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How to Migrate Google Workspace data to Computer?

Summary: Are you searching for the query “How to Migrate Google Workspace data to Computer?” If yes, then this is the right place you have reached. You can download all of the data from Google Workspace account to your computer, if you want to move data from Google Workspace account to a safe and secure place. 

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace previously known as G Suite is a Google-created suite of web apps for enterprises. Your Google Workspace account comes with 30GB of Google Drive storage for each user as well as Gmail on the domain of your choice. Google Workspace for Work includes a professional email address, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings, and more. With Google Apps, collaboration is simple and effective. You’ll be able to share spreadsheets and documents, organize video conferences with Meets, and talk with others in real time with Chats. You may also share calendars with others to make scheduling meetings easier.

In this section we will discuss major reasons and various methods to migrate google workspace data to computer. However, because of the unstable network and vast amount of data, this manual method will take a long time and energy. So, we suggest users to choose a mail backup tool which is the most reliable way to transfer google workspace data to pc with ease. So, let’s begin.

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Why do you need to Migrate Google Workspace data to PC? – Most Common Reasons 

Here are some of the most important reasons why businesses and organizations are migrating google workspace data to Computer. 

1. To protect data from being deleted by users

Due to their many data management actions, such as deleting files to conserve storage, deleting duplicate things, or relocating data to a specific location, G Suite users can sometimes be the cause of unintended data destruction. However, crucial file loss can occur if users are unaware of the data’s value at the time.

2. To Protect Against Data Loss Due to SaaS 

Outages Software as a Service apps can have outages at any time, which can affect G Suite applications as well, resulting in inaccessibility and data loss. Although outages cannot be avoided, having an advanced backup of G Suite data can assist the organization in continuing to operate without interruption.

3. When a device is lost or stolen, it is important to keep data safe

It’s a rare occurrence, but if you lose or have your device stolen, your G Suite data is at risk. As a result, having a G Suite backup on hand is essential.

4. To protect against data overwriting

The G Suite program has an exclusive function that allows team members to share documents. It does, however, have one disadvantage: the danger of data overwriting by any member, which could result in the loss of critical data. This conduct can cause confusion and compromise data security. This issue can be solved by having an updated G Suite backup.

4. To protect against application overwriting

Businesses that interact with several apps are subject to a problem known as Application Overwriting, which occurs when data is shared, duplicated, and occasionally replaced, resulting in the unintentional loss of original or vital files. Many organizations require such application interfaces, and having a G Suite backup will protect you from overwriting dangers.

5. To Protect Against Third-Party Applications and Ransomware

Integrated third-party applications and ransomware can wreak havoc on G Suite data. Account hacking via permissions, malicious software downloads, links to harmful websites, and other malicious behaviors might lead to G Suite account theft, so a backup is necessary.

Methods to Export Google Workspace Data to PC

Migrating one’s Google cloud data can be done in a variety of ways. Experts, however, only recommend two of them. Some may also refer to the Takeout service, to accomplish the processes for these two ways, you’ll need varying levels of technical expertise and knowledge. However, you can also choose the G suite email backup wizard to export google workspace data to Computer to save your time. 

The steps of the following methods will be discussed in detail in the following sections.

  1. Using Data Export Tool
  2. G Suite Mail Backup Tool

Method 1. How to Migrate Google Suite Data to Computer Locally?

Export is a capability that comes included with any Google Apps for Business license. The drawback of this tool is that it can only be accessed by a G Suite Admin. This enables an administrator to download and protect the data of all users without exception.

The following is a detailed step-by-step guide for administrators to backup G Suite emails using the Google Data Export Tool.

  1. Use the admin credentials to access your G Suite account.
  2. Open the Admin Console and click the button once you’ve signed into your account.
  3. Go to Tools and select Data Export from the drop-down menu.
  4. To backup G Suite, go to the next screen and select the Start button.
  5. Now comes the necessary period of waiting. It could take up to 9 days for Google to send you a confirmation link for your exported data.
  6. Open the confirmation email and click the Access Archive option to view the backed up data.
  7. Now open each folder individually and download the data for each user to your local system one at a time.

Shortcomings of the Manual Method:

Despite the fact that the aforementioned procedure appears to be simple, users still seek out extra solutions to download their Google workspace data. This is because you have no control over the process while utilizing Data Export. You can’t change it to fit your needs. The following are some other flaws:

  • Once the process has begun, it is impossible to stop it. There is no option to pause and resume here.
  • You won’t be able to utilize this feature for the next 30 days once the data backup starts.
  • It’s a lengthy process. As previously said, simply providing you with the data can take up to 9 days. Include the extra days for downloading G suite data after that.

Method 2. Effortless Way to Transfer Google workspace data to PC

Experts are concerned about the adoption of the above-mentioned procedure due to the long delay and lack of customized features. In such cases, specific programs like Google Workspace Backup are recommended for backing up Google workspace email, contacts, calendars, and documents. It allows you to easily and safely export Gmail to PST file. This tool will not provide you with any technological challenges.

Furthermore, features like mail filters and the option to select the data you wish to export make this product a one-stop shop for all your backup requirements. It allows individual users to backup their data as well as administrators to backup all users’ data. You may even pick and choose which folks you want to interact with.

Final Thoughts

Users are often looking for a way to migrate google workspace data and export it to their chosen place. Many flaws exist in the first and most common approach of using the Export tool. As a result, use the discussed automated approach to migrate Google workspace data to computer in a timely and secure manner. It’s a sophisticated solution that removes all technological limits and makes backing up email from a Google workspace account in a secure manner.

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