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How to Optimize Facebook Ads

In today’s digital age, it pays to utilize every trick in the book to gain brand recognition and exposure. While gaining relevance has always been a crucial part of every startup company’s priority list, 2021 brings with it an expedited need to use online reputation management (ORM), as most people are content to stay at home during the pandemic.

Considering that many families are not risking heading out even for a grocery run, it means that most are using the Internet to shop for everything they need. Online products and services are currently the hot new topic, and many businesses that once relied on a physical establishment are now pushing ahead with online products and services to try to keep everything in order. Others make use of skilled Salt Lake City social media specialists to help boost their digital marketing strategy.

To maintain a strong foothold with digital marketing, it is crucial to use a social media channel where the bulk of the marketing will take place. In this case, Facebook is the platform, as it is one of the most versatile and reliable social media platforms in the industry. While the help of professionals is always a good idea, it does not change the fact that an understanding of the platform’s system is necessary to get anything done. Here are just a few ways to help business owners optimize Facebook ads as much as possible.

Using every type of ad format to your advantage

As stated above, utilizing every trick in the book can come with its fair share of advantages when it comes to digital marketing. While the traditional ad that sets up an image and a call-to-action can be fantastic, there are two other ad formats to consider. They include:

  • Using carousel ads. Most company owners have likely already come across a carousel ad as they surf the web. Carousel ads are a set of rotating ads that showcase various products and services companies can offer. The reason why carousel ads can be surprisingly efficient is it presents a much lower cost to conversion rate than average due to the combination of two to three ads at once in a rotating fashion. It also helps that carousel ads can be quite effective when the products shown either complement each other, or are all entirely different products. No matter which you choose, it will still present a clear advantage.
  • Using video ads. The idea of video ads have been around as long as television, which provides a fantastic chance for the company to showcase its products and services in video form. It can play like a commercial, or it can be condensed into something shorter yet with more impact. Keep in mind that in areas such as Facebook, video ads are not necessarily great conversion drivers, but they do count as a breath of fresh air for many. Pairing video ads with carousel and image ads is the ideal method of utilizing video platforms.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, every ad matters. It is entirely possible for even a new business to take advantage of every ad format to help maximize results.

Delivering quick results with the fast take-off (FTO) method

With general marketing strategies, it is crucial to act within the budget to ensure that everything goes smoothly. However, there is such a thing known as the fast take-off method, which seeks to provide instant answers to companies looking to gain an edge as soon as possible. Salt Lake City social media agencies and other digital marketing agencies make use of the FTO method by temporarily increasing the budget and the target audience of specific ads, letting it run for a certain amount of time.

While it might be more costly for those under the restraints of a budget, the FTO method helps to gather analytics as soon as possible. It means that company owners do not have to wait such a long time to see if their ads are working. Increasing the budget temporarily serves to put the ad in a crash course with the intended audience in an attempt to gain results right away. While it might not necessarily be recommended to companies with an extremely tight budget, it does not change the fact that the FTO method can get the necessary results for successful ad campaigns in the near future.

Geo-targeting can help you focus your efforts

When it comes to business management, it is often all about finding a niche and filling the demand of the target audience. That said, if the target audience is much too broad, it might not necessarily be working for most companies — especially startups that do not stand to gain from broad marketing campaigns.

Instead of working much too hard trying to get the attention of an international audience, it is likely best to make use of Facebook’s geo-targeting options when optimizing the ad campaign. It helps the company target a specific location (alongside other metrics) to help focus the effort and ensure that money is not being wasted. It has the added benefit of optimizing the ad schedule, as going for only a few locations within the same time zone helps to expose the advertising campaign to as many people as possible. It also opens the opportunity for marketing tactics such as content marketing. Articles and blogs relevant not just to the products but the location in question can be harnessed to further familiarize the target audience with the brand.

Many business owners do not realize just how much money they spend on a part of the audience that will simply not convert no matter how hard they try. It is often best to use geo-targeting and ensure that the company targets the right people.

While Facebook marketing can seem challenging at first, it does not take very long to get the hang of the social media platform. The best part is that Facebook provides so many options for those looking to perfect their marketing strategy. Taking the time to learn about all the tools with the help of a reputable Salt Lake City social media agency can yield fantastic results.

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