary materials and tools to help you protect yourself and be able to escape from the Huggy Wuggy. Your task is to find all those objects and use them to survive.

Huggy Wuggy is a creature of enormous height with endless arms and legs. Huggy Wuggy has blue fur, yellow hands, red lips, and many sharp teeth. He has two mouths. Inside one month, there is another. Huggy Wuggy lives in an abandoned factory. With its scary appearance, it is actually very cruel. It is ready to attack anyone who enters its territory.

The key to getting out of this place lies in the objects themselves. Don’t ignore any of them. If you go through a safe, you will find the Grab Pack tool, which allows you to stretch your arms when needed. The Grab plan allows you to open electrically operated doors or access power switches anywhere.

How to download Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 for free on your computer

To download Poppy Playtime for free, you first need to have a Steam account. After creating and signing in to Steam, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Type Poppy Playtime in the Steam search bar.

Step 2: Steam will take you to the Poppy Playtime game page to download it to your computer. Click Play Now.

Step 3: Check the option you want or ignore, just click Next.

Next 4: Click Finish.

Step 5: Wait for the Poppy Playtime game download process to complete. The time is fast or slow depending on the Internet connection on your computer.

Step 6: Once the Poppy Playtime download is complete, you will receive a notification at the bottom of the screen. Now go to the Library, find the game and click Play next to Poppy Playtime.

Step 7: A pop-up window appears. Click View Updates to see updates or Play Game to play Poppy Playtime now.

Step 8: Choose the game you want. Currently, the company allows you to play Poppy Playtime part 1 for free, so will click Poppy Playtime Chapter 3.

Step 9: Welcome screen to Poppy factory.

Click Play to play the game now.

Merch to the game store

Click Settings to adjust settings

Quit to exit the game

It’s done! Now you can download Poppy Playtime and play this game for free. You can refer to how to play Poppy Playtime on

How to play Poppy Playtime

Tips for playing Poppy Playtime 

Blue GrabPack is obtained at the beginning of the game

The first blue GrabPack is easy to locate. When entering the abandoned toy factory, everyone will see a security desk. Looking to the left will see a bag with a blue hand.

How to find the red GrabPack

The second red hand is harder to find and will introduce most of the gameplay mechanics. Players will need to enter the main base, where Huggy Wuggy is stationary, but that won’t last forever.

When you look around, you will see two rooms with scanners, one of which needs both hands and the other only needs a green GrabPack. Immediately after trying to open that door, the electricity was cut off and everything went dark.

Now it’s time to check Huggy Wuggy again. Everyone will see a key in his hand that he didn’t have before. Go to the power room and use the key to get the power back on. When going back to the main room to open the blue door but now Huggy Wuggy is gone.

Upon entering the abandoned building, people will notice a few items lying around and a keypad on the locked door. Before being able to continue the main part of Poppy Playtime, players need to get their GrabPack and here is how to do it

To start your adventure, you need to download Poppy Playtime first. The game is free for the first chapter but you will have to pay for the sequel.

Getting the red GrabPack is much more conditional than the blue one

Go down the corridor until you see a room with the number 05. This area requires going up the stairs and seeing a crane with a control panel to operate it. The only problem was that the fuses were gone.

People need to find those fuses. Players will see a blue fuse next to the control panel, a red fuse on the floor. The yellow and green ones are hiding in a few boxes further down the area.

Once all 4 fuses are present, go back and power the console. The player can now use a crane to pull the glass box onto the conveyor. Once completed, the player will appear in the hand of a red GrabPack.

Location of all VHS tapes in Poppy Playtime

VHS tapes in Poppy Playtime

one of the achievements in Poppy Playtime is finding all the VHS tapes. If you have trouble finding them, go to the following locations:

Searching for abandoned buildings

As soon as the toy is done, Poppy Playtime gives the player the ability to exit. on the other hand, Huggy Wuggy wouldn’t let this happen so simply. People won’t be able to fight it, so this is the method of escape possibility.

Turn and run to the carousel where the red GrabPack is found. Everyone will see an entrance, run down until you reach the intersection. Since Huggy Wuggy will be coming from the other end, the player needs to turn right.

Players need to drop this box to escape from Huggy Wuggy

A carousel will soon appear but it is not possible to climb it. To the left is a hole where people are likely to fall. Then to the new area of ​​the factory, but broken machinery will stand in the way. Turn right, go straight and find a small entrance on the left.

After crouching at the entrance, run until you see a door. Wait a moment and the door lifts. Now is the time to run as fast as you can to a few cardboard boxes.

When I turned around, I looked up and there was a block with a few hands painted in different colors. Use both hands to quickly pat it down to the floor. When it does, it will defeat Huggy Wuggy, leaving the player free to escape.

With realistic 3D graphics, you can easily find your way to the abandoned toy factory. Inside there are many rooms to investigate, but the sections will focus on specific scenes.

It’s hard to get lost in the horror game Poppy Playtime because the clues and puzzles will put you in the right direction. The first area suggests how to play Poppy Playtime, but you still need to figure out how to solve all the mysteries after that. Of course, you have to avoid scary toys that are trying to stop or want to be friends with you.

Do a quiz

At the heart of Poppy Playtime is the puzzle “library”. In essence, it is a horrifying mystery that you need to solve. Everywhere you go, you will find items scattered around. They seem useless, but if you look carefully, you will see that they are not normal.

Craft tools

To complete the mission in Poppy Playtime, you need two blue and red Grabpack arms. It is a backpack with 2 extendable arms. Thanks to them, you can move heavy objects at any distance, interact with objects and activate electricity. The key here is to learn how to use them effectively to complete the correct task.

How to Use the Poppy Playtime Controller Using Steam’s Settings

To use the controls in the desktop version of Poppy Playtime, the player must go to the game’s page in the Steam library, select the configuration icon, and then click Properties. The player then needs to navigate to the Controller menu and select the Override for Poppy Playtime drop-down menu. From here, select Enable Steam Input. If the game is already running, it will need to be restarted for the changes to apply.

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