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How to Permanently Delete USB Data

As of 2020, the global USB data market was worth $60.1 billion, projected to reach $64.2 billion by the end of 2021.

Are you using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) for storage, data back-up, and transferring computer files? The above figures show how popular the field remains despite the popularity of the cloud. Unfortunately, many users forget how to delete files from USB to maintain service device data.

This article will discuss permanent data erasure from your USB to make room for new files.

How to Permanently Delete Selected Files

If you want only to delete specific flash drive files, follow the following steps to make sure not all of your files are deleted. First off, plug your USB into your computer, open the USB flash drive and select the existing files you want to delete.

Once you select your files, right-click and choose “delete” from the context menu. Alternatively, you can directly press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Once the pop-up window appears, click yes, and you will permanently delete those selected files.

How to Permanently Erase All USB Data

Permanent data erasure is your best option when you want to regain the total amount of storage device data. The steps are similar to the above, firstly, connect the USB to your computer and locate the USB.

Next, right-click and choose “format” before changing the file system to FAT32 or NTFS. FAT32 was created in 1977 and is the most common and stands for File Allocation Table. FAT32 is compatible with Mac OS X, while NFTS is only compatible with Windows 2000 or later.

Once you select your format, click “start” for complete erasure.

How to Permanently Remove Files Without Recovery

Once you delete files from USB, they can be recovered more often than not with recovery software. However, if you have files that you want gone without recovery, you need to use a File Deletion Genius.

Firstly, you need to insert the USB into your computer and run the File Deletion Genius software. Next, add the files you want to remove from the USB. If you want to delete all USB files permanently, you can check the box near the USB drive. If you wish to delete specific files, select them and then click “OK”.

Next, click delete. It’s important to note that slow mode is the default selection because it is secure, so be sure not to change that. Lastly, confirm that you want to delete these files without recovery in the pop-up.

Once you select “OK”, the files will be removed from the USB flash drive permanently, and there is no way to recover them.

Begin USB Data Erasure Today

Clearing your USB data to make storage space and delete unimportant files is essential to keep your USB up to date. Therefore, incorporate the above methods when making the data erasure decision.

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