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How to place a small air purifier for office?

Autumn is the peak season for decoration, many friends will buy a small air purifier for office, and winter is the high incidence of haze, there are also many people who will buy air purifiers to remove haze. In summary, consumers want air purifiers to remove decoration pollution and smog. Yes, our health awareness is increasing, but they are a new thing after all, our product knowledge is not enough, buy the right use, will be very waste. Sometimes, when you buy an expensive one and put it in the wrong place or use it wrong, the efficiency will goes low. We feel that the air purifier is working, but it is passive and does little to help us.

small air purifier for office

Having done the air purification industry for more than 10 years, I have seen a lot of air purifiers installation cases, and I think that many people’s air purifiers are in wrong places. I conclude: the first air purifier to buy right, the second to use right, today we talk about how to put the air purifier, how to use it well. More on how to buy a good air purifier next time.

Don’t put them in open Spaces.

It is best to close doors and Windows with small air purifier for office. In the case of serious air pollution or indoor environmental pollution, the use of it is best to close doors and Windows, can ensure a good purification effect. If the air quality is very good, there is no need to turn on the air purifier for a long time, and ventilation should be the first choice.

A combination of purifiers and humidifiers can also be used in summer and winter, especially in northern regions, for better results. However, it is not OK to open the window and ventilation all the time, because the human body needs to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the outside air, otherwise it is easy to cause high carbon dioxide concentration for a long time. Air purifiers should be installed where there is an air exchange port. And home air purifiers are rarely installed in this way. Therefore, doors and Windows must be opened regularly every day for ventilation.

The air purifier should not be in the position of smooth air.

In fact, the effect of window ventilation is good in many families, and the effect of window ventilation will be better when the air purifier is in use. For the position where the air circulation is relatively smooth, ventilation through Windows can effectively reduce indoor air pollution. But not all positions in the room air circulation effect is better, at this time we need to put the air purifier in the air circulation is not very good position as far as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of removing all positions in the room harmful gases.

Air purifier only in the bedroom?

Should BE put in family activity more concentrated space. The living room, study room and other rooms where family activities are more frequent during the day, so we suggest that air purifiers be placed in these rooms as far as possible during the day to effectively protect family members. The family will spend the evening in the bedroom, this time we suggest to put the air purifier in the bedroom, to ensure that the family in the night from harmful gas harm.

Highly casual, don’t pay attention to?

For the average family, the lower place deposits more virus or particles, the machine is at low. The filtering effect can achieve the best, leaving 30cm space around, convenient formation of aerodynamic circulation. Smokers can put the machine on the desktop or table, beautiful appearance is one can do decoration. The second can be more effective adsorption of smoke particles in the air.

The closer the air purifier is to people, the better.

When the small air purifier for the office is working, there are more harmful gases around it. Therefore, do not place it too close to people, and put it appropriately high to avoid children’s contact. The electrostatic adsorption type of purifier, when working, can make air pollutants adsorb on the electrode plate. But if it’s not in a fine design, tiny amounts of ozone can release easily. And more than that can irritate the respiratory system. When using this purifier, people had better not stay in the room, and after entering the room to close, it because ozone in the space can goes low, not a long time.

Against a wall to save space?

The position of the small air purification is at a certain distance from the wall, which can facilitate its air inlet and outlet to maintain better air circulation. Also, don’t place fragile items such as vases and liquids near your air purifier. To achieve the ideal whole-house purification effect, the air purifier should be away from the wall or furniture. Preferably in the center of the house or at least 1.5 to 2 meters away from the wall. Otherwise, the air flow generated by the purifier will be blocked, resulting in a smaller purification range and poor efficiency. In addition, placing against a wall will also attract dirty things hidden in corners, affecting the service life of the purifier. This is my door to help a company to buy, design and place the air purifier, for the haze.

Should avoid direct contact with children electrostatic adsorption type air purifier in use, should avoid direct contact with children. Because its voltage is very high, to prevent electric shock. Activated carbon filter element and high efficiency filter should pay attention to keep away from the source of fire in use, to avoid the cigarette end of smokers accidentally inhaled, to prevent fire.

Change air purifiers frequently.

Many families only buy one air purifier, after all, the price of air purifiers is relatively high. This results in one machine not being able to take care of all the rooms at the same time, so we should change the location of the air purifier frequently.

To set in the room with high concentration of pollutants, the air purifier should be in the room with high concentration. Many families will buy some new furniture after decorating their houses. Some families will buy some new furniture and keep some old furniture. But others will simply have all the furniture brand new. In this way, in the process of placing new furniture, some rooms have more furniture. And some rooms have less new furniture, which leads to different concentrations of harmful gases in different rooms. For rooms with high concentration of harmful gases, we should put the air purifier as much time as possible. So as to quickly reduce the concentration of harmful gases. This is my door to help a company to buy, design, place the air purifier, for sofa pollution.

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Humidifier next to purifier?

Many friends have both a humidifier and a small air purifier for office. Many users turn on the humidifier when using the air purifier. In fact, it has been found that if you place a humidifier next to it. The indicator lights on the purifier will alarm and the air quality index will spike rapidly. As if the two together would be disruptive. If tap water flows to the humidifier instead of pure water. Because tap water contains many minerals and impurities, chlorine molecules and microorganisms in the water. They may blow into the air along with the water spray from the humidifier, forming a pollution source.


If tap water has a high hardness, the mist may contain white powder, which can also pollute indoor air. Therefore, I recommend if you need to turn on the humidifier, and small air purifier for office at the same time. Make sure to leave enough distance.

In addition, just like a dirty mask has to replace often. The filter screen of the purifier should also change in time. Even if the air quality is better, the use of the screen can not exceed half a year. Otherwise, the filter material adsorption saturation will release harmful substances, but become “pollution source”. In addition to purifiers, large leaf green plants can also be in the room. Such as chlorophytum and chlorophytum, which have a certain adsorption function and can reduce indoor dust and PM2.5.

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