How To Packaging Your Stylish Hairspray Boxes

In this time of revolt ionization in the world of fashion, one of the most important aspects to complete your look is hairstyle. Hairstyling has become a style statement for all the most popular and iconic public figures, regardless of their occupation. This has inspired the masses to go for all those trendy hairstyles to make a statement of their own. For a product that important to complement the style, there must be equally stylish and attractive packaging. Hairspray packaging comes as Hairspray Boxes that define the unique product that every hairstyling brand has to offer.

Importance of a good Hairspray Boxes Packaging

Since Hairspray is a styling product, the packaging box ought to keep the customer in mind. It has to be up to the mark to impress the customers and to ensure them that it will be just the right product to up their fashion game. The vibrant colors on shelves can attract the attention of customers and make them trust the effectiveness of the product. Let us get into the details of how you can make your own unique and exclusive Custom Hairspray Box packaging.

Material of packaging

While selecting the ideal material for packaging it is important to keep in mind the fact that it is not only important to make your packaging look good. It must be of a material that can support the product with safety and avoid any kind of damage to it. Although the hairspray bottles are not much delicate, the packaging must be made of the finest boxes that are strong enough so that does not get folded or damaged easily. We can have many options of material for making our Custom Hairspray Boxes, some of which are:

  • Kraft boxes

    are a good option for making Hairspray Boxes as they are made of good strong material that is very resistant to damage. Kraft paper is very commonly being used in the making of the packaging of many beauty and styling products. Another benefit of using this material boxes is that it is very sustainable and eco-friendly. It is 100% recyclable and does not pose any harm to the environment. With the increase in use and popularity of more and more eco-friendly products. This is a great option. The downside of its use is that the use of various colors and patterns will not look very attractive on this packaging. The reason being its plant sources that give a characteristic brown color to the boxes. Lighter colors especially white, really die down when transferred on the Kraft boxes

  • Corrugated box packaging

    is another option for the packaging of the hairspray product that provides a tab bit more support to the hairspray bottle inside. It consists of three layers or more arranged in a way that there are two flat layers on the sides and curved or fluted layered in the center. This design of packaging provides a more cushioning effect to the boxes through which the product can remain much safer.

  • Cardstock packaging

    is another option to select for making your custom Hairspray Boxes. This packaging is most preferred because it customized in much more ways. The colorful patterns appear very nice and bright on the thin yet supportive packaging boxes.

Packaging Styles with Hairspray Boxes


With the sales graphs of hairspray and hair products going up the roof, you as a supplier need to think of new innovative ways you can make your product look unique and exclusive. Here are some of the ideas of box packaging that can make your product stand out to the customers.

    1. Plain custom Hairspray Boxes with your desired colors and printed patterns the most basic idea to make your brand identifiable among the others. This box packaging should cut out into the box of desire dimensions and size to fit your exclusive product.
  • Window cut custom boxes are made with a window cut out on the front to let your product showcase from inside the packaging.
  1. This display lets your customers have a peek into the look of the hairstyling product without having to buy it first.
      This greatly adds to the appeal of the product for the customer.
  • Sleeve custom Hairspray Boxes are made of two-piece box packaging such that the lid slides past the bottom of the box in which the hairspray is placed, thus called the sleeve box.
    1. This style of box packaging is all the rage in the market not only for hairsprays but for many other products owing to its stylish and sleek design and ease of use.
  1. Gold/silver foiling custom hairspray boxes give a shiny and attractive look to the packaging that is difficult to ignore by the customer when placed on a market shelf. This look makes the hairspray box stand out among other similar products due to its glowing colors and design.

It is always best to get Wholesale Hairspray Boxes to get a hand on exclusive supplier discounts and packages.


Let us talk about some of the options of coating you can use on your Hairspray Boxes. Most hairspray companies use glossy finish coating on the boxes that can look even a plain color look bright and shiny. Brighter colors pop up much more and make the look of the hairspray box very striking and vivid.

It is however becoming increasingly popular among hairspray companies to use a matte finish look which is becoming defined as a more classy look, with emerging new brands opting more and more for this look. Another popular coating technique is the spot UV method that gives a shiny yet varied textured design with variable depth and contrast to a specific area or text.


Printing a pattern and design with a different color scheme that represents the look with your company products looks is more than enough attractive and the product chosen with some added touches to make the company name prominent. Branding or using a logo is very important to promote the company which can do with raised ink, embossing, and debossing techniques.

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