How To Make The Most of The Magic of Vanilla Beans

Let’s talk about the magic of vanilla beans. They not only look like fairy wands with an aroma that could bring things to a standstill, but vanilla beans have the power to change servings of crème brûlée into wedding proposals and scoops of ice cream into happy childhood memories. They are one of those amazing ingredients that are taken for granted, but add flavor to everything right from cakes to ice creams. Therefore, they are not to be wasted or taken for granted in any way.

What makes vanilla beans special?

Vanilla beans are among the few very specific varieties of orchids that need special growth conditions and good care to thrive. Before becoming the much loved-baking ingredient, the harvested vanilla bean pods are to be dried, treated, and then aged. This implies that whole vanilla beans occupy a place in our cabinets as being one of the most expensive spices. They return this favor by adding the rich aroma and flavors to our dishes.

Buying Vanilla beans

While buying your vanilla beans, look for the large, glossy-looking ones that are plump and bend a little on being touched. Dried, brittle, and too-old beans are quite difficult to be scraped out.

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Choosing and storing vanilla beans

Select vanilla beans that are between 15 and 20 cm long, dark brown, and have a smooth with a little oily surface. These beans can be stored in a cool, dark place in an airtight container for up to 18 months. If they get dry, rehydrate it in warm water.

  • If there is crystal coating on beans then this is a sign of a high-quality bean.
  • Beans that have mild dew should be thrown away.
  • Always choose vanilla extract, essence, or paste that has the label “natural” to avoid buying artificial stuff.
  • The original vanilla extract has a strong caramel color.

Using vanilla beans with ingredients

Vanilla beans are to be cut into halves and the pod’s seeds are to be scraped out. They are ready to be combined with the other ingredients. Add the seeds and bean pod to whatever you are cooking or baking. Your sauce, custard, or baked item will now have that speckled appearance that indicates fresh vanilla beans have been used.

Wash and dry off the bean completely after using it so that you can use it again. Store it in the fridge for up to 4 months wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. Used vanilla pods can also be repurposed for making vanilla sugar.

Buy natural vanilla beans in bulk for preparing vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste. Enjoy the delicious taste and the intense and invigorating aroma of fresh vanilla beans in any dish.

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