How To Pick The Best Posture Bra For Yourself?

It’s not easy to maintain good alignment — the correct alignment of your head, shoulders, and spine–it is a constant battle.

We spend hours staring at our smartphones, hunched over computers, and looking down at them. This can cause neck strain, fatigue, back pain, and shoulder and upper back pain. Consider the additional weight of large, heavy breasts for some women, and standing tall can become a challenge.

Can a posture bra help? If it can, what should you be looking for when shopping? Here’s everything you need to know regarding posture-correcting bras.

What’s A Posture Bra, You Ask?

A posture bra, on the other hand, is a bra with built-in back support. While it won’t provide perfect posture (that takes a strong core, good body mechanics, and awareness of how you carry yourself), the design of a posture bra can help to guide your shoulders back, helping you stand straighter.

The posture-correcting bra is just like a regular bra. It has cups, straps, front or back closures, as well as underwire and wire-free options. There are many options for sizes, colors, and textures, and some even include lace.

What To Consider When Looking For A Posture Bra?

The first thing to do when shopping for a posture bra is to know your size. No bra, no matter how beautiful or modest, will do the job well if it doesn’t fit properly. You can get your bra measured at a specialty lingerie store and try on many bras. Online shopping is possible if you read reviews and carefully follow the manufacturer’s size guide.

The following are some suggestions to help you choose the right bra for your needs:

  • Support

The bra that supports you properly should lift your breasts to the point where, if you were to draw a line from your nipple up your arm, it would be halfway between your elbows.

  • Cup Design

You want cups that support the breasts and have a large band underneath.

  • Wire Vs. Wire-Free

You can choose to have your bra wired or without wire. It’s all about personal preference and comfort. If fitted correctly, both types of posture bras are available.

  • Back Design

The back is where a posture bra helps correct a lot of posture problems.

Sewn-in the back are crisscross bands. These bands encourage you to lower your shoulders.

A high-back style, similar to a tank top. It can be used to discourage you from pushing your shoulders forward.

  • Straps

Although adjustable straps are more customizable, they can be a problem for bras that support posture. For a lighter load, look for wider, cushioned shoulder straps.

  • Closure Placement

If you are suffering from pain in your shoulders or a restricted range of motion, front-closure bras will be a great option.

More important than how your bra closes in front or back, is the number and type of hook-and-eye grommets that are on the bra. The bra will provide more support if there are more grommets. 

  • Additional Features

Some women can feel hot from the compression material found in some bras for posture support. If you are looking for a bra that allows for more airflow, look for one with mesh material or cutout details.

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