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How To Plan The Summer Before The College Admission Season

Our dreams and ambitions drive us forward. For students, one of their biggest dreams is to get admission to a favorite academic institution of theirs. Therefore, many strive tirelessly and work with a singular focus to secure a spot in a prestigious institution and eventually the pinnacle of success.

Gaining college Admission in a reputed institution can be a challenging endeavor, however. Competition is usually fierce, and the acceptance rates of world-class colleges/universities are a prominent obstacle in itself. Therefore, one needs to invest in developing their understanding & credentials and pour their heart & soul into such efforts. An impeccable academic portfolio and an outstanding college application are some basic like dissertation writing guide requirements for grabbing the admissions committee’s attention and securing a spot in an Ivy Leaguesque institution.

The period preceding the admission season can be exciting for many students. Channeling all that enthusiasm and excitement in furthering one’s academic credentials is one of the best ways a would-be college-goer can spend the summer before college admissions.

In that light, here are some excellent tips and guidance on the best possible ways to plan  your summer before College Admissions 2022.

Tips To Plan Your Summer For Successful College Admissions 2022

Crafting a college application that grabs the attention of the recruiters of top schools can be a daunting task. However, one surefire way to increase one’s chances of earning a recruiter’s commendation is by elevating the quality & weight of the college application.

The summer preceding the admissions season offers the perfect opportunity to pursue advanced academic interests. Investing time, effort, and resources in such endeavors are the best way to upskill and improve one’s educational portfolio, thereby boosting chances of securing a spot. In addition, advanced academic qualifications can be the perfect icing for an impeccable college application, replete with top scores and excellent grades.

Besides boosting the credibility of an application, certain summer activities also highlight key personal characteristics such as self-motivation, willingness to take on a challenge, and dedication & commitment to achieving a particular goal. In addition, the summer preceding college admissions offers a limited time period when one is not bound by the routines & restrictions of an institution or a disciplined college life.

For anyone looking to rise above the rest during the college admissions season of 2022, here are some activities that can translate to a well-rounded application.

1. Take College Classes

Taking college classes over the summer is a marvelous way to boost the overall quality of a college resume/application.

Pre-college summer high school programs can shine the spotlight on applicants and showcase:

  • A willingness to pursue any academic challenge
  • Inquisitive nature and the urge to learn & explore further
  • Committed, motivated, and forward-thinking mindset
  • Strong interest in a particular domain and/or acquiring a specific set of skills

Taking and excelling in college classes while in or after high school can offer numerous personal benefits. Pre-college courses allow participants to get a headstart on their peers & contemporaries. Taking a pre-requisite class prepares one for the changes and challenges ahead. What’s more, taking pre-college classes for credit can even help one save some money in future tuition fees.

Almost every major university offers pre-college summer courses (Brown University’s Pre-College Summer Courses, the Harvard Summer School, University of Warwick Pre-University Summer School, Carnegie Mellon University’s Summer Sessions, John Hopkins University’s Summer Programs, etc.)

  1. Pursue A Passion

The summer before college admissions is an opportune moment to do something you always intended to do. But, before diving head-first into the rat race, do something that enriches you and, if possible, also enhances your portfolio.

  • Take part in a course that boosts specific skills or adds new ones.  Do something that you love to do and do it wholeheartedly.
  • If you enjoy the outdoors, enlist yourself in a summer camp and work there. Then, mention that experience in your college application to make it much more well-rounded.
  • Do some community service or volunteering work at your local school or college.
  • Create your project if possible. Invest in time, effort, and skills to turn your passion & interests into something tangible.

Here are some exciting ideas for a summer-long project –

  • An art project for painters, sculptors, and people with an artistic inclination
  • Arduino projects for electronics wizards
  • Machine learning, data science, or app development projects for computer & tech lovers
  • Creative writing, content writing, and copywriting side-projects

Time and tide wait for none. Keep that in mind and make the most of the summer before the college admission session; times like these are indeed a rare commodity.

3. Get a Job

Landing a job before college might sound a bit too much for most would-be college-goers. But confidence and some careful planning can help one land a decent job, which can eventually elevate the level of the college application.

Colleges love to see hard-working individuals driven by passion and motivation. Thus, landing and sticking with a job is an excellent way to demonstrate commitment and hard work. And, let’s not forget the extra money the job brings in.

For most colleges, landing a summer job is often more important than the nature of the job itself. While landing a job that aligns with one’s academic & professional goals and the program to be pursued can be helpful, any decent summer job can do.  Choose a career that aptly demonstrates your maturity, responsibility, time management, and organizational skills.

  1. Find An Internship

If you intend to develop or improve a particular set of skills or career opportunities, an internship is the best. Unfortunately, internships for high-school students are pretty rare and incredibly competitive.  Thus, landing one can make your college application stand out from the rest.

The best way to find a summer internship is with a local company. Ask your parents or someone capable of convincing a business to offer a temporary position.  The high school guidance office can be another excellent resource. Companies that provide open job positions to high school graduates often collaborate with area high schools to offer unique opportunities.

  1. Prepare For The Admissions Process

College application and admissions processes can be pretty complicated and long-drawn. Summertime can be the perfect time to get started.

Juniors and high school graduates should start the process early by brainstorming how to apply. The school-free summer before college presents an excellent opportunity to scope alternatives and refine current choices. Then, use the time to narrow down your options and make important decisions about wants, needs & goals.

Summer is also the best time to work on the college applications themselves. One can get a head start by consulting with teachers, peers, and counselors for recommendations.  Find out in detail about the nuances of the application process, college essays, recommendation letters, and any other information about the essentials of an application.

Developing an application early makes the application process much more manageable when deadlines become a problematic factor.

6. Participate In Tests or Enroll In Online Courses

Taking part and excelling in standardized tests is one of the best ways to enrich your profile and enhance the application.

SAT/ACT are standard tests for students residing in the USA who wish to enhance their college applications and improve their chances. Therefore, start your preparations early on for the August tests and proper well ahead if you intend to participate in the May session.

Opting for relevant online courses to strengthen your profile further. Choose classes that line up with the major you intend to pursue. MOOCs such as edX, Coursera, Udemy, Great Learning, etc., offer a wide variety of self-paced and instructor-led courses on a wide variety of domains & disciplines.

And, that brings us to the conclusion of this whole write-up.

The summer before the college research paper topic ideas for admission season is an excellent time when one has the freedom to pursue anything they wish to.  Boost your skills, build your knowledge, acquire new talents and do things that upraise your application and put you a notch above the rest. So, plan properly and make the best use of the summer before college!

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